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November 12th, 2015

Yes, I guess I can say I'm gone now. It's been 4 months and I've looked at this site maybe twice. I have absolutely no desire to go into forest anymore. Herla and my other characters are alive and well, though they don't live here anymore. I'm as happy with them now as I've ever been and feel much more satisfied with my creations since removing them from this place. I used to think that would be hard or impossible and if I left, I'd lose them. I laugh now at that, the best way out is through as they say, and then you wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place.

Health challenges continue, and part of that is minimized computer time since it aggravates my conditions to sit and type and look at screens. After a decade dedicated to digital art, I pretty much exclusively do traditional art now. Loving my Copic markers. It has really helped me to find alternative creative outlets like the Ball Jointed Doll Hobby. Starting to sculpt and sew too.

Please don't leave messages here, I'll be unlikely to see them. If you wish to contact me use the email below.

Please do not ask for any of my pictos.

Sighthoundlady at gmail dot com

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That is a very beautiful set.

That is a very beautiful set. <3
Tracking. c:
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Thanks Dinamo! I love the

Thanks Dinamo! I love the Orca mask and have been looking for an excuse to use it. Then I realized that Herla is all grown up, so yay! Smiling

Hey, so how do I make a node link, anybody know? I hate how the link changes everytime I change the title. Puzzled
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Simply rename your blog as

Simply rename your blog as '.' [no little quotes] and then submit. It should turn into a node after that.
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Double post of win |D

Double post of win |D
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Wow, she's gorgeous! (Also,

Wow, she's gorgeous! Smiling (Also, did you by any chance read Fire Bringer?)
There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in.
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Thank you arrowdoe! Yay,

Thank you arrowdoe! Yay, node-goodness. Smiling

Tantopat, which Firebringer? The one with the deer of the one with the unicorns?

Meredith Ann Pierce wrote the Firebringer Trilogy and I’ve read all of those.

David Clement-Davies wrote Fire Bringer and I’ve made it about half way through that book. Since it’s not available in Kindle version however, reading has been slow going as I never actually have the gosh darned book with me when I actually have time to read. ^&%&$. So far it’s good though. Smiling
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OHHH That's you! I think she

OHHH That's you! I think she came up to Oura as a fawn?
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She might have Ourania,

She might have Ourania, unfortunately she didn't get much attention from me as a fawn. I use version 3.31 and fawns can't save sets on that version so she was neglected until she matured and could wear a set. Smiling
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"Herla is extremely feminine.

"Herla is extremely feminine. She is not however, sweet. She is flirty, and ingratiating to any large stag she meets. She does this to get her way and likes to be fawned over for her beauty. She is used to getting her way. When she doesn’t get her way, she resorts to pouting and tantrums. This is not to say she is incapable of actually loving a stag. It’s just very hard for to make herself vulnerable enough to feel love as she views it as a weakness. She can be jealous of other does."
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(No subject)

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I just posted on Quad's bio

I just posted on Quad's bio almost the exact same time you posted here. Hilarious! Smiling

Those are beautiful close ups! How did you get those? Is that why Quad was pawing at the ground on the rock? Haha, of course Herla was being her usual obstinate self and was trying to make Quad pay attention to her and do what SHE wanted.
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(No subject)

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Aww, she looks so sweet and

Aww, she looks so sweet and innocent! Eye Nice screen shot, thanks.

More bio-ness: "Herla is not physically strong and avoids physical confrontation. She is more likely to attack her opponents physiologically and with manipulation. Besides, “fighting” could muss her feathers, she might get “dirty” and she cannot abide that. She is extremely fleet footed though and there is hardly a deer that can match her in speed. It is her only defense. She is not above trying to steal another does’ stag out of spite and competitiveness."
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OH! I had no idea that was

OH! I had no idea that was you, eep! Welp, now I know, and I must say that she is quite lovely; the set is wonderful! Her personality is very interesting as well; I'd love to see how she progresses! c:
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Thanks Uruushou! Yeah, I

Thanks Uruushou! Smiling Yeah, I had no real way of letting you know...to switch sets with version 3.31, I have to close TEF, then restart it. Takes ages and not very good for fast transitions, doh!

Herla's personality is sorting of growing on me!
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Haha, no worries! I can

Haha, no worries! I can imagine that would be such a pain to go through, but thankfully we have the community to keep up to date with such things. c:

That's great! I personally love how vain she is, and flawed. Manipulative characters are interesting, but the fact that she is female makes it extra dramatic. I'd love to see her put up a fuss if a stag's not paying attention to her! =P
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Also, trackin'! c:

Also, trackin'! c:
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She stomps her feet and

She stomps her feet and taunts and moos when she wants a stag to notice her. Then when they do pay her attention, she'll tilts her head and plays coy or even walks away. She's a frustrating little vixen. Eye
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Haha, that is great! There

Haha, that is great! There are going to be some very confused stags, that's for sure! =P Also, that "scared" reaction Liam had is typical of him; he is naturally timid and gets nervous when someone taunts, because he automatically thinks it's aggression. But, now he's fine! c:
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Ack, sorry I just disappeared

Ack, sorry I just disappeared on you, something went wonky with my connection, and when I came back, I was stuck in the “listen” pose just like Woden was trapped dancing last night. What the heck?

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No worries at all! I logged

No worries at all! I logged off shortly after; I'm going to hit the sheets in a bit. c: Huh, that is strange... TEF likes to glitch up on you! :< Are you able to get out of it like last time?
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I had to restart TEF again to

I had to restart TEF again to get out of it. This is about the same time it happened last night too. Puzzled

To bed with me as well, I've been staying up too late! Good night! Smiling
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Weeeeird... :< Welp,

Weeeeird... :< Welp, hopefully it won't continue to happen, but it's good that it's a simple fix.

Haha, same! I need to stop staying up so late, ugh... >: G'night! c:
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I meant the David

I meant the David Cement-Davies one. Smiling It mentions Herla, so at first I thought you'd gotten inspiration from that (and then had a look on Google and found that Herla exists in legends as well... ;^^). It's a shame that it's not on Kindle, as it really is a brilliant book. I don't think I've heard of the trilogy series, though! What are those books like?
There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in.
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she's gorgeous! Let's hope

she's gorgeous! Let's hope she doesn't stalk any of my more 'active' boys <3<;;; Hehehehe, not that they would mind (More than likely they'd be afraid or confused LOL)

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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I love Herla!! What a

I love Herla!! What a fantastic and gorgeous deer!!
*plants a track, watches it grow*
Kobal Snuff

Tracking. c:

Tracking. c:

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She is a shameless flirt so

She is a shameless flirt so if she comes upon any of them, she'll pester and taunt them to get their attention. Then act aloof when they give it to her. Hah!
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Tantopat. Woden and Herla are

Tantopat. Woden and Herla are both names with roots in Celtic/Germanic lore. That’s where I got them. But now that you mention it, they do mention Herla in Fire Bringer too.

Meredith Ann Pierce is one of my favorite authors, I love all her books but The Firebringer Trilogy is my favorite. If you like unicorns, these are THE unicorn books for you. Right up there with Peter Beagle’s “The Last Unicorn.”
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Ohhh, I saw her running

Ohhh, I saw her running around :3
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"Oh...hello there! I believe

"Oh...hello there! I believe I met you yesterday by the mushroom circle, and then sat with you at the pond. I, er...I apologize if I appeared to be a little strange to you. I realize now that you were being playful, not threatening...but sometimes I'm not too sure," Liam fumbled with his words, blushing furiously in embarrassment. "Er, anyway...I enjoyed your company very much. Thank you for sitting with me," he continued with a sheepish smile, and then quickly added, "Oh...my name is Liam, by the way! It is a pleasure to meet you."

(Omg, Fire Bringer is such an amazing book! David Clement-Davies is an amazing writer, and so underrated. I need to re-read it, especially since I've started playing TEF a lot~)
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Herla eyed the young stag.

Herla eyed the young stag. Young but strong. She liked that. A stag needed to be strong enough to protect her, or they weren’t worth her time. She quickly put on a demure expression, tilting her head so her feather mane fell across the lower portion of her face, then batted her long eyelashes at the stag. “Oh darling, you mean to tell me you were a afraid of little ‘ole me? Why…I couldn’t hurt a fly.” She gave a little doe bow and batted her eyelashes some more.
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The golden stag blinked as

The golden stag blinked as Herla batted her eyelashes at him, a gesture that he had not really seen before. Hm...perhaps she has something in her eye. He chuckled at her response and nodded. "Oh, indeed! I know that now, certainly. But I, er...I do hope I didn't offend you. It's just...well, I have been attacked by does before," he explained, biting his lip and silently cursing himself. You idiot...she doesn't need to know that! Forcing a small smile, he returned the bow, and tilted his head as she began to bat her eyelashes some more. Huh...I guess she really does have something in her eye! Poor dear.

