Je suis l'Esclave

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Slave It's hidden and here, it's far and it's near, the hunting, the hungry, the rage and the fury, beauty in shadows, the danger we know pales in comparison to the monster below. Beast

Who Are We?


Daily Happenings


Woke up in the forest to a scorching sun and wandered about aimlessly for a while. Was elated when the darkness suddenly fell upon the forest and spent a few minutes just spazzing out in happiness and jumping all over the place. Found Rothrust and Convel and carefully approached, hoping to be recognised and accepted by them once more. Was thrilled to find the two as hospitable as ever and stuck with them until the long day yesterday and its exposure to the sun caught up with him and lulled him to sleep by the pond.


Woke up early due to the sound and smell of rutting deer. Wandered around in a state of some confusion for a while before settling in a flowerbed. Got approached by Rothrust and was so intrigued by him that he followed him and soon became part of his herd of does. Followed this herd around, even into the sunshine and got burned lightly but painfully for it. Watched a riveting fight between Rothrust, Convel who aided him and a competitor. Later congratulated Rothrust for winning the fight.

His Name is Esclave.

That is the only name he knows.
He was captured as a newborn by those who hunt his kind, taken from his home in Russia and brought to France, where he served as the family's private slave.
They never called him anything but "slave" so it became his name.
He never talks of how he was treated, avoid the subject with a shake of his head and a small, melancholic smile.

He is
Forever 19 (turned vampire in 1255)
A Gentleman
A servant
A creature who lives for the comfort of others
And a bloodthirsty monster

He eventually escaped the family simply by outliving them and ran to the most peaceful place he could find, beckoned there by a mysterious, white idol bathed in gentle light...
It is now nearly 760 years since he was captured and still he remains gentle and powerless...
Unless the blood moon rises...

The Gentle Death

He is a vampire. An unusually calm and gentle one, but a vampire none the less. He avoids sunlight that burns his skin and he feeds off of the blood of the living. But he never likes to do so. He will actively try to prevent feeding and will stay away from other living beings when the hunger overwhelms him...
For fear HE might come out...

His years of repression and slavery has shattered his psyche. He is a kind and gentle creature, but the other "he" is not.
Inside of him resides the monster from the fairy tales, the bloodthirsty beast that hunts relentlessly, drains its victims of blood and spreads its curse like a disease.

Whatever you do, do not call this beast a slave...

An Unusual beast.

He is not like other vampires. His docile nature grants him a different kinds of powers than others of his kin. He is not as strong as the others, but this suits him just fine. He never wanted to hurt anyone in the first place...

Instead of turning into a wolf and a bat, he turns into a mule deer and a hooded crow. His antlers as a stag are made of pure silver, the intolerance to which is merely a myth, designed for jewellers to sell more "protective talismans" during eras filled with vampire-paranoia.

While not as strong as other vampires, he is stronger than the average stag by nature. There is nothing supernatural about his strength, though, and there are many normal stags stronger than he.
Since he dislikes fighting, he has adopted a technique that causes as little harm to his opponent as possible. He will rarely lock antlers and would rather run away than partake in violent actions. He will, however, always protect the virtue and honer of a doe. His values are rather old fashioned that way, which at times leads to him underestimating females. He will not hesitate in apologising, though, and he is always willing to learn from his mistakes and be taught by his contemporaries.

RP guide

Scenarios which I am comfortable RP'ing Esclave into:

Injuries (nothing fatal)
Mental manipulation
NSFW-content (exclusively off-site; contact me privately)

Off-limit topics:



Salem: Curious of; extremely interested in. Sees as a long-lost link to his kin.

Eris: Respects her and sees her as Salem's. Won't approach unless granted permission by Salem.

Luòtuo: Acquaintance. Thinks he's cute.

Heika: New master, mindlessly loyal to. Never adored a living being more. Respects deeply.

Mr.Sanguine: Fears and respects; humiliated by.

Cypher: Very uncertain of, gradually getting more and more intimidated by.

Verve: Very fond of, though they have just met; eternally grateful to for making him his mask.

In Need of Interaction

Above and below

Slither and grow

Beware the beyond

And the monster below

One shade and a mask

Two roses of glass

Three stabs to the heart

We all fall apart

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Ya little ninja-stalker XD

Ya little ninja-stalker XD
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There's gonna be a track

There's gonna be a track here~
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D'aww, you! >w< *huggle*

D'aww, you! >w< *huggle*

-rubs self all over bio-

-rubs self all over bio-
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*updates enough so there's

*updates enough so there's actually something to rub on* Tharr TwT

Since no one has officially

Since no one has officially "claimed" the first page: *sticks up a 'Bluejay's Claimed This' flag* >w<
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-Eats page- I believe this is

-Eats page-
I believe this is a track.
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-set's up a tent- gonna be

-set's up a tent- gonna be here for a while ^^

Ooh. 8D Will be

Ooh. 8D
Will be stalkin'.
Very interesting~!
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@bluejay: Oh shnap, you

@bluejay: Oh shnap, you brought a flag... Oh, well, can't argue against a flag TwT

@Brokkensaint: *sings* AH BELIEVE IT'S A TRAAACK!~ XD
Many tanks XD

@Midnightrose: Do get comfy XD

@Ammy: Dey see you stalkin'
Dey hating...
Well, not really XD *huggle*
And thanks! >w<

Lol |DD! &hearts;! AND I

Lol |DD! ♥!

OH MY. ;U;!
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Aww, thanks! >w< I've had him

Aww, thanks! >w< I've had him floating around my head for a while, I couldn't help it XD;;
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Daawh. I love him already.

Daawh. I love him already.<3
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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Aww, thank you! >w<

Aww, thank you! >w<
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He and Salem can be

He and Salem can be vampire-buddies. eue <3
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They NEED to be >:C Poor

They NEED to be >:C
Poor little thing's never met anyone like him aside from his master, and that was only for a few minutes before he got captured, so he longs so badly for someone like himself TwT
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updated art section in the

updated art section in the hidden tab
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Awww, appreciated greatly

Awww, appreciated greatly none the less! >w< He looks adorable TwT
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Suuuuuup *stamps track* ;D

*stamps track*

* leaves a trail of popcorn*

* leaves a trail of popcorn* :l

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@Ginger: My bio is su bio!~ <

@Ginger: My bio is su bio!~ < w < XD *huggles*

@Leveled: Heeey, haven't seen you around in a while! >w< *makes more popcorn*

im secretly watching from the

im secretly watching from the shadows. yanno like a creeper c:

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No wonder I haven't seen you,

No wonder I haven't seen you, then XD

lol I've been back for about

Sticking out tongue lol I've been back for about a month ? maybe ish x3

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... Hi! I pay attention to

Hi! I pay attention to the community! : D''

XD fft its okay. :B vivs

XD fft its okay. :B vivs gonna have to meet her new vampire roomie sometime lD

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Hells to the yeah! : D He'd

Hells to the yeah! : D He'd probably be really gentlemanly towards her >w<

x3 aww. thats sweet c: she'd

x3 aww. thats sweet c: she'd probably give him a funny nickname and tease him about giving heika a vampire hickey.

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Oh Jesus, he'd be SO

Oh Jesus, he'd be SO embarrassed about that XD
And disgusted with himself... And ashamed... He's got huge issues with feeding TwT
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ffff... I'd love to have

ffff... I'd love to have Bartleboy meet him, now that I think about it >> Yap.
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I'm totally in on that! OwO

I'm totally in on that! OwO
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I thought I was tracking

I thought I was tracking this, but apparently not.
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Welp, you are now! >w<

Welp, you are now! >w<

He's so cute I'd love to rp

He's so cute I'd love to rp with him sometime.
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Oh, awesome, I'm always up

Oh, awesome, I'm always up for an RP! >w<

Same here would you like to

Same here would you like to start or shall I ?
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Would you? >w< Since I don't

Would you? >w< Since I don't know which character you're gonna use XD;;

I'm going to use Rosaline a

I'm going to use Rosaline a new character of mine that has the background of an old character of mine.(I'm using her in human form if thats all right)

Rosealine sighed as she walked on the bridge her dance bag felt as if it weighed 100 lbs but she knew it was just beacuse she was practicing all day.Spotting a bench she plopped her bag onto it and proceeded to take her hair out of her bun.The sun was setting in the sky and to her it was a beautiful sight, she always loved to watch the sun sets. At this point she thought she was alone so she was relaxed and carefree
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Awesomeeee~ Would you like to

Awesomeeee~ Would you like to here... if you feel cluttered with two rps going on I have my own interaction blob but whatever you want, anytime. Eeyup c':
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@faunet: Though she felt

@faunet: Though she felt alone, there was something watching her from the shadows. A pair of deep crimson eyes, peering out from the darkness of an abandoned building, hungry and curious as they watched her.
Though the sun was setting it was still too strong and the creature in the shadows hissed and drew back as the beautifully deadly rays hit his eyes. He just wanted someone to talk to... Blast this infernal sun.
He sighed in the shadows.
He was cursed by loneliness...

@Gingernut: It's good here >w< That only means I get more bumps XD

She sighed as the sun finally

She sighed as the sun finally disappeared into the horizon. Her icy blue eyes closed as she flipped her long brown hair over her shoulder.Most members of the company were out drinking right about now but Rose never joined them.

Most of them were out 'meeting others" for the night but she could never do such things. The park to her was her favorite places in the heat of the summer she could come here to rest in the shade and for times like know it brought her peace
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As the sun finally

As the sun finally disappeared, taking its horrible light with it, the creature in the shadow's heart beat just a little faster. He could come out now!
Hesitantly, he took a step.
Nothing bad happening so far...
And then another...
His shoes click-clacked softly against the pavement as he slowly approached his target...
She seemed so lonesome, sitting there, all by herself with not another living being in sight...
Still, he was nervous. He'd only ever introduced himself a handful of times in his life and all in the last few weeks...
A pink, little tongue flicked over pale lips nervously in an attempt to stop them being so god-damn dry!
He could do this... It was just a simple, little "hello"! He could manage that!...

She perked up as she heard

She perked up as she heard the sound of shoes on pavement. Her eyes showed her curiosity but also an uneasiness.She cocked her head to the side slightly.Noticing that for whatever reason this man seemed to be nervous.

Holding her ground she did not move and surprisingly her heartbeat remained even."Hello"she said politely