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Uses Forest Version 3.4
This Bio needs some updating. @_@
Like holy crap this is so out of date.

DISCORD: Zergarikiaka#5671

Forest Presence: Temporarily in Forest
Connection: Connected.
Mental: 100%
Physical: 95%
Mood: Content
Currently: Out with Laghodessa, crafting dandilion wine.
Recently: Took a walk, took a rest at the ruins. Thought about sitting by Laghodessa's old gravesite but felt it redundant when she lives again. Contemplating a hunt. Finally met one of his grandsons, Zag.

Previously: Starting a "Tik-Tock?" page with Laghodessa and the childrens and grandchildrens. Usually getting dragged in when not paying attention or getting asked if something is edible. IT'S EDIBLE. (*Eats plate.*)

Saying: "How tf long was that nap?"

Prior Events: .....? Existing? Probably? *Squints*

Status Notice: n/a

Thinking: Not sure how this stuff is going to taste, but it's worth a shot.

by RebeccaH

Earned Name: Darkweaver
Birth Name: Orion
Nicknames: Dark, Beast, Demon, Father, Grandfather, Senior Six Eyes, Mr. Crazy Train, Mista Weaver.

Titles: "The Cursed Demon", "The Gravekeeper"
Breed: (Demon) Irish Elk
Size: See here
Age: Ancient beyond reason.
Current Theme: Subject to Change
Combat Theme: Subject to Change
Font: Crimson text.

Set: Skull Mask, Fan Antlers, DotD Pelt
-Alternate Set #1: Fawn <- "Orion"
-Alternate Set #2: Skull Mask, DotD pelt, Zombie Antlers <- "The Cursed"

Scent: "That old deer smell"/ Rusted metal and decayed flesh / Somewhat earthy regardless of the metal chains, almost like freshly turned soil and torn vegetation. Almost a fresh scent once past the less pleasant smells of age.
Native Scent: Cedar and damp soil.
Voice: "I believe in my future-"

S.O.: Straight
Crush: None


- Archelius (First Born)
- Adrastos (Second born)
- Laoise (Third born)
- Loki (Fourth born)
- Arien (Fifth Born)
- Cearul (Sixth Born)
- Idaine (Seventh Born)


- Sawyer (Grandson)
- Tegan (Granddaughter)
- Chruthú (Granddaughter)
- Unborn TBN (Grandchilde)
- Unborn TBN (Grandchilde)
- Unborn TBN (Granddaughter)
- Zagreus (Grandson) (Unmet)
- Tartarus (Grandson) (Unmet)
- Dullahan (Grandson) (Unmet)
- Alys (Granddaughter) (unmet)
- Teras (Grandson) (Unmet)
- Rigel (Grandson)

- Cydae (Daughter by adoption)

Unofficial Adoptions:
- Amary (Like a daughter)
- Bastilion (Like a son)


- Aegle (Friend/Missing)
- Amary (Recently reborn friend)
- Archelius (Son)
- Apparanza (Good Friend/Missing?)
- Bastilion (Best Friend/Like a son)
- Burrow (Good Friend/Ally/Deceased)
- Baal (Friend/Ally)
- Chuthru (Grand daughter)
- Clavier (Aquaintance)
- Cloud (Acquaintance. Potential friend.)
- Cydae (Adoptive Daughter.)
- Darcy (Respected)
- Dmitri (Met briefly)
- Esll (Battled in a 3 on 1 moment. No opinion.)
- Edward (Neutral. No spite for.)
- Evangeline (Neutral. No real opinion on.)
- Herla (Aquaintance)
- Hex (Encountered; Fortune Teller)
- Hoshiko (Vague respect for.)
- Imp (Soul Theft Target.)
- Janjaweed (Aquaintance/Fellow cannibal)
- Kaoori (Disliked. Doesn't remember why.)
- Kari (Nemesis' spawn. Disliked.)
- Lantern (Aquaintance)
- Loki (Son. Protective of.)
- Melinoe (Aquaintance)
- Nightmare (Aquaintance/Good Terms)
- Noelle (Battled in a 3 on 1 fight moment. Instant dislike.)
- Osias (Nontraditional Client to.)
- Poltergist (Aquaintance)
- Quad (Good Friend/respects)
- Quadda (Battled as his way of grieving a loss)
- Queeze (Respects/Aquainted)
- Rowan (Improved Terms/Aquaintance.)
- Ryuu (Aquaintance. Skylar's brother.)
- Riza (Acquaintance. Skylar's mom.)
- Reira (Nemesis' spawn. Threat to.)
- Scarecrow (Friend/Ally)
- Seifer (Nemesis' spawn. Threat to.)
- Skylar (Loki's friend. Approves of.)
- Silent (Respected)
- Steele (Unsure of)
- Saosin (Aquaintance)
- Suki (Aided him in an encounter. Touched by.)
- Tally (Confused by)
- Talor (Mother of Loki. Missing.)
- Takeshi (Wesker's Son. Neutral to dislike.)
- The Fawn (Close Friend. Missing?)
- The Priest (Enemy turned Ally)
- Tamerlein (Good Friend. Missing?)
- Vesas (Quadda's mate. Battled but doesn't spite.)
- Vermillion (Ghost friend)
- Virgil (Great Friend/Deceased)
- Walter (Friend/Ally)
- Wesker (Apathy toward. Former nemesis.)


