Painted skulls and woven beads(Poetic done!)

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You've been looking for that one, special gift.
Something unique. Something noone else in this forest carries.
Perhaps you want to give it as a gift, to that pretty doe across the pond.
Perhaps it's because you think you look boring.
That dull skull mask surely could use something to spice it up.
Pinecones and oak leaves no longer satisfy you. It has to be new!
What will you do?

Perhaps this odd looking doe can help you.
She seems abundant with beads, paints, no part of her is undecorated.
You wonder if she perhaps knows where to get such pretty objects.

You approach, and she seems to smile at you, as if she already knows what you're going to ask.

Below are examples of the things she has made for other deer!

A necklace made for Sterre, an agate slice decorated with a choker of beads. There surely is a pattern in those, white beads representing stars, blue beads the night sky. Verve added in beads made of bones and wood to finish it off. Leftover agate got turned into a little headband for the doe.

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A small dreamcatcher, the first thing Verve gave to another deer. It was given to Ephiré, a stag who had been suffering from nightmares. The dreamcatcher is one of those little things she had made with some free time, hearing Ephiré's story she thought it could make a nice gift. The feathers seem oddly fitting, not unlikely those have been attatched to the dreamcatcher quickly before giving it to the raven stag.

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A squirrel skull, painted a shiny black. A piece of patterned, red fabric attatched to it to serve as a necklace. Beads are woven at the edge of the fabric, and below it as well.
This necklace is made for noone in paticulair, though Verve doesn't really seem to wear it either. You could ask, perhaps she'll give it to you?


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Upon Aurora's request, Verve found a fitting stone for the doe. A blue calcite, supposed to assist the memory and give calmth to the wearer.
Blue beads have been chosen to match the stone as well as the does eyes, though Verve right now is unsure if this is perhaps not too much blue. Will likely show the doe for some feedback.

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A bell on a cord was given to Verve from Neah, so she could enhance it's looks. An african pattern was used on a beaded band, in the colors of the child as not to disrespect their looks. Fairly simple compaired to other designs, perhaps?

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A doe came to visit Verve, this time with a plea. Something to help her get rid of spirits of the past. The closest Verve could think of, was an amulet of protection. The deer in need of protection only needs to own it, and doesn't have to wear it, but that didn't stop her for turning it into a headress for Sorrel. The ward is to protect against evil, spirits, etc. It will prevent others from wishing harm upon her!

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Not long ago, Verve got possession over a dead deer's head thanks to Neath. Thus, the doe was carrying a decapitated head around the forest to bury it. Not really something you'd see many other does do. But, everything for art!

The skull has been cleaned up by Verve's beetles, and has then been painted and decorated. There is a dreamcatcher in each eyesocket. Starling soon came to Verve after she had finished the skull, asking for it. Verve adapted the skull slightly to fit the doe, making the antlers smalling and giving it a fabric band to keep it on her head. It can be hung from her neck the same way.
When on her head, the skull would fit like this.

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Something small, something quick, something that was difficult and different for Verve. The doe Sorrel came to ask her for a gift to a stag. This was the first problem, since what do you make for a stag? It has to be manly. So she decided to keep it simple, tight. A wristband for a deer. The gift turned out to be for Verve's brother, Sonne, which complicated things further. She did her best though, and hopes Sorrel will appreciate it.
One feather dangling is yellow, like Verve's eyecolor. Her mothers too, though, so she doesn't know if Sonne would understand.

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A little beaded headband for Camellia. Verve got a lot of freedom for this one, which can make her a little insecure. It looks a little different from her usual work, as Verve hoped to get it to fit to the kind does personality. Something calm, not overly complicated.

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Not the easiest one, this. Verve got stuck on the design for a long while before she decided to just simply make it, and see what comes out. A design for Kate, fit for a godess? Verve lets her be the judge of that.
The large feathers behind Kate's head are made up of beads. The choker around her neck starts from her head, beads dropping down like water onto her forehead down the neck, crawling to the front. They come together in a chocker at shoulder-height, where two red feathers hold onto the red stones. These were a gift from Starling, a payment for the skull.

(I will speak to you Kate. Just wanted to put this up for now.)

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The doe Amunet was the first one to ask Verve to be painted. She did her best to involve her own cultural background, and still have it fit Amunet. Amunet usually isn't bald, and wears a blindfold. So there is a version with the both of those too.

(Heartless7, I tried to incorporate Amunet's robot-side in this, and still keep it tribal. I hope you like it, if not I can easily change it since I now have a 'naked' version of her drawn. For that matter, if Amunet's painting wears off, she can go back to Verve for a new one Eye )

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The buck Blue, or Madoke came to ask Verve if she could make an idea he had in mind. Lots of black beads, that was clear. Verve added some wooden ones to add some change to the long beadwork, involving wooden beads as well. The feathers would be tied around Blue's antlers, something to match his markings.

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Kaya is a new friend of Verve's, so when she came to ask her for a necklace Verve could of course not deny. She had a few designs to go through, and in the end the necklace came out sort of simple. One of the copper coins she got from Sorrel has been added in the middle, and a peacock feather from Herla hangs from the necklace.

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The young buck Twilight came to Verve asking her if she could make something with his orange rose and peacock feather. This gave Verve the opportunity to preserve something, the rose would wilt over time of course if she didn't. She encased the rose in a ball of amber, making the necklace itself from the peacock feathers with little beads on the long feather. She found it an interesting challenge.

(Inca, I wasn't sure about Twilight's design from your description.. So I put a little bit of own interpretation on it, hope you don't mind.)

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The stag Moss came with a curious request. A big acorn was supposed to be pierced into his ear with a web inside. Curious! But she tried her best, and added a little oak leaf. It has been drying since last fall, one of her forest collections.

The webwork inside was done by a rather small spider indeed. Some beads were added to add to the decoration.

(I wasn't sure about Moss his eyecolor? Seemed.. Black? XD And I dunno if the acorn is too big now, so yeah if anything needs changing tell me)

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The Gypsy doe came to ask for one of Verve's craft, who was intrigued by her exotic looks. A headdress? Why not. Using one of the coins from Sorrel and some bird wing bones as well, she created something elegant she hopes the doe finds fitting.

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Sometimes you have to do something special for just leaving like that. And if anything, Verve knew she'd find something to create for the Queen she was growing so fond of. Like herself, the doe Herla has short fur and would likely get cold during winter. When on her trip with Aurora and Ephiré, Verve came across an old fur that really needed cleaning up. It wasn't big enough for herself, or for a whole cape, but combined with some of her thick african fabrics she was sure it'd be able to keep Herla warm. Or, atleast warmer.

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Two dreamcatches for Brooks, designed to keep the feathers he gave to Verve stable. The woven exterior gives the feathers extra protection, making sure they fray less. They are made in two colors, and have feathers given by Blue at the bottom, and beads given by him woven into the thread as well.

(Maybe a little simple, hope that's okay ♥)

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The pregnant doe Kasmir came to Verve with a worrying requests. Three gifts to her family in case she doesn't survive her pregnancy.
Greatly shocked, Verve didn't turn down the request but did have a hard time with it.

A gift for her son.
A gift for her mate
But the last one troubled the doe. A gift for her parents, to remind them of being a fawn? All that came to her mind were the flowers fawns wore. Using a real poppy, she made a necklace-hanger she hoped would do the job.

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Joined by the stag Esclave one day, she realised during their conversation he had a problem with sunlight. His eyes needed shielding. The doe transformed a raven mask from the forest mask trees into a more fitting instrument to shield his eyes, but still not limit his vision like many other masks do.

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Asked by the doe Lovelace for a necklace of the sorts made of the small does feathers. Not sure who the necklace is for, kept it calm and neutral. Hopes it fits, atleast.
Imagined it would fit like this around a stag's neck. Kept it neutral due to not knowing who it is for, and added a key to keep it interesting.

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Given a poem by Seed. Flattered, had never heard of anyone with a gift for poetry like that. Was determined to return the favour, and aid the stag in some way. Having hooves to write with can't be easy.
Set up the very difficult task to bend a piece of scrap metal into some sort of holder for around a leg, holding up a long raven feather, likely from one of the giants in the forest. It can be filled with berry juices, or any other form of ink. Hopes the stag may have an easier time doing his craft with this.
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Approached by Radish for a simple, yet overdue request. Just a way to attatch his headgear better. Added a little fabric band to the ceramic bowl, sewing the thread of beads to that. Added a little amulet from her trip in the mountains to the necklace. Stuck some herbs in the beadwork. Hopes he'll forgive her for her slowness.
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Saddend upon the news Pica's mother had passed away, Verve crafted an amulet to her likeness to give to the young doe. So that she could keep her with her.
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Asked to repaint and fix the skull Baroness
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Asked absolutely forever ago for a headpiece for Oseaan. Had a lot of difficulties coming up with something, but ended up with a relatively simple piece, some feathers attatched to the back. Hopes the wait didn't dissapoint too much.
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Don't even get me started on this one. Things happend, a scarf for Hälla's daughter Isela Kori came out. The end.
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The doe Poetic approached Verve to have her giraffe skull painted. A type of skull Verve is pretty fond of! Black, gold and blue were the colors, together with stars or freckles for a theme. Using the blue for the stars, and the gold as accent lines.
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To-do list

- Painted skull for Reim(Aah remind me of this plz)

- Paint giraffe skull for Poetic (Black/gold/blue, stars/freckles)

If you're not on here but you did request something, I might have missed it somehow. Please contact me again Smiling

Extra information

Verve is here to offer her crafting skills to the needy! This is an interaction blog, where your deer asks for Verve's service. She can paint faces, skull masks, antlers, anything. Her other speciality is beadwork, she makes necklaces and any trinket you can think of.

Depending on the difficulty of the task, Verve may ask something in return.
Anything requested will be drawn by me, your deer can give pointers of what they'd like!

You are in no way obliged to use the designs or put them into your deer their design. You are allowed to do with these, when made for you, as you wish, no permission needed.

In case you're curious, Verve's biography is located here.

If you have questions, ask!

Oohh, track.

Oohh, track.
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This is really unique! I'm

This is really unique!

I'm gonna watch this.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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OuO Shinies

OuO Shinies

So pretty ♥ Tracking

So pretty ♥ Tracking
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Ooooh ;u;

Ooooh ;u;
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Wow, this is an awesome idea!

Wow, this is an awesome idea! Definitely tracking, perhaps one of my deer will come by in the future. n_n
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Ah, this is amazing looking.

Ah, this is amazing looking. *pets the bugs crawling around* Eager to see what Verve crafts next. These are all full of so much personality and meaning. What a fun interaction concept too. <3

Tracking for now, such a

Tracking for now, such a lovely idea.

This is a really nice idea,

This is a really nice idea, tracking. (8
I love the artwork - I especially like Sterre's necklace and the insects/tarantula.
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The piebald meets Verve's

The piebald meets Verve's expectant gaze with curiosity. She saw a grown lady, no longer the fawn she played with long ago. A sudden realization of how much time had passed. Time. This was it. Aurora's lips display a dashing smile, openly revealing the fondness in her. The fondness she greeted people with, but also the fondness when she saw those yellow eyes and felt encouraged by life's growth. Fascinating thing, life. It always goes on, like a river. Like a river, it stops at no stone. It flows around them, until they are formed to beautiful, even shapes. And allegory to many things Aurora believed in.

This time though, it was one of the rare occasions the piebald asked for a favour. Often, she gave so much and asked for nothing in return - interestingly, something Aurora herself didn't quite see. Her azure eyes were studying Verve's fancy decoration with delight.

Her voice, ringing clearly and softly, was heard across. "Hello, Verve."
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What an awesome idea.

What an awesome idea.
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This is a fantastic idea.

This is a fantastic idea. ♥ Wow...
I'll have one of mine approach at some point, once I figure who would be best for this.
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This is such a unique idea!

This is such a unique idea!
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So tracking, this seems very

So tracking, this seems very interesting. 83
Side account of Kohva
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Holographmoon, Globalbeauty,

Holographmoon, Globalbeauty, Ourania, Inca, Tuoho, 1antidote, Vauss, Starling:
Eee! Thank you! I didn’t think this’d be received that well at all ;-; <3

We’d enjoy that! Thanks! XD

Buugsss. Thank you! XD

Thank you! I referenced from a red knee tarantula, they’re really quite nice looking! I really like to design stuff so I’m glad you like it <3

Thank you! I’m very glad you think so! We’ll look forward to it ^^

Thanks! I’m glad to hear that!

I hope to make it so ^^


Verve held her eyes on the approaching piebald, something in the other does eyes seemed very curious. Verve brightly. “Hello Aurora!” A childhood friend, perhaps, one of the few who still knew her upon return. “Something I can help you with?” she inclined for the other doe to sit with her.
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"Yes indeed." Slowly,

"Yes indeed."

Slowly, measured the piebald strides up to the tall doe. She still locks her gaze in Verve's eyes, as if to try to convey a message mentally. Either that, or she was simply amazed by the great changes young Verve had gone through, and still had retained her spirit.

