Sweetheart, I'm the boss [VERVE]

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This bio contains:
• A lot of cursing
• Sexually suggestive descriptions
• Possibly violence
• uuhh more cursing.

More extensive disclaimer when you click the little skull.
Subjects I will never write:
• Rape
• Child abuse
• Descriptive gore

ALWAYS feel free to contact me on discord (MisMantis#4207)
or email: mismantisartATgmail.com.


"Eh you'll get it. Verf is also fine."
Ah, bio design. Not my forté. I just make functional.


I already dislike this bio so I've been bad with updating.
Has been around the forest more often lately in an attempt to reconnect with the residents. Y'know, touch up on her roots perhaps, escape the hectic environment of club management. Trying to re-learn how to relax again, and doing pretty well.

Found out someone gave birth? Or made a nest? Anyway, nearby Eph's little "living room". Has been spotting pink and maroon babs about, and is a little endeared. Has NO mom instincts, as evident by realizing only half an hour after arriving a child was sitting within ..Leg distance, but did have a brief bout of worry what with the temperatures and predators of the forest. Invited Sohvi over to join her and Eph. Stayed like that for a good while until player had to go and forgot to turn off TEF, surprisingly nobody peacocked Verve. Both dissapointed and relieved.

Woke up next to Thais, the boys (Ross and Eph) just returning with the bab. Incredibly muddy. Child clutching something. Threatened Ross when he shook off mud onto her and Thais. Were you planning on having more kids in the future, Ross? Just checkin.
Was shown FROG by Sohvi, asked if it'd been given a name. Food for Thought. Asked if perhaps Sohvi had a name, and got a "close enough" reply. Introduced herself as Verve, or Verf, and has been crowned "Burf".

And then! Met parent! Very pink! Timing was unfortunately not great as she had to go (player bedtime) but hopes to chat with them sometime. Doesn't want to give them the wrong image or anything concerning them hanging out with their kids. Knows her dad would've absolutely gutted any stranger hanging out with his young kids, so, TO PREVENT THAT.. Luckily Phemonoe doesn't exactly look the type.


Born on a cold winter day.
• Grew up, mostly raised by her father. Learned about her interest in insects.
• Reached young adulthood and decided to leave the forest for a long time to travel.
• Landed in the plains with a group of humans. Lived with them for over a year, learning their customs as well as their way of work.
• Returned to the forest
• Met Herla and her two half brothers, Leto and Johan.
• Gave her first craft to Ephiré; a dreamcatcher.
• Getting more at ease within her new family, taking on the role of the elder sister.
• Opened a shop of sorts where she offers her services in trade for items.
• Went on a trip with Ephiré and Aurora to Ephiré's homelands. Came home with a haul. Crafted various items for friends and family.
• Took it on herself to decorate the skull masks shared during halloween for two years.
• Took the bait of a trickster and cursed herself, ended up killed by friends and family
• Brought back by her stephmother Herla.
• A long recovery. After this, helped break her sister's curse.
• Confessed to Ephiré, feelings were returned.
• Shocked by Ross' death, her own trauma resurfacing. Went on a trip to Ephiré's homelands.

• Died. An accident.
• A thousand years passed, mourned by a God.
• Of course, Gods have to twist events, don't they? Perhaps a subtle influence. Reborn as a troll.
• Taught to be independent, strong, to follow her goals. Spoiled still, mafia's daughter.
• Studied, worked hard, worked her way up to owning a nightclub.
• Met Ephiré, and a very similar thing happened.. Grew from friends into lovers.
• Met Altijd and Ross, eventually learned about the forest. Denied entrance by Ephiré and Altijd.
• Just went to Leto instead fuck you guys who you to tell me what to do ffsake

• Did not get her memory. Had to visit her corpse, or the dust that was left of it, and retrieved her spider amulet. Wearing that and re-entering the forest, fell into a brief coma, dreamed her life as a deer, thus regaining her memories, albeit blurry at times.

Name: Verve (Left speaker)

Alias: The Sun, Verf

Forest name: Square and bows

Gender/sex: Both male and female of sex, uses female pronouns.

Age: Five years as a deer, 194 otherwise.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Voice: Lupita Nyong'o

Polyamorous*Raised in a society where multiple partners are the norm, not the exception. Loves on the premise of trust, and mutual understanding with consent. Finds nothing more important than making sure her partners are comfortable in any setting.

Size 1.8m at the shoulder

In-forest set: Kabuki mask, Swan antlers, Valentine pelt

Reference: Click here

Scent: Look I'll figure this out

Tumblr: Gold chains and Claws

Toyhouse: Mature content!

Spotify: Click here

Tall, lanky, and a little fluffier than what she used to be, Verve has gotten a bit more proportional. Less lean, more muscle, and a neck that doesn't break when you so much as look at it. Her pelt is made up of shades of brown, sclera black, irisses still a fierce yellow. The doe sports a long, very flexible tail, with a large tuft of fur on the end.

Verve still enjoys dressing up, wearing various masks but most often the large golden skull. It is a family piece, something she is very proud of and very careful with. She also enjoys gold paints, capes, her spider necklace, and various kinds of jewelry and piercings.

Partner. Aware of many things, unaware of so many more but is FINE with keeping it like this. Calm to her storm, storm to his calm HA. A slow relationship, where neither realized what was going on until one day everyone else had to point it out to them. Extremely fond of, teases to hell and back.

Father. Gone from the forest. Had always been very close with, though aware of his faults all the same. Somewhat stuck between the version she knows as a deer, and her "ummu" in Emnes, Geh'heern. Both strict, both stubborn, but also knows both care.

Mother. Has not seen in a long time, but remembers the insecurity associated with. Perhaps, at this moment, mostly indifferent.

Stephmom, gone from the forest. Not even THAT much younger than the doe, but just, Herla has a lot of mom instincts ok. Verve can't get away from that. Would've called her mother to anyone who asks. Missed.

Half brother through Gehirn, closest to. Always interested in her crafts, her stories, always fond of his company. Not as close with him as a troll, but, working on that hopefully now she at least remembers what they were.

Half brother through Gehirn, Leto's twin. Remembers him as a cheerful but protective fella, a good boy in need of some pointers once-in-a-while. Wonders about him.

Half sister through Gehirn. Brash, headstrong, struggles with many the same insecurities as Verve does. Though has learned being large and intimidating aren't things to be insecure about. Glad Vasana has joined her in this.

Half sister through Gehirn. Remembers as sweet but fragile, wonders about her.

Half sister through Gehirn. A damn troublemaker that's what, very fond of. Always shared good banter, great plots. Misses, gone from the forest.

Steph-brother through Herla. Comfortable with, remembers him as stoic and down to earth. Not a talker surely, but that's okay. Wonders about.

Sister-figure. First through Ciel but, we know how that worked out. Very different yet also similar to Sterre, though wonders how they'd match up now Verve's gotten a little sharper on the edges. Good to talk with, comfortable company.

We all know she basically adopted him, let's not pretend. Auntie-Verve, remembers many ups-and-downs with and feels she was much a child herself when he happend upon her. Worries she must've done him wrong, but remembers loving him deeply.

Gone from the forest, never stopped missing. Also secretly adopted, don't tell anyone, not Verve either.


The mask
A golden, horned skull mask. In the forest the eyes are opened, in Emnes the sockets close. The mask is enchanted, with the socket closed it is impossible to recognise her. Even seeing her in the mask twice, will make someone forget there ever was a first encounter. An object she uses to ensure her safety when working with the Djarva. Used it in the forest to make sure no one could recognise her before she could recognise them, as to not hurt people. Went around as "The Sun", her nickname in the Djarva.

Various capes
Still a little on the thin-furred side, keeps herself warm and decorated when needed.

Creature of COMFORT.

Various animal skulls
Possible masks, in-progress.


Happy to give these up for very simple trades. Maybe a smile IS enough.

Decorated masks
Designs to follow

Dried insects
Also easy trades.

Painted skull masks
Want your mask spiced up? Verve will whip you up a design, for a price. Crafting material welcome.

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Yay! Welcome back to the

Yay! Welcome back to the forest, Verve. This bio looks great. LOVE her new art.
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first track unless someone

first track unless someone ninjas me B3

E: Pfff would have to be SHL >P
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Definitely tracking this.

Definitely tracking this. <3
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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Yesssss <333 I cant wait to see how she develops
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Oohhhh, she looks very

Oohhhh, she looks very interesting. :3
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(No subject)

This land is made of love and peace!

*long, rattling gasp* She's

*long, rattling gasp*
She's beautiful...
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Ooh hi everyone! First three

Ooh hi everyone! First three comments in the same minute.. HAHAH XD

Thank you for your nice comments ♥
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Wooop Verve! Trackitytrack,

Wooop Verve! Trackitytrack, she's awesome.




yusyus <3
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Psst, HolographMoon, we

Psst, HolographMoon, we wondered if Alice was just really rude or didn't see us, but it turns out you are not seeing a few deer XD.. Only after we reconnected did you seem to greet us. Did you see Daneth with us? He's a peacock.

Oh my, it seems like I have

Oh my, it seems like I have my players turned down... I'm so sorry for that. :c

edit- Alice is the exact opposite of rude, heh. XD That was completely occ, just to clear things up.
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Train track! I meant to do

Train track! I meant to do this earlier after Walter noticed her hovering around near the Ename.

What she gonna do with that there leg, hmm?
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Holo: Oh don't worry! We

Oh don't worry! We realised that as soon as we reconnected, since you did reply to us then XD No worries! I didn't know how to mention it to you otherwise ^^ I once spend an hour playing with a group before I realized I previously needed my deer invisible for footage, and I hadn't made myself visible yet. They hadn't even seen me. Sort of awkward.

Choochoo! Ah alright! I remember that, I was actually AFk that moment she was just standing around, rofl. When the doorbell goes you gotta run.
We don't think it actually belonged to Walter! Verve seems to think it belonged to a younger deer, Neath just picked something from his stash it seems! And we're not sure yet, knowing her could be anything..
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Could be anything, could be

Could be anything, could be nothing. *Invisible beard stroke*

I don't mean to sound nosy but I kinda did want to know if it did belong to Walterbum or not 'cause it'd help with planning whenever I bring him back. But if it doesn't, then that's fine!

Just be careful with that there voodoo magicks!
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Ah that's okay! It doesn't, I

Ah that's okay! It doesn't, I think it'd be wise for me to not get into plotty stuffs anytime soon. It was a nice roleplay opportunity for her to get some bones to craft with, but since I'd like to keep it at just that, they don't belong to Walter. Likely some unfortunate sod who sunk like a brick. Blubblubblub.

Oh, I'm glad everything is

Oh, I'm glad everything is okay! <3 Haha, that does sound awkward. ^^' Tef controls can be sometimes hard to use.
Also, sorry about Alice's skitish run-away when she came over to you. Sometimes she can feel very unsafe around others she just met, especially with Gerhin's large stature.
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That's okay! Gehirn was

That's okay! Gehirn was rather stand-offish as well, a lot of deer are invading his personal space very forcefully today and he was in no mood for more XDD

Haha, I completely understand

Haha, I completely understand how he feels XDD Me too, when people talk to me too much about about things I don't care about gosh I'm so horribe 8( And I hope to meet Verve or Gerhin sometime soon again (:
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Quadda came closer, he slept

Quadda came closer, he slept Verve. She watched her for a long time today and bumped into each other perhaps more than a hundred times, or they view each other from afar. After a long time, then others because of what Quadda left, this place was abandoned and she was perhaps the only resident of this place. She stopped at a small tree and watched the Verve. She just smiled. After a day alone had at least a short distance from each other company (which unfortunately does not know about it). Quadda slowly turned and walked to her place, a few meters from the place, where she lay. "Good night, Verve..." she whispered, before he laid completely.

I'm sorry, but I could not help... Laughing out loud ... say good night. x)
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Trackin'. c:

Trackin'. c:
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Okami: ROFL. Ohgod well, I'M

ROFL. Ohgod well, I'M GLAD! XD

Aww! I think we caught a glimpse of Quadda as soon as she fell asleep! Verve was sleeping quite tightly.
But how sweet of Quadda! Smiling

Hi ;-;
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-sits butt down, wiggles-

-sits butt down, wiggles- ♥
Track |D
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Since I already gushed about

Since I already gushed about this EXTREMELY AMAZING CHARACTER in MSN, I'll spare you my SLENDID TALK. xD

I love how I got here after clicking Luc's picture.
(hai lucy :j)

What a beauty &hearts;

What a beauty ♥
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Aaah! Hey Tearenn! Thanks,

Aaah! Hey Tearenn! Thanks, I'm glad you think so Smiling Mischa is quite cute as well! Thanks for the company! I'm sorry we're a bit dull right now XD

Heyy! Aw, thank you so much!

Heyy! Aw, thank you so much! Haha, no worries, I feel totally the same ♥ ^^
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I could not recall if I

I could not recall if I tracked this or not. So here it is. XD
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trackie <3
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I forgot to mention how much

I forgot to mention how much I LOVE the butterfly mask on that pelt 8|
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I know right! It's absolutely

I know right! It's absolutely amahshiing.
I wish I could get used to these secretary antlers already though.. They still feel a little off. But thank you! I'm glad! Also hello Ryuu! XD I fear we're a bit boring.. Sorry ;_;
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I really like how the red dot

I really like how the red dot on the secretary antlers looks like the sun on her antlers, in a way.
Haha, nah, I'm pretty distracted.
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Why.. have I not tracked this

Why.. have I not tracked this yet? -headdesk-
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Had to take a crack at this.

Had to take a crack at this.
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I let out a little girly

I let out a little girly scream at that Uitleger, whoa! She looks -amazing-, I am in absolute awe of your style. Really unique and daring. That neck ♥ and that spider!
Thanks, you made my evening XD

Sorry about suddenly having her faint on the spot too, I reaally had to eat.

"Such a

"Such a beauty."


That's all you get, cause I'm a lazy bum.
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For some reason.. I keep

For some reason.. I keep imagining her with Zecora's voice. x.x lol. So whenever I read her rps, that's the voice that comes to mind. Bad, I know. ;_;

Track in disguise.
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YESSSS. I always keep

YESSSS. I always keep imagining Zecora's voice as well.
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That made me giggle so loud.

That made me giggle so loud. HAHAH XD

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Track! lD

Track! lD
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uber track of doom

uber track of doom
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oh! haha. i really like the

oh! haha. i really like the african theme you got going on here, it's so unique. ;o; and that 'shop' of hers where she makes little doohickeys for people.. so lovely. annd i'm rambling, lol.

actually i've always imagined

actually i've always imagined her with zecora's voice too ;___; /fail/
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Alcinda: I looove africa and

I looove africa and well, cultural themes in general. And research. Everything I can research about is good. Oh I love rambling! I'm really glad you like it, I was a bit nervous about how she and her shop would be recieved but it's been very positive! Now I wish I had all the time in the world to work on these 24/7 but I don't, so argk. I hope people won't mind waiting a bit.

HAHAH oh my maybe I should hold a poll on her voice. Maybe Verve needs to start talking in odd rhymes. Maybe you all need to stop watching my little pony. SO MANY OPTIONS.

Or you need to start watching

Or you need to start watching my little pony. c8

Added you on msn. c:
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HAHA I have. What are you

HAHA I have. What are you taking me for. Rarity is best pony!
I'll add you back, I didn't get the invite? Odd, it normally works fine.. Msn, what are you up to...

Mine is

Mine is . :'D

I really like what you've

I really like what you've done with Verve, it's great to see her back. I've been meaning to say how much I love her jewellery/charm making too, such a neat concept.