(Yup, he is that naive, lol. And I can tell that this will get awkward, given Liam's orientation! XD)
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LMAO! That should lead to

LMAO! That should lead to some rather... amusing encounters if I ever see her in the forest XD Goodness I can only imagine how Nightmare would respond to being 'flirted' with XD The poor guys ancient and wouldn't know what to do LOL

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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OH, I'm pretty sure my boy

OH, I'm pretty sure my boy Risk cast her mask for her yesterday. Eye Such a pretty girl.~
She can come after my guys anytime. -shot-
Bahahaha. Trackings~ <3
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Oh brother, Herla thought to

Oh brother, Herla thought to herself. A real hard case. She tried to not let her irritation show and schooled her face back to a pleasant “pretty” expression.
“Goodness me, you were attacked by does? Why that must have been horrible. I know some of the does in the forest can be quite ferocious. But I’m sure you were able to handle them though, right? You are so big and strong,”
she said, ducking her head into her feathers letting out a dramatic shudder,
“With antlers like those, you are certainly frightening to me. Why, I have no way to defend myself at all.”

((She is going to get SO frustrated with Liam, she is not used to a stag who doesn’t think she’s the bee’s knees! LOL))

((Graveyard, if she thinks a stag has something to give her (protection/prestige) she’s on them like flies on…well you know))

((Xemi, was that you helping her find her mask? Thank you! Much appreciated!))

Bambi and Faline Smiling
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( Yessss it was ;A; I'M

( Yessss it was ;A; I'M SORRY, I didn't notice that rp going, I'll stick my petty little comments in brackets. Eye Btw.. LOL, no one tell her Liam's gay, she'll be so disappointed.~ )
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( HEHEHEHEHEHE! Oh man, well

( HEHEHEHEHEHE! Oh man, well one things for sure if she befriends Nightmare then he will be protective of her all in the same *nods* That's one good thing about Nighters, befriend him and you have a stag that's not afraid of getting hurt to protect you 8V )

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Liam continued to blush with

Liam continued to blush with shame and silently berate himself for admitting such an embarrassing fact. But, she did seem sympathetic, and that put him at ease a little. At her added comment, however, his eyes went wide and his blush deepened. "Oh, um...I...really?" he gulped. No one had ever called him "strong" before, or even "big" for he was not as stocky and tall as other stags. In fact, it's been a while since he heard a compliment at all, and so it was a bit of a shock to him. He then puffed out his chest, straightened himself out and held his head proudly with a grin. "'hem...yes, I handled myself very well! I do not let silly does get to me with their...um, jealously!" he boasted in good humor. He was being playful, if anything, and wasn't sure if she would take him seriously.

He grimaced, however, when she mentioned how much he frightened her and shrank in on herself. I...I frighten her? "Oh, no no...please, you have nothing to fear. I would never hurt anyone, especially a doe," he quickly explained, gingerly giving her a nuzzle. He was still baffled by her compliments, and he tilted his head with a soft frown. "Is someone hurting you? I...I can help, if that's the case..."

(Haha, I can imagine! XD Aww, I *love* that moment from Bambi; it's my favorite scene~ c: )

(@ Xemi ~ Lol, I fear for her reaction when she eventually finds out! XD)
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( Lol, yes. Btw... when Herla

( Lol, yes. Btw... when Herla signed off last night..
she left a little something behind. (8

/snort )

Oh goodness, I think I saw

Oh goodness, I think I saw this ^ last night. Same picto as Herla's, even, but... It was moving around and such, and I couldn't see it was doing. xD; I tried relogging, but my computer was being a jerk.

Anyway, I love how you've constructed this character, and I love the set used for her. <:

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When the golden stag nuzzled

When the golden stag nuzzled her and offered her his protection, she grinned in satisfaction and hid it behind her feather fan. Stags where all the same, show a little bit of weakness and then lavish them with some ego stroking and they always fell right into her hooves, so easy! “Oh, darling, you mean it? You’d stand up for little ‘ole me? The forest can be a scary place for a little doe like me, there are many who would try to take advantage of a doe off in the forest on her own.” She feigned another shudder of fear and mustered a fake sob, “You just couldn’t know.”

((Xemi and liviasyran I wonder if that’s when I was mysteriously logged on and off and came back stuck in the “listen” pose! Graveyard, I look forward to Herla meeting Nightmare in the forest!))

