Brothers in Arms (Rock Hound Story)

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For the Rock Hount event

The doe was running for her life. She had no idea where these creatures came from, but she had already witnessed another doe lose her life, the trio of wolf skeletons had surrounded and hunted the female down before they spotted this one. She wasn't looking back, she was just running and huffing and screaming for help.

It wasn't long before something slammed into her and caused her to topple over and roll onto her back. The yellow-eyed Rock Hound had quickly overtaken her while it's brothers, a green and a blue, were quickly gaining the ground they needed to help. Just as the yellow-eyed monster leaned in to clench the doe's throat in its jaws, something hit it with enough force to send the bones flying.

"Run!", he instructed her, while staring down the remaining two. The doe scrambled to her hooves and bolted. The green-eyed rock hound was going to chase her down, but stopped when it was apparently clear that this was an even match now, two on two. Blixt stared down the blue-eyed wolf while his brother, Trunks, had come and stood by his side, looking at the green-eyed one.

"Ready to take these guys out, Trunks?", Blixt asked, in all seriousness. The ghost deer next to him nodded gently, "I haven't fought in a long time, but I will do anything to protect our forest and our little ones from monsters like these."

The yellow-eyed one was already fizzing, unable to recover from Blixt's charge. As the green stag rushed the blue-eyed hound, his antlers slammed into the wolf, but to his surprise it held together, the two pushing back and forth trying to overcome each other. The green-eyed wolf began to run over to hurt Blixt while he was defenseless, but suddenly it was floating in the air. The wolf glared down, now realizing Trunks had scooped it up in his antlers, and with a toss, the infected bones went flying off and into a tree. Shattering and clanking to the ground, Trunks looked back in time to see his brother gain the advantage and with a good, well timed slam of his antlers, he hooked the wolf's eyesocket and hurled it into the air. The blue-eyed hound landed, a few bones shattering, but it stood and let out a gargled, awful scream at him. "Damn...", Blixt huffed, and lowered his antlers again. Trunks began to head his way when he felt the most awful sensation in his ankle - the green-eyed rock hound had already reformed and bit into his leg! He kicked and tugged trying to get the monster off, only causing more damage to his own flesh.

It might have been ironic seeing a ghost fight a skeleton like this. Trunks' body would not support the infection's viral tendencies since he had no bloodstream or living organs to infect, but it didn't mean that bite didn't hurt like hell. He winced in pain and threw the wolf off of him but limped and hissed with any pressure on the hoof. He had to hurry though, he quickly hobbled over to the remains of the skeleton and with one good smash, the skull broke open. He pulled the green crystal out and the infection would not reform again.

Meanwhile, Blixt was back at it with the blue-eyed wolf. He was so angry that he charged at it and slammed his body into the skeleton's own, more bones flying off and clanking. As he reared up, he began to slam his hooves into the skull, again and again, infection splattering everywhere, gurgled groans coming from the skull as it was decimated with his raw strength. When the blue crystal was in view, Blixt tore it out so quickly he nearly lost his grip on it. The skeleton settled and fizzled right after.

The two dropped the three crystals together, including the yellow one Blixt easily destroyed in the beginning. Sitting, they caught their breath, but when Trunks' eyes opened and his face went nearly white, Blixt looked where was looking. "What is it? More?"

"There's one of them, right there...staring right at us...", he whispered.

Blixt looked. There was nothing in front of them. "I don't have a visual, where is....gaaaaaaaaaaccckkkk!!!", he felt the cold, viral bite of a Rock Hound clench his throat. Blixt kicked and struggled, to a normal person watching it would look like he was floating up, but Trunks could see it with his ghostly vision. The hound was invisible, and had a good bite on Blixt's throat as it clenched tighter.

He had to act fast. He quickly got on his hooves and hit the invisible hound in the ribs. The hound let go and hit the ground, temporarily losing its invisibility, those eyes glowing a distinct purple. Blixt hit the ground and gagged for air as trunks watched it vanish into the invisible realm. The awful wound in his ankle was bothering him quite a bit, but he remained steadfast as he watched the movements. "Blixt, I've got your visual. Just follow my eyes and you'll connect.", he spoke quietly. Blixt weakly stumbled to his hooves, a deep gash in his throat was dripping with blood but he wasn't critically injured. As the hound stalked the two of them, invisibly, Trunks watched it start to get into position for another attack. Trunks reared up, "Come on! I'm the one you want!", he called, and the hound kept its focus on him while Blixt slipped around to a spot roughly behind the invisible hound. He only saw Trunks standing there, but Blixt was able to track well, and saw subtle movements in the grass. When Trunks gave the nod, the green stag charged toward him, antlers down. He hoped Trunks had the right spot, or else the two brothers would collide and it wouldn't look pretty!


Blixt's antlers hit something solid, with plenty of force to shatter the invisible hound's bones and causing the skull to come into vision. It clanked by Trunks' hoof, and with a good slam, he broke it open and extracted the glowing purple crystal. With four crystals now black, the wounded brothers went to the Twin Gods to hand them off. They were quite weary and thankful no other hounds were in the area, or else they might have been in mortal danger...
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Oh, this was interesting to

Oh, this was interesting to read. Awesome writing! c: