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They are back (Dag's event: Complete)

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Tribute to a father

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Defending a friend (A response to Dag's event)

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Sotirios's Bio

Bio under the cut
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Juliet's Bio

Bio under the cut. ^_^
Update: Just cleaning this up
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The Nightmare [Warning for violence and death..]

Some events happened in the Forest today that inspired me to write this. Please do note the warnings..I do not wish to be commented on how I did not warn people. This dream belongs to my deer Zach. What is written in blue is from his present POV and not a part of his dream.

The Nightmare

It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining bright and the trees are alive with birdsong. Everything seems to have a heartbeat of its own and breath along with the gentle winds that flow through the thick forest. None of this matters for the small fawn, however. No, the fawn is concentrated only on trying to trying to scare as many butterflies as it possibly can.

He feels his mother's warm gaze on him and knows that he is safe. As long as she's watching over him, nothing bad can happen. He knows this is true – it has always been so. He leaps over the nearest bush and lands among the flowers, sending butterflies in the air everywhere around him. A small voice starts to laugh triumphantly, and he recognizes it as his own.
“Did you see, mum?! Did you?! I scared so many!” he announced with pride in his voice as he watched as the small colourful insects fluttered around him. He hears a soft, warm chuckle behind him and knows that she is happy.
“Yes, dear. Now, come over here and finish your dinner. We will be moving on as soon as your father returns..”
Zach turns slowly, his small chest still heaving after running around for so long. He returns to her and almost starts to eat, but pauses. Lifting his small head, he looks at her. A small frown makes its way onto his face as the features he expects to see are not there. It feels..odd to look up at an adult deer, although he does not quite place why. It has always been this way. Mother's face..he can't seem to see it, no matter how hard he tries to tilt his head or raise himself higher to see better. It is as if there is something blocking his vision, keeping him from seeing her properly.
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Zacharias' Biography

Bio under the cut.
Recent Events

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Zacharias' Bio (Old one, no longer updated)

<br /> Zach's bio<br />

Update: Hello all! I have made a new Bio for my, now "adult", Zach. You can find it here. I will not remove this one, but I won't be updating it any longer, either.


(Image courtesy to verycrazygirl, the original can be found here. I will add a self-made picture at some point, when I find the time to draw one. ^_^ While waiting, enjoy her talents.)

Recent events

"It was a rainy day when a young fawn made his way into the forest. His fur was soaked and the poor thing looked absolutely miserable. Alone, he called out for anyone who would listen. His ears flicked nervously, listening to the few sounds the pouring rain didn't cover. The few deer he met were laying under thick trees, keeping the rain. He wasn't brave enough to go share the shelter with them, and kept walking. The fawn spent his time searching for a shelter...but found a family instead."

Zach is really new to the forest but he has already managed to find a whole lot of friends. For that, he is very grateful. The forest is new and scary - it's good to have adults around to hide behind if the need should arise. The poor fawn was all alone when he first arrived, but has since then found himself an adopted family. He hasn't met everyone just yet, but he's working on it.
He also met a slightly younger deer at the forest's edge and lured him into the forest as well. They've been hanging together ever since. That deer, he learned, was known as Niki.

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New world to explore

Wow. I found a new world three days ago. It was so strange. It was full of deer with human faces. And I fell in love with it most completely! ^_^

Everyone, despite the lack of "real" communication, was very nice and they taught me many things like how to do spells on people and run away when they don't like them. Eye

Thank you! I have found a community which I will stay in. It is unlike anything else I have seen so far. And I am sure that Zacharias (Or Zach, as he likes to be known) will have a great time with everyone!
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