Once arrived, Aurora settles down in a comfortable, relaxed manner. "Your jewelry, it is amazing. Do tell me more of it, please." Her expression was kind and filled with tender curiosity.
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Verve chuckled. That was a

Verve chuckled. That was a question she expected. "Well, thank you. What would you like to know about it?" Verve eyed the beads hanging from her antlers. "These are made from bone and different gemstones. I have a few with little bird skulls if you're interested." She smiled brightly, skulls were her favourite and especially pocket sized ones. Great decoration. "Uhm. But yeah. What would you like to know?" Verve looked at the doe curiously. Answering question seemed easier than just telling random things she could come up with.
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"I would like to know,"

"I would like to know," Aurora began slowly, still gazing at the many decorations of the interesting doe, "What each of them means to you. They do have a meaning, right?"

Expectantly, her look reach up to Verve's painted face again and search for the answer in there. Her smile widens, and the ocean her eyes are seems to become alight, alight with the desire to know more.

Tracking! Those three pieces

Those three pieces are beautiful!
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Verve raised an eyebrow, as

Verve raised an eyebrow, as subtile as she could. Not the 'how do you do it' question? That was new. "Well uh." An awkward smile crept on her face. "I think you're looking into it too much. I just like making things? There are some meanings behind the colors I use, I suppose." She hoped the doe realised she meant her face paint. "Red and black are agressive colors, white calm. But uhm, I tend to use all three anyway. I guess perhaps if I'm all red and black, steer clear?" She grinned, a little awkwardly. She didn't feel she was all that deep, or philosophical. Things usually had deeper meanings for those who needed her help, like Sterre who had asked about making something her boyfriend gave her into a necklace. That meant something. Verve just liked making it.

Thank you! I have a lot of fun making them!
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A tiny fawn no bigger than a

A tiny fawn no bigger than a small bunny came forward on wobbly legs. A grin decorated her little muzzle as she looked at the does lovely painted face and her pretty necklaces. A small silver bell jingled around her slender neck on its thin black cord as she moved. A little bow to the doe and a wag of her fluffy tail. "E-e-ello!" a little chirp from the child. She had just been learning how to speak.
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"I see. Your craft gains its

"I see. Your craft gains its meaning not by creation, but by use. That is very wise."

Aurora took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. Then, when she look up at Verve again, her face seemed to be both apologetic, but at the same time, hopeful. "I am wondering... could you make a trinket for me? Something I can put around my neck. Something that leaves room for interpretation. I want it to be my focus of memory, something I look into and discover something new each time..." She'd seen those stones on her travels. The bipedial species called them 'opals'. Beautiful gems, many facets, but oh so rare. They caught her fancy for they were similar to her feather and eyes.

"I like the color azure..."
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Lilyblue: The tall doe


The tall doe hadn't even noticed the small thing approaching her until a small hello was spoken. She looked down in suprise. "Ah! Hello!" She gave the little fawn a bow with her head in return. Her eye fell on the little bell, she knew she had heard something before! "Who might you be?" Verve smiled gently. What a cute thing!


"Well, thanks." Wise huh? That was a nice compliment. Verve looked at the piebald curiously as she seemed to prepare herself for something. But then the question came, and Verve's face lit up. "Oh yes surely! I've made all sorts of necklaces." She eyed the doe. "Perhaps it'd look nice high on your neck, so it points at your eyes. And memory huh? How about blue calcite? They're supposed to enhance your memory, but I can't tell you if it really works." She liked the idea gemstones had such powers. "It seems like a stone for you."

Oddly quick, a large blue colored tarantula came up to them, holding a rough blue looking stone above his body. It seemed a little heavy for him, so Verve assisted the spider quickly and put the stone in front of Aurora. "Like this. But then smoothed out, of course. I promise you it'd still look very textured even smooth. More than meets the eye huh." Oh she could go all out about how this stone was made for this doe, but she'd rather await her response first.
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Aurora's eyes widen with

Aurora's eyes widen with delight, the sage seemed to be enchanted by the ideas Verve came up with. Fiercely, she nodded, and her smile widening even more. "That sounds very good, Verve. I am amazed how quickly you saw beyond my masses of fur. Perharps I am obvious, but indeed, I am still amazed." She paused to look down at the wonderful gem the spider had carried over, and her smile became a marry grin.

"Yes, yes. This is perfect." Her gaze shifts up again, and her next words were carrying an invisible, but true weight with them. "Thank you."
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A little bounce and a reply

A little bounce and a reply "Neah." She told her a sparkle in her eyes "You?" A little question, the name of the beautiful doe. She looked over her markings, the lovely paint the decorated her pelt. It looked so nice. Her markings weren't the only things eye catching though, her jewelery stood out to the child as well. She shifted happily from hoof to hoof waiting for the does name.
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Calinka: The other doe


The other doe seemed pleased with Verve’s decision, good! “I guess you’re more obvious then you think” She smiled still, not meaning harm with her comment. “I’ll make something nice, just you wait!”


“Neah huh, that’s a nice name.” She looked so young, Verve had to look around for a moment if there wasn’t going to be a huge furious stag trampling on her soon for coming near his kid. But it seemed not to be so. “My name is Verve.” She noticed the child eying her jewelry. “Do you like them?” She asked, tilting her head slightly forwards so Neah could have a better look. Long strings with beads were attatched from the front to the end of her antlers. She was no fighter, but surely she could have use for them.
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Neah reared back and wobbly

Neah reared back and wobbly took a step forward her front legs kicking while she stretched her neck to see the beads. Her deep sea foam eyes eyed the beads with curiosity and admiration. She fell back onto all for light blue hooves and tossed her head a little the little grey feathers ruffling up. "Verve very pretty. Beads very pretty. Like them very much." She grinned as she looked at the does face.
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Definitely tracking; this is

Definitely tracking; this is such a unique and awesome idea.
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Lilyblue: Verve couldn't


Verve couldn't hold her chuckle back at the obvious admiration of the fawn. "Well, thank you very much. Would you like me to make something for you?" She looked at Neah, thinking of what could perhaps suit her. She already had a necklace of sorts, so Verve ruled that out. Perhaps she had an idea herself.


Aw thank you so much! I'm glad people think it is ^^
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A perked her ears at the

A perked her ears at the chuck and then thought at the question. Yes perhaps she would like something. With a dip of her head she slip the bell from around her neck and held it out to Verve. "Can make this pretty for me?" she asked with grin as she held it out. She wanted her necklace to look pretty like Verves. And if not a necklace she could always make it into something else. She wanted something pretty too. She gave a little rattle of her baby quills and a nod of the head.
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Lilyblue: Ah, but that made


Ah, but that made sense! Verve looked at the bell. "I sure can!" Ooh she had a lot to think about with this one. But surely it could end up interesting. "I'll show you when I'm done, and then you can tell me what you think, okay?" The doe smiled at the young fawn. This would be fun.
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Oh Aurora's necklace is

Oh Aurora's necklace is gorgeous! The blue really matches her design well too.
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Amongst a small collection of

Amongst a small collection of deer, she is a goddess; the giver of life to the ones called Ravenflight, Sterre, The Forest Monk, Dayo and Scorpus. To others she is known as the taker of life, stealing the lives of Parasol, Gevaar, Feathercrest, Murdoch, Kaala and Capsule.

But to those who know not of these deer will not recognize her. So perhaps she walks unhindered?
The large doe stops before the painted deer sitting before her. Kate knows her maker and stares to Verves very essence. She smiles and sits down beside her, her eyes gazing over all the does trinkets. Kate smiles and speaks, softly

"You have quite a talent, Verve."

Kates golden eyes stare at Verves, and she speaks again

"I can imagine a creature as plain as myself is a sight to see..."

the god chuckles to herself.

Kate pauses for a moment to contemplate, before continuing.

"Perhaps, perhaps I could call upon your craftsmanship and make something of me?"

The god asks kindly.

"I often have dreams of a fiery phoenix, one who rises from the ashes in victory. I hear drums when the she-bird does this. Perhaps this will inspire?"

The doe stands up and speaks one last time

"Sterre adores her necklace."

Kate walks away now into the undergrowth and vanishes.

(This blog looks awesome kay? Love the designs so far....
Ive already talked to you about some ideas I had, but I cant catch you on msn to tell them. I hope Kate gave some inspiration. Remember, you can go as crazy as you want C: Designs are not limited to necklaces or earings. Could go to antlers too. Think Goddessy? idk. HAVE FUN.)
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I'm not sure whether I'm yet

I'm not sure whether I'm yet allowed to comment in character (as in, did Aurora already see it?) but I gotta say, I really, really love it. Like I already said on MSN. But as Sight mentioned, the colors fit sooo well.
And I'm sure Aurora will adore it, too. xP

Little hooves patter towards

Little hooves patter towards Verve, unaware of her presence. Kailani was out walking around for no reason in particular, being the airheaded fawn she was she didn't need a reason. To meet new deer? Perhaps. To get a drink of water? That was more than likely to be it, although it could've been either.
She tripped over a branch with a squeak, and landed directly in Verve's path. Kai scrambled to her feet to greet the larger deer, unable to even stretch her head up to come close to Verve's shoulder, let alone her head.
"Hi!" she chirped, only now noticing Verve's trinkets and assorted items, "Do you make dose?"
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Parrotsnpineapple: (Sorry


(Sorry for not returning the super cute tiny art favour, I hurt a muscle in my arm at work uugh. Also if that is an accurate size difference between those two then I am afraid of Kate now HAHA hugeass.)

There is something odd about the next approaching deer, and Verve finds herself shifting awkwardly. There was something about the way she looked at her. Like she knew more. Like she was more important even, still Verve did not recognize this deer. They gave off a vibe like the twin gods did. Odd.
But Verve was not a hostile doe. She covered her nervousness with a smile and offers her to sit with her.

The other even seems to know her name. That was odd.

“Thank you, miss..?” She tries to imply she doesn’t actually know her.

“You don’t look that plain, miss. There is something nice about it too.” She eyed the paint on the others face too. Curious. They did use a lot of different colors.

Her eyes lit up at the impressive does’ suggestion. “I can surely try!” The words set her mind thinking immediately. Feathers!
She looks at Kate curiously as she mentions Sterre. “ I know.. I’m glad.” Odd again. “Who was this exactly? But before she could ask the other had vanished. Well, she could contemplate her suggestion now.

(Ah I’ll try to come up with some things for you <3 As always I will make sure to show them to you as well, always love your feedback!)


It hadn’t even been that long after the piebald doe had asked Verve for the favor of a necklace, but already did the tall lean doe come up to the piebald again. She had a bad habit of losing herself in her work, losing sleep over it. She seemed a bit tired but not too bad. “ Ah, there you are!” She says with a smile. “I have a first design for you, if you like. You can tell me what needs changing.” She joined Aurora in her rest, gently laying out the necklace in front of the other with her hoof. “I didn’t use too many colors this time.. I thought black or white would just melt with your pelt.


Verve watched a fawn come into her direction from a distance. She kept a good eye on it when she noticed it was not paying attention, coming towards her rather quickly. She saw the stick and she saw the fawn, but it was already too late. A squeak and a tumble followed, Verve’s ears lowered. She should’ve warned them! But it seemed the fawn had just bounced right back up, greeting her with a happy hi. “Hello there, are you alright?” She smiled at the young doe, lowering her neck to be at her level. Verve’s eyes followed Kailani’s, up to all the beads and feathers adorning her antlers. “I did! Do you like them?”

This is so cool. I love this

This is so cool. I love this concept and the css as well!
Verve is so awesome, and so are her creations!

Kailani nodded happily, a

Kailani nodded happily, a hardy little fawn if there ever was one. She loved shiny things almost like she was some kind of a bird, like a crow or a raven that sought pretty trinkets for it's nest.
"Yes, yes! Dey are so pretty!" Kai was quite bouncy that day, full of energy and youthful vitality. She liked Verve already, something about the doe put her at ease and made her feel more comfortable. She seemed nice, and when others seemed nice to Kailani she saw no qualms with trying to be friends with them. She still enjoyed playing, and wondered somewhat if Verve liked to play the games she did, like tag and hide-and-seek. Kailani bet Verve would win all the time if she did.
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Aurora had been resting unter

Aurora had been resting unter the shade of a particularily tall birch tree, legs neatly tucked /and thus well hidden) under the masses of her full coat. Eyes half closed, her muzzle was still; though there was one sound: an almost inaudible hum, deep, but moved. As the tall doe encloses, the piebald's ears perk up and the eyes fly open; immediatly followed by a gentle, but wide smile.


With a nod, she invited her to sit. Quickly, however, her attention was drawn from the apperance of her companion; quite unlike her usual habit; to the fancy decoration that was laid down before her. For moments, Aurora remained silent, gaze fixed on the beautiful gem. Her mind was racing, quite enchanted by the beauty, the match, this piece was, as if Verve laid a charm over her.

After another few minutes, Aurora's eyes turn back to Verve and there was a big, fat grin on her muzzle. Her eyes were still round in awe, but the oceans behind them were merry. Nobody ever before had given her such a fine piece of craftsmanship. If anything, Aurora was touched.

"This is perfect. I cannot find the right words to describe it," she began slowly. Not the right words, no... "I feel this is exactly what fits me. The blue, and the white, over my mostly black fur... but also the meaning of this gem, and its shape. A circle... yes, a circle is perfect. Round. Smooth. No edges. Closed in itself. Stable...", she trailed off as her head reached forward to nuzzle Verve's side.