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The young stag held back

The young stag held back another gulp at Herla's words. Great, now because of my stupidity she thinks I'm as brave as the other stags in the Forest. But...I cannot just leave her to her devices, not when she's so scared. I must do something... Smiling nervously, he nodded and replied, "Yes... You are very nice, and it pains me to see you so scared. I...I will do my best to help." His heart wrenched as she began to sob, and he immediately moved closer and rested his chin on her shoulder, biting his lip hard. "I...I do know, actually. I know exactly how you feel," he said softly, and then sighed. He supposed there was no way he could always pretend to be strong and fearless; he wanted her to know that he could in fact relate to her pain and fears.
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She was most pleased to hear

She was most pleased to hear Liam offer his devotion and protection. Herla was her most happy when she had a stag eating from her proverbial hand. Better satisfied if there were several stags! And what fun it was when they fought over her. Hah! Her favorite. To Liam she only showed wide eyed adoration. “Oh, honey, you don’t know what it means to me, I’m just going to graze on this succulent patch of grass right here and it would make me feel so much safer if you would be close by watching,” she gave her fan a little fluff and walked away to graze. As she leaned over she peered behind her to see if Liam was looking at her well formed haunches. She knew they were lovely haunches and fully expected every stag to appreciate them.

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(Haha, poor Liam: he is so

(Haha, poor Liam: he is so easily manipulated! I do like where this is going, though, if he ends up fighting another stag to protect her. I think it would be an interesting challenge to his overall nature and personality. Ever since he fought for Nekumbra he's been feeling a little more confident in himself, so it would be interesting to see what an actual fight would do to him. c: Also, Herla is hilarious. "Dum de dum, playing innocent, la la la... *very obviously displays butt for all to see*" XD)

Comfortably oblivious as always, Liam completely failed to read the more subtle expressions on her face and the context of her words. Rather, he nodded his head vigorously at her request. "Oh, yes, I could do that for you. It is not a problem," he replied earnestly, and then puffed his chest out a little. He couldn't help but feel a little proud of himself for volunteering to help protect her. He felt as if he had a sense of purpose, and that he had earned her respect. Indeed, it made him feel good.

He didn't notice her peer back at him, however, for he was too busy getting into an alert pose and surveying for signs of intruders or threats. Yep, he could get used to this.

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( Crucio: "(8 *peers around

( Crucio: "(8 *peers around from behind a tree, snaps photos* HEHEHEHEHEHE. Giggity. *runs*" )
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((think we just encountered

((think we just encountered her. Morsch is... confused... to say the least. Well... its not hard to confuse him, though. xD *hidden track*))
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((Uruushou: This is

((Uruushou: This is hilarious, they both think they know what the other is all about, but both are so oblivious! Haha!))

Liam was not looking at her haunches. A perfect little frown marred her perfect little face. Silly, boy! Couldn’t he see how well formed they were. She knew they were, she’d been told many times how lovely they were. She turned around and snorted into some violets, at least he was standing guard. Out of the corner of her eye she could see him standing tall and keeping watch. Ah, good boy!

((morsch, yes Herla spotted your stag with Illrose, who she is afraid of. She isn’t much fond of does in general because of her jealousy issues but especially ones that could actually physically harm her. But she likes a challenge so she was trying to “steal” Morsch. She taunts and paws the ground when she wants a stag to pay attention to her.))

((Herla is pretty vain so she'd really ham it up if she knew Crucio was taking pictures of her!))

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(Lol! I know, right?!

(Lol! I know, right?! XD)

Liam continued to stand tall and proud, his ears swiveling everywhere as if he were trying to hear everything in the Forest. He spotted another stag wandering by a tree close to to Herla, and simply to amuse himself he snorted as if he were bringing up a challenge. He never would, of course, but he would occasionally catch himself daydreaming about being victorious in a fight against another stag. Yeah, that'll be the day... He blinked as his stomach growled; he didn't realize he was hungry until now. Gazing at the luscious grass that grew from the pond and that Herla currently feasted on, he suddenly felt a longing for such a treat. No...he had a job to do, and he was going to stick with it! He sighed and paced a little in the water, his neck aching a little from all of the strained scouting.
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( HAHA OHYES!~ If only he

( HAHA OHYES!~ If only he could hold a camera, this'd turn into one heck of a photoshoot Eye
Crucio: "WORK IT, BABY~ YEEAH.~ *shoved into traffic* )