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TEF fight club

Basically a mini event that can be hosted by anyone

Who is welcome? Everyone, either to fight, watch or act as the judge.
Where does the event take place? Anywhere at a mushroom circle.
Discord group: https://discord.gg/jGv767E
THIS Saturday at 7pm UTC +1 !!(:Exclaim


Rule Variant 1

The combat is held within the mushroom circle
All spectators are gathered outside the mushroom circle
Spectators should be quiet but are welcome to dance and cheer

Single round combat
1) The round begins with two competitors gathering in the middle
2) The third deer that enters will act as a judge, he remains in the circle as well but can exit it at will to better observe the combat
3) The competitors must agree to the judge!
4) After all three are present, the judge starts the combat by mooing.
5) The judge stops the round by mooing and going towards the victor.
6) The next round can begin with a new trio or duo if the same judge remains.

Victory is decided on
The cleanliness of hits and elaborate display
The location of hits and how often clipping occurs
Basically which deer appears more skilled and entertaining to watch
Spectators can overrule a judge by flocking their preffered victor

Leaving or touching the mushroom circle is an automatic victory for the oponent.

10-11.02.2018 = a great start

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I'll be tracking this...thank

I'll be tracking this...thank you~

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by Sokoora <3
KamayaTEF@outlook.com | skymails888 | Anaïs#6888
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looks fun!

looks fun!

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There we go 8 ) Ya'll an

There we go 8 )

Ya'll an awesome bunch, thank you for today!

Senka is on clean up duty

Senka is on clean up duty because she's last
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This looks awesomeeee!

This looks awesomeeee!
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By Draak
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Discord invite is expired ;;

Discord invite is expired ;;
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Funny. the link was set to

Funny. the link was set to not expire...Well i replaced it just in case! Should work now.
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New event! Last reminder for

New event! Last reminder for today. The event will go live today.
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Up <3 New event hosted by wildflower.
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Fight club tonight? Same

Fight club tonight?
Same place, same time :eyes:
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Lemme just track this right

Lemme just track this right here
Sage ain't much much of a physical fighter, but she can definitely keep people entertained in between fights with magic tricks
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yessss +v + I would say Sabel

yessss +v + I would say Sabel doesn't fight much and would spectate, but she's gotten into plenty of scrapes in her time here. This looks like fun!
Sabel, Sam

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