"Thank you."
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I actually realised how large

I actually realised how large I had made her as soon as I saved the image. I wanted to make her big to portray importance or some godly thing, but then I forgot how big Verve actually was HAHAHAHAHA. So no. She is smaller than Verve xD
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Aah I’m slow, sorry people

Aah I’m slow, sorry people I’ve been tired XD…


Ah thank you! I’m glad you like it, means a lot <3


“Well thank you!” The large doe replied cheerfully, bowing her head in a little thanks. The fawn seemed enthusiastic enough. She reminded her a little of the human children she used to be around, always jumping around her to put self made necklaces and bracelets around her, painting her in all sorts of color. Given the chance she expected this fawn would do the same. “I’m very glad you like them.” The doe smiled. “Would you like one too?”


Verve seemed to turn red at her compliments. “Thanks, I’m glad to hear it.” Her work was important to her. She wasn’t a fighter, like her father, or a forest guardian like her mother. Or a healer, like Herla. She felt somewhat unimportant, her craft being the one thing to make her different. Or so she felt. “Are you very sure you don’t want anything changed?” She asked with a hint of surprise. Perhaps she still felt somewhat insecure, even with the enthusiastic respond. Though, she returned the nuzzle. “You’re very welcome, I enjoyed making it.” A grin.

HAHA well it could be cool. Perhaps it’d be silly for a god to be smaller than a regular deer, and perhaps she can shapeshift or she has an appereance for every deer? I dunno just rambling.
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Bop bop, love Verve's stuff!

Bop bop, love Verve's stuff! Always interesting to see what she/you come up with.

" You'd really do that for

" You'd really do that for me?" came the squeak of the little fawn. She was practically bouncing up and down. Kai loved Verve's beads and pretty trinkets. They looked beautiful, and so did the doe that wore them.
"Yes, please!" she said, unable to contain her excitement.
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It's a cold afternoon when

It's a cold afternoon when Sorrel approaches, full of wonder and questions about this doe, who she is and what she does. There is something familiar about her appearance that the ginger can't quite put a hoof on. Despite all this, she is patient, and even quiet for once, driven to a taste of anxiety by her situation.

"Hail," she begins, a little meekly. "I've heard that you are offering your talents," said whilst eying the objects strung about her ears a little jealously, "and I was wondering if I could request something for myself...and a friend, too."

And again, she hesitates, acting rather strangely compared to her usual self. That bright mane is stiff and bristled, not entirely from the icy temperature. She is not afraid of the doe and her strange appearance as others might be. Instead, Sorrel is afraid of the consequences what she asks for might bring upon the future. Closing a gate to her son entirely.

Part of her wants it. Part of her wants to go and say goodbye to someone who isn't there anymore. Part of her just wants to turn around and leave.

But with that stubbornness birthed in her blood, Sorrel stays, dipping her head after a silence before continuing if allowed to do so. "I'm being followed by ghosts from my past. Is there anything you could make that could help me? I'd be willing to make payment for that, and something simple for someone else, as a gift."
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Jinxyness: "Yes sure! That's


"Yes sure! That's what I love to do really!" This fawn seemed suprised, did noone else in this forest give them anything ever? "Anything you'd like in paticulair?" She was looking at the fawn, wondering what could be practical too. What wouldn't get in the way when playing. It didn't have to be complicated to look nice.. She realised she was staring at little Kai and chuckled. "But if you don't have any ideas, I can come up with something I'm sure."


The jealous glance did not go unnoticed, and it seemed for a moment Verve flinched. Was it because of her work? Likely. It wasn't the first time she had gotten odd glances. But it stung, sometimes. She was offering her work, not trying to make others angry.
But the other doe seemed to change her gaze quickly. She was asking for help. Phew, that's better. Verve's ears raise up again curiously. The doe seems uncomfortable, and Verve offered her a seat next to her. A few bugs scurry off as she does so, locusts jump away and a few beetles go into hiding. The doe stays quiet, for now, listening to Sorrel's story. Her gaze turns curious once more. "Ghosts from the pasts?" She echo's. Her gaze turns thoughtful.
"I can. But perhaps you need to tell me a little more about this ghost. Is it good or, is it bad, and is it just a memory or a physical manifestation? I've heard of both after all." She didn't believe in ghosts in the literal sense herself, but others did so she wanted to rule out the possibility. After all, you craft something different for actual hauntings then for memory's. The doe also seemed to ask for a gift for a friend. "I can do a gift too if you like, any sort of theme or type of object in mind? Like a necklace, or a charm, perhaps a little crown or does this deer have antlers?" She mused out loud. You could decorate so many parts of a body.