- Sadistic: Enjoys inflicting pain, and watching suffering of others. May also play with other's emotions and inflict fear when not inflicting actual pain.
- Patient: Will tolerate others. Excels in waiting games and stalking.
- Cunning: Much more well planned and devious than he lets on
- Manipulative: May influence other's behavior or ideas with a 'golden tongue'.
- Stubborn: Refuses to give an inch. Refuses to back down, give in, or admit defeat. Difficult mind to change.
- Persuasive: See Manipulative.
- Intelligent: Has solid understanding of concepts both obscure and blatant, though his intelligence is sometimes difficult to perceive due to his often predatory and violent nature.
- Loyal: Strangely doesn't betray friendships or alliances
- Evil: Often malicious and morally corrupt. Driven by anger and resentment, hate and grief.
- Respectful: Respects most does, and 'old' deer. Will bow respectfully before entering a spar or engaging in a fight with someone who deserves respect.
- Hostile: Aggressive when shown aggression. Will attack if shown hostility. Will not attack without cause.
- Fatherly: May become very protective of deer he meets as fawns and smaller deer with more child-like tendencies, and grows attached to. Also protective of the more shy deer, ghosts, or fawns who bare resemblance to him or his offspring, or seem somewhat outcast for being creepy in appearance. Highly protective and surprisingly caring for his offspring, and those that are like sons or daughters to him. Has a sort of NEED to be paternal to select others. Wants grandchildren, and in his ornery nature he may want those he sees as adopted children to have their own offspring. Voices this desire often in the form of jesting.
- Old: Will sometimes begin to ramble or talk as if in the past, and at other times he might decide to sit and remain seated for a while instead of being on his hooves. He carries the wisdom of an old stag, and is willing to share if the listener is willing to hear. May randomly fall asleep, or seem asleep but remain fully aware, or vice-versa. Tends to move slowly unless prompted into action, and rests frequently.
- Traditional: Has old school beliefs and ideals of how both stags and does should properly act.
- Ornery: As a side effect of his advanced age, he can be ill tempered and crotchety at random times depending on the mood he's in.
- Protective: Will place himself between a threat and those he cares about, and will make sure the threat is terminated when appropriate. Will step in between two allies to prevent a fight if he can. Would risk or sacrifice his own existence for immediate blood and adopted family.
- Predatory: A hunter, and natural murderer. May pursue other deer in hunt, and claim sleeping deer as easy meals. Also psychologically predatory toward any aggressor or enemy, and may play mind-games or instigate toward the other party's lesser interests.
- Vengeful: Prone to attack the same enemies repeatedly, if they are male. Enemy females will instead be treated with the more predatory wordplay and chronic harassment. Enemy fawns are eaten. Will also eat anything that is potentially used against him or friends in even the most minor ways.
- Family Orientated: Will put his family before himself, every time. Strongly cares for his offspring and mate. Woe to anyone who offends any of them.
- Tired: No longer holds grudges towards former enemies. Prefers not to engage with hostilities unless necessary.

Fighter's Chart

Attack: llllllllllllllllllll Defense: llllllllllllllllllll Stamina: llllllllllllllllllll

Speed: llllllllllllllllllll Dodge: llllllllllllllllllll Pain Tolerance: llllllllllllllllllll

Technique: llllllllllllllllllll Will: llllllllllllllllllll Experience: llllllllllllllllllll

Mental Conditions

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Physical Conditions

- Forelocks constantly bleed due to his shackles being too tight. Bleeding gets worse if he runs/hops/fights, but eases if he rests or walks as slowly as possible. When he does run, he moves amazingly fast, but he can't keep running long without getting woozy from blood loss, unless in combat, in which situation, the adrenaline keeps him amazingly resilient as an enemy.
- Tends to not react to his wounds until a few days after a fight, unless they're severe, in which case he'll be feeling it the next day.
- Predominant decay on his face and neck, and patches on his face completely lack skin. His skull mask is mostly fused to his face, and his own natural muscles from his face are visible on the exterior of the mask, along the back of the jaw. Removing his skull mask is possible, but causes open tears across his face that actively bleed out until some form of replacement is made. Masks may somewhat cauterize his skin while worn.
-Often slow to move, due to the constant blood loss in his fetlocks. Prone to infections if the lake is not regularly visited. Symptoms of arthritis come and go, as though the health condition is in battle with his regenerative abilities.

Physical Notations

- Limited in speech capabilities.
- Left antler was broken off in a fight with devout pelted stags, and never regrew. His right antler will still drop off and regrow after each spring. Due to his massive age, the number of tines no longer change with years. When first regrown, he has 24 tines on his single antler, which rapidly reduces in number over the course of the year due to some fragility and as a result of combat or tree abuse.
- Prominent decay around the face and neck, though the rest of his body rapidly regenerates after obtaining damage.
- The fastest part of his body to recover if damaged is oddly, his stomach/underside. If torn at the start of a battle, it might actually be healed by the end.
- Flesh that is ripped apart in combat is rapid in replacing itself. It's especially sped up when cooled and soaked in the water. Flesh that simply rots with his age does however not regenerate unless removed from his body through combat, which brings back healthy tissue.
- Omnivorous; In the greatest sense of the word. Will eat ANYTHING if he has reason to, and some things for the hell of it. As far as palette goes, he prefers meat though he'll sink his teeth into anything.
- Has an extremely hyper metabolism. Will often need to consume meat to maintain health, though he will also eat vegetation. Appears underweight due to metabolism, and his ribs can be made out under his pelt when he doesn't eat enough meat.

Image by Scythe and Kaoori. <3 Thank you.

Gifts within the curse

Bares the ability to kill ghosts; Literally forcing to move on to heaven or hell. Rarely uses this ability. Also bares the ability to see or rip souls out of bodies. Body is fast to regenerate after bloody combat, and hastened further by the chill of water. Like the teeth of a shark or alligator, his massive teeth grow back rapidly if any are lost for any particular reason, with rows of new teeth waiting to grow out from below the exposed set. Extended lifespan, forged from a lifetime under the Twin God's Curse and the stubborn will to not die of age. Ancient wisdom has been birthed time passed and from the will to survive.

Mark of Osias

With the deal with Osias completed, the mark took it's final stage. Slowly, Darkweaver's age seems be be reversing. However, whenever he travels his body seems to dissolve into a shadow-like state. Only the crimsons of his eyes remain the same until he stops running or fast walking, at which point his normal appearance is resumed. A new ability has also formed due to Osias' mark, leaving the old demon with the ability to expel his consciousness, will and mind into a shadow-like entity separate from himself while in deep sleep. This shadow may travel and interact as though it were him, albeit from a 2-D plane.

Odd Visions

- He has the ability to see ghosts, very clearly, even if others aren't seeing them.
- He also bares the ability to cause damage to ghosts, if he feels compelled to attack them. Reportedly, he can draw very real blood out of them when he attacks them. He CAN kill ghosts in such a way that they'll have to move on from the physical world.
- Supernatural vision. Each eye sees in a different spectrum; each set of his eyes function differently from the next, and each can function separately from the rest (so he can actually be looking in multiple directions at once). The back-most set work like normal deer eyes mixed with a full scope of color. The middle-right sees in a 'night vision' state, while the middle-left sees in an 'infrared vision' state. The front-right sees auras mixed with 'normality', and the front-left sees spirits/ghosts along with 'normality'.
- Shadow trekking. See Mark of Osias.


Due to decay and damage to his throat and vocal chords, Darkweaver has a rather high, scratchy rasp of a voice under normal circumstances, and periodically it will become more of a high pitched screech, usually when under stress or in anger, or merely calling out across a distance. His speech itself is often posed in formal fragmentation. In other words, he speaks formally and has a slight air of intelligence, but due to his vocal damage, his statements often crack and trail off, and pick up after short pauses. He often will litter his statements with the term "Hnn". This indicates either thought, or an attempt to clear his throat enough to speak longer. Especially used when trying to figure something out or find the right words in a conversation with others. He may speak in Gaelic when in a good mood. With extended speech his voice gets increasingly fragmented and periodically gives way to bouts of coughing or wheezing. It seems possible he may lose his voice soon.

In forest mooing sounds more like a sharp screech.
See link toward the top for roar and voice reference.

Likes and Dislikes

+(NOT eating)Does
+The Ruins
+Spellspamming others
+Slow walks in the birch forest
+The ruins
+The Lake (when mostly alone)
+Resting with a companion
+Learning of Religions
+Older Traditions
+The view from the high ledge on the ruin's broken wall.

-Loosing his set
-Being SEEN without his set
-His face being exposed
-The Devout Pelt
-Involuntary Spellspam on him
-Wearing the Devout Pelt
-Large Groups
-Being Nuzzled by random deer
-Being chased by random deer
-Being stalked
-Fighting Does
-Too much attention
-Being 'threatened'
-Submitting to others
-Aggressive does
-Loud fawns
-Overly cocky stags
-Real-deer Antlers


Darkweaver may on occasion be seen tending all the graves at the ruins; digging up weeds (using the scratch emote near a weed), removing dead flowers and replacing them with fresh ones, communicating with the spirits at the graves and carrying out requests to bring peace to the lingering souls, digging new graves for those who die and performing burials, taking care of the poppies that grow around the ruins, playing with ghost fawns, and other such tasks. He takes particular care with Laghodessa's grave, though he gives extra attention to the graves of spirits he has spent more time with. He pays special attention to all graves especially during the fall.


- He believes the twin god statues are modeled after the opposite of any holy figure. In fact, he strongly believes that the statues are made in the likeliness of demons, and he thinks those who worship them are fools, hence why he attacks them. He also thinks fawns are delicious, but adults are a more worthy challenge when it comes to hunting. He has become more tolerant of the Twin Gods over time, though he may be triggered into a PTSD flashback state or PTSD rage if unexpectedly hit with the devout pelt.

- He also believes that old deer should not be hassled by younger deer and fawns. He may be sighted getting between an aggressive young stag and an elder. Naturally, he doesn't mind ripping younger deer apart for 'disrespect'. He also has a certain respect for other deer who are seen as old.


- May just wander in the birch forest or around the ruins if he doesn't want to encounter others.
- Will not usually attack other player's deer unless I know the person is aware of the character's nature, so there will be no offence or drama created.
- Usually won't outright attack others, but if any deliberate aggression is shown toward him... he WILL maim.
-He has an obsession with trying to break off the antlers of anyone who tries to fight him. He tries particularly hard to break off real-deer antlers, possibly because most who fight him have those same antlers, and those happen to be a difficult antler type to fight against due to the quantity of tines from multiple directions. He may try to break off enemy antlers as part of a complex stemming from his own missing antler, which demands leveling the playing field in a fight.

Artistic Appearance

Darkweaver has the aesthetics of an eye sore, and the more deeply you look at him, the more grotesque he appears. He is a very particularly tall stag, with muscular limbs and an under nourished looking body. He wears a heavily damaged skull over his face, with several sections of skull chipped clean off, especially on the sides and around his eyes. Threw the ripped off sections of skull, six glowing crimson eyes can be seen, as well as four slit nostrils. The tip of his skull mask has a two-pointed fawn antler sticking out of a hole above his nose, kept as a reminder of a promise to his family in younger days. To most, this horn is presumed to be a souvenir. The skull's mouth is lined with demonic looking teeth, smallest toward the back, and largest in front. The front are constantly smeared with blood. The corners of the mouth are partially held together by a few tethered ligaments and strings of rotted muscle and flesh, which also function to occasionally make limited expressions. His throat looks very decayed, and hanging out of the masks underside are about six distinct tendrils, composed of what logically might have once been flesh from his neck. His left antler is snapped off close to the base, but the right is intact and stained with old blood. The rest of his body is covered with a thick coat of long fur, but its patterning is more of a simplified DotD pelt, only having skeletal markings and none of the blue or green markings. His fur is particularly thick around the neck, to a point of distorting the skeletal markings illustrating neck bones, and almost resembles the mane of a lion. His forelegs have heavy shackles around them, with long linked chains still attached. They seem too tight for him, and cut into his legs, leaving a slow blood flow constantly spilling out. Finally, his tail is much longer than average, and can be compared to a furry snake. He has a large red mark on his torso. The shape of the mark is like an upside down triangle, with two black spaces cutting the mark into three parts. Six more red marks align the sides of the large mark, resembling downward facing tines.

The skull Darkweaver chose to take as his mask is that of a Triceratops. Over the years it had become heavily damaged and now only vaguely resembles the creature it had once been part of. The shield-like crest of the skull had been long gone by the time it was adorned, and the sides had crumbled to give Dark a full range of vision for all six eyes. The skull is toothless, though this is no issue as Dark's own teeth more than make up for it.

Actions to keep in mind

If you see the following behaviors, it might be best to run, or prepare to fight -

Stand + Head tilt (in response to either being taunted or antlered at while sitting or sleeping) = Neck Crack
Antler + head tilt = "Wanna have a bad time?"
Antler + Taunt + Rearing = FIGHT.


Taunt + Nod + Taunt = Spar Request. Friendly.
Amazed + Nod + Head tilt = Confirming spar request if the other deer nods.
Antler + hear tilt + nod = final confirmation, in case he has been misread.

Will bow before sparring. Will not bow before fighting.

In Combat

-If he nuzzles you in a spar, it's just to show anyone nearby that it's just a friendly spar and not an attempt to kill. If others aren't around and trying to stop a spar, it is equal to a slap on the back and saying 'nice job'.
-Nuzzling in actual fights is him trying to confuse his opponent, or use his broken antler to back-stab.
-Only runs circles around the opponent if he's actually fighting. The exception is if his sparring partner has previously battled him and sticks with the patterns of real combat, but he does tone it down for spars.

Attack combinations - (serious fights only)

Bow + Rear = He might use this if a fight is pushed on long enough to cause a sharp drop in sanity or energy. He'll throw his fore hooves ahead of himself to use his chains like whips. With enough force, this can be severely damaging to the opponent.
Rear, then antler = Headbutt. If too close to the opponent it can also be seen as him biting from above. Alternately can be seen as trying to break off the opponents antlers.
Antler, then rear = Uppercut with brow tines and fawn antler.
Laugh + rear = Insane laugh (only seen, again, if he lets his psychotic side out)
Laugh + rear + antler = Sadistic laugh, leading into another strike. (also only seen when psychotic)
Taunt + antler = antler jab
Roaring = More of an in-battle version of a battle cry. Should be interpreted as a hiss.
Antler + roar = Snapping his teeth into/at the opponent/biting.
Standing halfway across his opponent's right side + taunt = Using his broken antler like a dagger to the back.
Running around the opponent = Circling, or chasing. He may be seeking out a better attack angle. NEVER runs from a fight. The only possible exception is against unreasonable numbers while outside of blood-lust.

extra combat

- If he manages to slip behind his opponent, and uses antler + bow, he's probably biting into your flank/back/leg.
- DOES bite while fighting, frequently. His teeth are considered his secondary weapon, though his bite is stronger than his antler-usage.
- If he simply bows in the middle of a fight and sits down, it just means the human playing him has to go. This doesn't mean he's giving up or declaring loss, unless the sad emote is used with a nod.
- The harder an opponent fights, the harder he fights. If a fight gets particularly intense, he'll become psychotic and start laughing between more savage blows.
- He goes into a 'seeing red' state usually at the start of fights. This doesn't go away until a fight is over. From 'seeing red', he can go to a state of madness which causes him to see a mix of black and red.


Bow + Antler (over a sleeping/sitting deer) = Eating Deer
Bow + Taunt (in blueberry patches) = Eating blueberries
Bow + Taunt (in poppy patches) = Collecting poppies. Will later bow at a grave to drop the poppies off.
Sad + No = *sigh*/*wounded*/*doesn't want to fight*
Sad + Yes = Sorry. (Rarely used. Will be used toward does if he thinks he accidentally upset or hurt one, in crossfire of fighting or otherwise)
Cower + Sad = An expression of pain.
Cower (alone) = Never means fear with him. Muscle fatigue, exhausted shuddering - only seen used after hard fights if he doesn't go insane. Will often sit down afterward.

Inventory: About 20 packets of mystery seeds.

Darkweaver encounters the Forests Priest and the Ghost Fawn.
Darkweaver battles the Priest in the ruins.
The days of fog; Alliance with Baal, Burrow, and Walter.
Encounter with the Priest, again.
Father's Day, and battling Darcy.
The Priest Returns - Features Aegle, Bastilion, Darcy, Rowan, Priest, Virgil, Cloud, Baal, and more.
Darkweaver battles a mystery stag with the help of Scarecrow.
Making a deal with the twin statues.
Fighting his usual nature, protecting Lagho's grave.
Darkweaver fights Silent
Dealing with his first loss against Wesker
Dark murders Wesker, and the days that followed.
---Missing a few.
Dark reflects on odd magic and recent events.

By Ocean:
The Priest encounters and battles Darkweaver
The Priest and Dark meet for the first time after their battle.
The Priest and Darkweaver battle again, and are joined by Bastilion and Aegle, and others.
The Fawn meets Dark.
The Fawn is persued, and mentioning of Dark.
The Fawn is accompanied by Darkweaver, Anko, and Amary

By Bastilion/Pega:

By Shimmyshimmy:

By Scythe:
Darkweaver kills Wesker in combat.

