4 years ago today (would you all do another one for me?)

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Thanks again for all the artworks of my dad's grey rhino. I'd like to ask for another favor from the artists on here. The same year my father passed away, my cousin Mason also passed away in August. Would you guys please do another drawing for me, but of a golden-furred rabbit?

The same sort of thing is just fine as before. Any quality artwork, a doodle or however you'd like. If you'd like to make it extra interesting, please feel free to add wings to the rabbit, or have butterflies fluttering about (or both would be great too).

I want to surprise my aunt with a collage of your artworks on Mason's anniversary. I'll be forever grateful of all of you, and I know it will make my aunt's day as well.

Thanks guys.

Four years ago today was when my father passed away from liver cancer. I still miss him to this day, and even watching old videos where he spoke brought nostalgia to me.

I know I normally have Quad in the Forest all day on this anniversary, but I just couldn't this time due to work. I plan to do a meditation walk sometime soon (I'll announce when very soon and where to meet)

I wanted to ask a favor from everyone.

Would you draw a grey rhino for me? Quality doesn't matter, a doodle is fine or however you prefer. I want to make a collage of all your drawings to share with my family. You can make it however you please.

Thank you guys. I love all of you.

Here's the links to my old posts...

RIP 7/24/2010

The Grey Rhino
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Time flies .... I would

Time flies ....
I would totally love a meditation Walk

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For you &hearts;

For you ♥
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You guys are amazing, thank

You guys are amazing, thank you! I'm in tears! *nuzzles all around*

There's still no rush if anyone else wanted to add one. I'm not sure how I'll do the collage yet, but I'll give everyone credit for their work.

Also I have Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday off this week, would anyone be interested in doing a meditation walk one of those days? I can make a separate announcement for it if necessary.
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I'd love to join on a

I'd love to join on a relaxing walk, those have always been my favourites
and tuesday is a good day for me ♥
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Great! Any specific time it

Great! Any specific time it would work for you or just whenever? I even thought about doing it at two different times in the same day
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any time really, I have very

any time really,
I have very odd sleeping habits, I can adapt it to when it's comfortable for you; and tuesday is my most free day of the week c;
also, two times is an excelent idea, for those who are on different time zones
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It's late, and for that I

It's late, and for that I apologize:
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"Normally on the anniversary

"Normally on the anniversary of Dad's death, I hold an event in The Endless Forest where we all sit quietly in a particular spot. I had to work last Thursday on the anniversary, so instead I asked the community if they would draw a grey rhino for me. Here was the response, and I wanted to share them with all of you.

4 years have passed since, and even so, Dad's memory still lives on. I cannot thank the Endless Forest community enough for their support and friendship."
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*sends hugs*

*sends hugs*
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I have an update on this, and

I have an update on this, and another favor I wanted to ask, but for my aunt. Please see the post above for more info

I hope you dont mind...

I hope you dont mind...
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Beautiful! Thank you

Beautiful! Thank you Starfox!

I hate to rush anyone, but I'm going to need these by tomorrow. I appreciate anyone that makes one and I'll think of something to give back to you all
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I'll try to get something

I'll try to get something done when I get home from work tonight. Smiling
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x ? hope that's ok.

hope that's ok.
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Bigger image Hope it's okay

Bigger image

Hope it's okay ;; I had fun drawing. And I am really happy to draw for you <3

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Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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Thank you all so much! I'm

Thank you all so much! I'm about to post it to Facebook. *nuzzleslikecrazy*

Four years ago the world lost an angel. It never was the same after Mason passed away, and to this day I try to live by his example. I can't begin to imagine what my aunt and uncle have been through, but only can do what I can to help remember him.

I asked my friends on the Endless Forest to draw a golden hare for me, and they made these amazing artworks in honor of Mason. The last one is from me.

I miss you man.

((I provided links to your artworks as well, so they could see them bigger))
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They all look amazing

They all look amazing together <3 Really happy to help out Quad!

I hope your family enjoys them!
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My aunt replied to the

My aunt replied to the Facebook post with "Love u for remembering him-", and my mom asked me to thank you all for the artwork, both for my Dad and for Mason. She said it was all wonderful.

I really appreciate everything you guys do for me and my family. This meant a whole lot to them for both Dad and Mason.
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