The doe seemed to think about the payment for a moment. "Well, I like to help, so payment isn't that needed." A somewhat shy smile. "But if you have something interesting you'd like to give me, I wouldn't turn it away.." She was afraid of running out of materials sometimes. Some of the deer had interesting objects, she wondered if this deer had some too. "Oh, and.. What's your name? I'm Verve." The doe smiles sweetly. It would speak easier, she thought.
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Lying down before the black

Lying down before the black doe, one beetle crawls onto a stretched out leg, where the ginger noses it curiously. When the beetle shuffles away, she looks back, not noticing the previous flinch. The questions she asks make Sorrel pause again, not entirely sure what was real or simply something stirring in her mind. "I find it hard to tell, but I think it is a memory. He appears in my dreams sometimes. I want to let go."

It was about time, she thought. Enough pain.

"Yes, he does!" She laughed light-heartedly, feeling a bit better when things were off her chest. "They're pretty big...but he said that they shed, so I think somewhere else would be better. Maybe around an ankle?" Sorrel wasn't entirely sure what he would like but it was worth a guess. "He isn't here that often but I thought i'd surprise him when he comes back." If he comes back, something in the dark of her brain said, going unnoticed.

"Oh, certainly. I don't have anything right now...but i'll find something." She'd view it as a treasure hunt; there had to be something interesting around here, right? And if there wasn't, there was always that fascinating outside world that might be possible soon. "Sorrel." She dips her head again in that greeting she has. "Is there something you're running low on?"
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"Ah." In her dreams? That

"Ah." In her dreams? That sounded familair, in a way. "Are those bad dreams?" She felt bad asking so many questions, but she had to make sure she was making the right thing. "Perhaps something in honour of then, to give the memory a place?"
She had a lot to think about.

"Ah it's a he then!" That stopped including girly flowers alright. "Ah yes, shedding antlers, that is always difficult. Mine do too but I keep changing what I wear anyway." She glanced up at the beads hanging from her antlers. Tomorrow there would be bird skulls, or something, it didn't matter. "Sounds kind of you. What is the main color of his pelt? So I don't accidentally make it that color.." That could mean it'd just fall away against it, it'd be a shame of her hard work.

She nodded at Sorrel's reply. "Thanks, well, don't worry about it." Verve chuckled. "Ah, running low.. Nothing in paticulair. I'll always need wood, bones and stones and the like to make beads, but this forest has plenty of all that. I'm more interested in things like small skulls, they're so often too damaged to use. Or antlers, deer only tend to shed once a year so they're a pretty rare find too.." She had some leftovers from her own past little nubs. But that's all they had been. "Haha well anything goes really. Shinies are always great." Verve had a big grin on her face now.
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"Always." She nodded; the doe

"Always." She nodded; the doe hadn't had a pleasant dream since that death. But the ones involving her son where always the worst. "I was...hoping you'd have something to stop it, completely. I'm not entirely sure what would work." This wasn't her profession, after all!

"Yes, haha. He's called Sonne." Completely oblivious to the family connection, she went on. "My antlers don't...I wonder why that is? And as for his color...kinda like mine I guess. A bit darker. Kinda like the oak."

"Maybe...I could search the pond?" She suggested, one eye thinning to a slit as she thought. "Or the creek. Maybe there's some stuff in there no one's found. Gems. Skulls. Whatever goes!" The ginger often took dives into the pond so that wouldn't be too difficult. "Sometimes I grab water weeds from the dropoff...would that be too thin to use?" She personally liked to eat them.
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"Ah, like a ward then. I

"Ah, like a ward then. I guess I can come up with something." It would need some thought, some exploration perhaps. What was good against spirits again?
"I think I know something to protect you.. I will see what I can do." A certain amulet should help, she hoped.

"Sonne?" She looked at the doe curiously. "Really? My brother is named like that too. Hm." Well it wasn't a too uncommon name, more deer carried it. "Haven't seen him since I was a child though." And also a dark brown. But so many deer were.

"Yes, that sounds like a good place." Verve grinned. Likely the pond had a lot of bones and the likes, she got one from the bottom as a gift after all. "Weeds?" She seemed to think for a moment. "I'm not sure if I know how to preserve those.." That was a difficult one. She didn't work with plants that much.