By Snail:

By Kaoori:

By Nuevapaz:

By Quad:

Other Writings, by self:
A story of good VS evil, first chapter.
Second Chapter

Forging a Deal

Music Videos:

By SnowSauria
By Ooky
By Greyhorn
By Matthieu's Deer
By SnowSauria
By Pegasicorn
By Kaoori
By Crowesie
By Narina

Own Art:
+Many pictures scattered on this bio.

Non-TEF Arts:
Pre-TEF design (Dragon-Diety)
Invader Zim Design
Invader Zim Design + Laghodessa
Deity Design

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Minion: -is glued to-

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Adopted from Valenth

You said you 'pull out the

You said you 'pull out the lights from the game engine' how exactly do you do that? I'd love to get some funky screen shots of my character Hook's nightmare realm, and I think that would work perfect!

Darkweaver sounds very awesome, and a great design!


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I go to the game's engine

I go to the game's engine files, then to "3D draw routines", and drag the Lights.cgr file out of the folder. |D
This causes some nifty effects on some pelts too. Sleeping fawns become pure black, trees become black, and there's a red light in place of shadows on awake deer in some cases. XD And masks, and eyes, become solid black. Kind of awesome really. =P

And thanks!

Sweet! Thanks for sharing,

Sweet! Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure to try it out!


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=P Anytime.

=P Anytime.

Dude, he seems like a deer

Dude, he seems like a deer Sol would actually want to approach. x_o And that doesn't happen often.
Solstice: ".....Depends.."
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Wow. XD Well, after reading

Wow. XD Well, after reading Sol's bio, I gotta say Darkweaver wouldn't mind meeting her. o.o

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...The Priest and Darkweaver

...The Priest and Darkweaver are pretty much diametrically opposed. You were right, it's going to be interesting when they finally meet. o.o
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I wonder what'd happen if

I wonder what'd happen if Ren saw him...probably nothing unless he annoyed him |D

D: I never see you inforest anymore...Cirrus misses her spy buddy...

DraakxMitra C:
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Now that I think more, maybe

Now that I think more, maybe it was Him who attacked me and the fawn. It could have been that he thought Fei was a stag becuase she wears stagish antlers. Is it possible it was him?

Some day I'll die and run up to satin and yell, "I'M YOUR PROBLEM NOW!"
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Not sure. o.o If it was two

Not sure. o.o If it was two days ago then it's entirely possable, but I think the day Fei and that fawn were attacked, the only one he faught with/attacked was priest. But you can still blame him. XD
It's true that sometimes I'm not sure if some characters are stag or doe in forest. o.O

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woah. freaky character. I

woah. freaky character. I knwo I met him last night, he was laying beside Baal. I accidentally lowered my horns at Baal when he was sleeping and he was liek "whu?" hehe XD

I'm a little wolf inside a girl.

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X3 Thank you. Freaky was

X3 Thank you. Freaky was what I was going for.
8P I think you've run into him a couple of times actually. XD

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Now if I can only find a

Now if I can only find a MTG version of my Iugulare...

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I am in total love with

I am in total love with Darkweaver. He's just so cool. Ranza likes finding him when she notices his presence in the Forest xDD She's the doe with the gray pelt, real deer mask, and antelope antlers - she grew up recently and used to hang around him sometimes when she was a fawn too xD

However, I think that Plague may get along with him better. Apparanza is more cheerful and I'm not sure if Darkweaver likes that xD When Plague grows up and I take her in-Forest, I think she should meet him. If he likes sparring, which I've read in his bio that he does, then I think he may tolerate her presence x3

Oh, and he is so getting fanart from me.

By Leuvr

|DDD My deer Scarecrow wants

My deer Scarecrow wants to meet Darkweaver after reading his bio.

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@Apparanza: Ah, so that's

@Apparanza: Ah, so that's who the gray doe was. 8D Good to know. I thought the picto was pretty familiar, but the last few times I've seen her after having grown I couldn't make the connection that she was one of the fawns that hung around Dark. XD And I'll also keep an eye out for Plague.

@Rebecca: Then they shall meet! XD *just went and checked out scarecrow's bio.*

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All righty, I have a few

All righty, I have a few questions before I draw Darkweaver:
- When you say that his pelt has the typical patterning of the DotD, do you mean just the skeletal markings or both the skeleton AND the colorful stuffs?
- Also, when you say that he has a two-pointed fawn antler on the tip of his skull mask, do you mean at the nose tip or forehead tip?
- And for his shackles: you describe that he sometimes uses the chains as whips during battle, so does that mean the chains are separated or are they linked together as shown in the picture at the top of his bio?

