Feral fawns, Roe deer. Seeking fawnletts (ty, gb)

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Considering there is a desire for more feral characters, decided it might be interesting to bring some more feral fawns into the world, but with a somewhat more genuine real deer experience. Except sped up ;'/

Some notes to consider:
-Feral or semi-feral with a more feral leaning tendancy.
-Two fawns as it is normal and realistic for Roe deer
-In the first weeks of their life Cannibriel will only visit the children to nurse and clean them like deer do, so don't feel bad if you'll be spending early life huddled alone.
-When they are older they can wander together an join loosely knit herds
-Interaction will be based solely on in game actions.

-There will be a 'teenage' period to grow through, aka yearlings, where if the fawn is male, his antlers resemble more like a singular twig-tine, which progressively grows bigger as a deer ages (SHAME I don't have true realistic feral red deer considering I have resources which show off how red deer antlers grow and age from yearling to adult to elder)

Some warnings:
There is also some warnings in place, please don't apply if you plan to not have a feral character from birth to death. If they start to become city-goers or indulge in non feral, non semi-feral activities i'll be just mighty disapoint, there's plenty other famlies that support that kind of behaviour, so please leave this to those that want a genuine feral family.

Anyway, the juicy part is:
This is the mother:

This is the father:
... There is no in game father but I'd like to consider this as a good image reference for him. Note that Between cannibriel's species and real world roe deer, Torielan roes have a full black lip and their whole bum is white and heart shaped.

The birth is expected to be sometime 2 weeks after both fawns have been decided upon, or earlier depending on how quickly it all goes through, very fast I know, it can be even faster bwahahaha.

Please post on this thread if you show interest, I will contact you on discord if you share a discord; this is the first filter, since it'll help me avoid any player incompatabilities while picking <3 But if there is some desire to get rid of old grievances by playing together I'm happy to indulge in that as well
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Ugh, I love this idea so so

Ugh, I love this idea so so much. I just don't feel like an active enough player to participate. My work hours are kinda stupid at times...
Track anyway for curiosity, I guess? x_x
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I find genuine interest more

I find genuine interest more valuable than than simply just having them in game.
, considering it's almost a given I won't be on all time time either Eye just enough so it matters!
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hello !!! i'm running low on

hello !!!
i'm running low on muse for my current characters but super interested in something like this! feral characters are to die for and i hope to see your doe around even if i don't grab a spot.

my discord is Ajax#5478! on weekdays i generally get on around 4:00EST and log off at ~9:00EST. i'm active pretty much at all times on weekends.
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I shall give you a boop!

I shall give you a boop!
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I am still looking but i'll

I am still looking but i'll be closing down within two weeks!
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i really like the concept of

i really like the concept of completely feral characters and i'm also
a big fan of in-game interaction, so i would be glad to participate as a part of cannibriel's family.

but still, i'm not interested in making complicated biographies,
so i don't know, is it acceptable in this case?

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Any biographies if at all,

Any biographies if at all, and how players choose to present their characters are pretty much up to them ^^
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got it. added you on discord.

got it.
added you on discord.