Rouen - The Angel of Death

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Big WIP, please bear with me.

"And the little ones ask of me, 'Why are you here?'"

"I smile and say, 'I'm here to take someone to the next life. That's not so bad isn't it?'"

"The little ones ask, 'Will you come for me when I die?'"

"I nod my head, 'I will, and when that time comes, you'll be happy to see me.'"


Rouen, the Angel of Death, has come to the Endless Forest to take the souls of the soon-to-be-departed.

She is one of many 'Angels of Death' that work to lead souls away, a lesser grim reaper so to speak.

She is in the Endless Forest to claim one soul who has cheated death many times...Quad.

Thoughts so far -

- Lesser 'Grim Reaper' sent to get Quad's soul for the afterlife, but is having a tough time
- Sort of ditsy stalker-ish
- Appears like a lamb with either a deer or human skull on her head that is too big and falls off easily
- May train other 'reaper' characters, including Uroluk

Set ideas -

- Just wearing whatever is given to her
- Skull mask, Owl Pelt, Question antlers
I'll need an alternative mask for the time being before Halloween.
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My original plan for her

My original plan for her appearance is to be something comforting, such as a lamb. I may still go with that idea, but I was trying to think of a way to translate that to an Endless Forest set.

The other idea is for her not to have a set appearance, and just wear whatever people throw on her in-game. She could still be a lamb, but her set wouldn't be specific.

A third idea is for her to be a lamb but wear a deer skull on her head (think Cubone) to make her seem more 'scary'. I've never had a skull-headed character on TEF before, so yeah.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated

Update - So I want to use the new owl pelt, and when Halloween comes around I want her to have a skull mask, but until then I don't know what mask to give her or what antlers. Any thoughts?
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I really like the lamb idea.

I really like the lamb idea. You could use the owl pelt on a fawn and reload the pelt as necessary and I think that would be good enough.

I've always liked the idea of "grim reapers" that are sweet and gentle, someone to hold your hand on the way to the afterlife and comfort you rather than drag you kicking and screaming.
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Oh yes, I like the idea too,

Oh yes, I like the idea too, maybe she's...too cute XD

Makes me wonder if I can incorporate scythes into her design somewhere. She may end up being a lot like Zephyr in personality, but oh well.

I'll have to toss her into the Forest for some spell spamming soon

Not set in stone but what do you think?


I tried a few times to connect to the Forest so I could work on her set but it's not spreading my pictograms. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there some kind of fix or so is it taking an hour for everyone else to connect? Kind of frustrating really.
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Thinking about reviving this

Thinking about reviving this gal for my Rock Hound Event, but it may involve something a bit drastic. Still...anyone interested in meeting her? XD

This is freaky, it's been exactly 13 months since I made her!