I want to make sure I draw everything as perfect as I can x3



By Leuvr
Zergarikiaka's picture

ok. ^^ 1.) I usually just

ok. ^^

1.) I usually just draw the base skeleton part and leave out the colorful stuff. X3
2.) The fawn antler would be at the tip of the nose. XD I guess you could see it like a rhino horn, position-wise.
3.) They're linked, like in the picture. ^^

*glomp* XD

Amary is a "great friend"?

Amary is a "great friend"? Laughing out loud

Oh, I guess Melinoe shouldn't sit on that one grave anymore, now that I know it's Laghodessa's. X3

deer: Amary, Melinoe, Oisín
Acurna's picture

*stalks* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



I play Mortuusago X3 And for now, that seems to be it.....
Kaoori's picture

Kaoori seriously doesn't

Kaoori seriously doesn't know what to do with herself. She considers both the deceased Wesker and Dark as friends.. and one killed the other. She attacked him in a fit of anger when she first found Wesker's body, but now.. she wouldn't hurt Dark, she just has no idea what the hell to do. xD;; she knows he had his reasons but I guess she just... doesn't get it.

I'm a little wolf inside a girl.

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|D Aww.... poor thing.

|D Aww.... poor thing. *cuddles Kaoori-deer*
Wow, sounds like how Dark was when Amary and Priest had a fight. o.o Nooooot a comfortable position. |D *gives cookie*

It was Aegle, not Amary.

It was Aegle, not Amary. x.x

deer: Amary, Melinoe, Oisín, Maera, Andras
Zergarikiaka's picture

|'''''D Right. Sorry, wrong

|'''''D Right. Sorry, wrong name. X'D *ment Aegle.*
lol whyyyy must they both have names that start with A. XD

XD It's fine. X3 ~Paz deer:

XD It's fine. X3

deer: Amary, Melinoe, Oisín, Maera, Andras
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*looks at relations section*

*looks at relations section* I think that Dark may still very well have a nemesis on his hands. ^^; I don't know what Wesker is planning, but the likelihood of it being a truce is slim. XD;
Zergarikiaka's picture

XD very likely. I think once

XD very likely. I think once he gets over the shock that Wes is alive I'll take down that question mark. XD
Course calling Wesker Dark's personal Pyrimid Head works too. XD

Scythe's picture

Haha, I never thought about

Haha, I never thought about it that way, but Wesker is a sort of personal Pyramid Head to Dark, isn't he? Oh, ya just gotta love character dynamics. XD
Zergarikiaka's picture

X'D YES. I think this

I think this dynamic works both ways, too. XD

Scythe's picture

It most certainly does. In

It most certainly does. In the words of The Dark Knight's Joker, they may even be destined to do this forever. XD
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heya I'm gonna add

heya Smiling
I'm gonna add Darkweaver to Verm's friends, i think they might see alot around the ruins.

++ Vermillion 'Ghost' Bio ++
** Reegani Bio **
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I'm going to try to draw

I'm going to try to draw Laghodessa and Dark.. the two of them are such awesome characters.
I can't guarantee they'll come out great though. ;_;

I'm a little wolf inside a girl.

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Aera's picture

Oh wow! He's even cooler now

Oh wow! He's even cooler now that I've read his bio XDDD
Zergarikiaka's picture

8D XD He's just so lovable

He's just so lovable and creepy. *glomps*

Aera's picture

I know! It's impossible not

I know! It's impossible not to love him 8DDD
-huggleshim- <3333

Kaoori's picture

Thank you, Darkweaver, for

Thank you, Darkweaver, for your advice for my injuries.. I'll try them.. although I can't say I'm sorry for what I did to get them.
She bows, wincing, before limping off.

(rofl she won't keep still and Wesker's been like FFF WILL YOU JUST SIT DOWN)
I'm a little wolf inside a girl.

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So what happens when Aves and

So what happens when Aves and Daiki show up?
I want to know these things. ;_;
Also.. I hope you're not upset with me. <3
Zergarikiaka's picture

Well, each of his sides are

Well, each of his sides are completely unique to the rest. And lol I'm not upset with yua.

Aves = Unemotional, logical, and very aloof. This personality prefers to stay to himself, though he'll join groups of deer periodically. He's completely harmless, unless provolked, in which case he'll bombard his aggressor with logic rather than attacking. This side CAN be tempted to be silly, though it takes effort. Usually he'll just sit in trees or airsit and watch others. Basically Aves is like a bird with his wings tied.

Triggered by lonliness, stress, or emotion-dumpage + good health and good mental.

Daiki = Polite, gentlemanly, fun loving, and hyper. VERY much a party animal. Also not aggressive. Prefers massive crowds. Not very logical, and will willingly goof off with those Darkweaver wouldn't. Sometimes Daiki changes relationships from bad to good (Ex. Dark and Bast became companions after Daiki appeared when Bast was a fawn.)

Triggered by excessively good mood + perfect health.

Orion = Sad, scared, submissive. Appears as the fawn he had been before becoming cursed, though also as how he had been after watching his parents rip eachother up. Will basically cling to one or two deer and try to avoid others. Frightened by dotd or zombie pelt/mask, as well as realdeer antlers. May cling to those with zombie antlers though. This is his only side that doesn't have chains on his legs. He can warm up to others, and when away from large groups he'll play and behave like a regular fawn. In a nutshell, he's like a traumatised child.

Triggered by guilt, sadness, paranoia, or confusion. May also appear when under too much stress.

Spill = Violent, insane, unpredicatable, murderous. Fights break out, or deer get scared. Will run madly threw the forest, laugh in deers faces, try to eat other deer, try to kill anything that moves, knock down trees, ect. Darkweaver will not remember anything that he does as Spill. (in fact, I'm starting to think I should consider spill as a seperate entitiy, and like a posessive spirit. I cold do something awesome with that.) He may also stand around an area where other deer are fighting, and ramble off insane or maddening rants and raves with little to no point, and laugh at the bloodspill, or join it (hence his name). He doesn't react to his wounds, and fights like a berserk drug addict. He leaves Darkweaver to suffer his wounds later. Spill is the only side that is aware of the other sides, though Dark sees them seperate from himself (but thinks they're just irritating ghosts or stalkers.)

Triggered by combat, bloodshed, aggression, repressed anger, hallucinations, tension, confusion, or being injured. Health has to be either perfect or dangerously low (severely injured) along with mental health being less than 30% before Spill appears.
Kaoori's picture

Okay. I knew Spill and

Okay. I knew Spill and Orion.. but I saw Aves the other day and never saw Daiki.
He really is an awesome character. ^^
Zergarikiaka's picture

Daiki was in forest today

Daiki was in forest today believe it or not. XD (and actually that's Aves and Daiki in the picture above the 'personality' category on this bio. XD)

I was actually recording in forest while I had Aves in. |D For the 'Anatomy of your enemy' GMV I have planned... I kind of see Aves as the one listing the 'steps', and later I'll be recording in forest as Dark, Daiki, Orion, and Spill.
Kaoori's picture

Spill freaks me out like

Spill freaks me out like woah. xD; it's the mask. That mask.. does something to me. I can't even see it on another deer. Osias has it too and I'm always like fffk ;_;
Zergarikiaka's picture

XD I can't even draw spill

XD I can't even draw spill because of that mask. I intended for his face to look lke a cross between the skull mask and dotd mask, but that's SO much harder to draw than describe. |'D
Kaoori's picture

I'm still going to attempt to

I'm still going to attempt to draw dark for you. xD It just.. may not be that great. xD
Zergarikiaka's picture

XD It doesn't have to be.

XD It doesn't have to be. (actually, the more ugly yua make him the more accurate it is. |D He's supposed to be a cataract inducing eye sore. *kicked then bitten*)
But I'd love to see your interperitation of him. 83
Aera's picture

Darkweaver... it will be

Darkweaver... it will be sooner than we both originally thought...
Zergarikiaka's picture

"Sooner...? Ah, it's not

"Sooner...? Ah, it's not giving you trouble is it?" he asks with a curious concern, then offering a loving nuzzle.
Aera's picture

Talor and I haven't seen you

Talor and I haven't seen you since forever ago!
She was glad she got to see him again, but I had to go to bed, that's why I left so early -.-
Kaoori's picture

and then you both left. >:| I

and then you both left. >:| I was gonna have Kaoori come spy, I'm lonely..the forest's quiet! xD
Aera's picture

Sorry Kaoori XD My bed is

Sorry Kaoori XD My bed is taunting me with it's warmness -isfrozenbecausehouseissocold- T'is only 3 degrees here! 8D Hopefully there won't be school tomorrow if it snows!

"No, nothing is wrong, Dark. Time is just passing faster than I expected." she nuzzles him gently, then rests her head on his back. "I can't wait." she whispers with a smile.