Trade adopts! (Bunny deer)(Still open ofc! Will listen to requests for new batches, get yer papers n pencils!)

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Essentially deer hares (bunnies too). Something I randomly started to doodle one year ago in class after tonne people started to mistake my selfmade bunny plush for a goat, deer or kangaroo.

For a limited time only: two bunnies to adopt without needing to trade for it! You can claim only one!

How to acquire a hare deer? Simple, you inform me which one you desire, set down some basic information about them. (eye colour change/name/relations/etc.)(skype: fireflyness)
Then you just gotta draw/sketch one of my characters and the hare deer is yours! (you can find my characters here: and on my artblog)(some alternative trades also exist if you don't think you can do art.(other creative mediums))
You can gift your hare deer to another person Smiling
You can hoard more than one, but likely no more than three!
PLEASE use the characters. They're somewhat free and all and so please don't get all greedy. It would be a shame if somebody snatched a design to not use it if there exsists a person out there that would actually use it. Thank you! (at minimum gift them to somebody else)((BASICALLY, don't go to college and take away a free spot from a person that would be far more productive if all you're going to do it smoke pot behind the garage and not attent a single seminar if you get my gist.))

Some rules:
-you cannot change the general colour, but you can simplify the design or add unique details and build onto it.
-you can change eye/antler/hoof colour.
-gender cannot be changed.
-totes can change body shape, even drastic changes like weight and limb count (add mutations), large teeth and fangs, antler hiccups (unicorn anyone?)...
-You can drastically alter coat length. Either on the whole body or on certain parts to make manes/ruffs/ridges. Ears can also be folded!
-you can not resell for money l:V no!
-they are giftable and tradeable!
-if people with already adopted hare deer arrange relationships between them, go for it!

-Please request if you want me to isolate the adopted one from the sheet, without background ofc. And please notify me if you want a different eye/antler/hoof colour if possible.

Adult sheet:

1 "Contrast" Male, Orange with black saddle and dark brown blanket (Luksus'?)
2 "Brindle" Female, Yellow-brown with gray brindle-butt (This character was never traded for and since the adoption conditions are no longer met, has been reclaimed.)
3 "Cherrywood" Female, Reddish/peachy brown with darker saddle
4 "Creamy" Female, Light pudding cream with darker points ( unplugged)
5 "Illustrated" Female, Black streaked overcoat with brown undercoat and pronounced countershading. (CrossTrot's)
6 "Bunny" Male, Cream with butt-heavy darkening
7 "Painted face" Male, Red with faded blanket and face mask saturnia
8 "First" Male, Orange with black blanket (Shrinkingrose, Orche!)
9 "Browny" Male, Soft yellow brown with mild cherry-brown blanket (H's)
10 "Mahogany" Male, mahogany with orange collar (Oqu's)

Baby sheet:

1 "Twig" Male, Muted orange with brown blanket
2 "Cherry" Female, Reddish brown with blanket and gray nose
3 "Bark" Male, Olive brown with red collar and gray and brown brindle (singingbird's)
4 "Red princess" Female, Mahogany (Amary's, Little Velda!)
5 "Silvernose" Female, Warm pudding with graying specking and mild gray nose- R (saturnia)
6 "Grayface" Yellow with graying nose and graying brindle-blanket and orange accents (Torfastr, baby, / / )(Vessan's)
7 "Frizzy" Female, Lght orange with graying nose and graying brindle on brown blanket Slyph
8 "Chocholate" Male, Gray brown with back stripe and red accenting (Adopted by Hadou!)
9 "Snowy" Male, White with gray brindle and white specking (Nóri , smol, very smol bebe)(Postmortem's)

Species information:

-everyone can brainstorm Smiling -

Things we know so far about bunnydeer:

1: Males have hooves, females have paws.
2: Females are nutorious diggers
3: Their antlers are relatively simple, only having three main branches. But in older age they tend to grow more and more deformalities and their texture may become very bumpy! Sometimes such deformalities appear even when a buck is two years old!
4: They may have large cheeks
5: Fur tends to follow coat colouring of most wild hares, albeit somewhat simplified or altered but very well inspired afte natural colouring. Sometimes the fur patters are inspired from bunnies, wild or domesticated. (there won't be any piebald ones anytime soon though.)
6: Antler and hoof and eye colour vary a lot and may change as they grow.
7: need, need a better name! xD
8: They can sit cosily and overall they are far more flexible than your deer.
9: (from question:) Blank sheets, they can develop both into feral ones and more human minded animals.
10: (from question:) I let behaviour be decided upon you, how much it leans to bunny and how much it leans to deer.
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Gonna save this post for

Gonna save this post for Chocholate eve

Name is probs gonna be.. Buckthorn tho

tracking since i'm really

tracking since i'm really considering baby snowy.
haven't decided what i'd call him yet though aaaa

These are cute! Not sure

These are cute! Not sure what I'd do with one, though, so just gonna track for now.
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These are gorgeous! I love

These are gorgeous! I love rabbits <3
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Ooh, I love these! They kind

Ooh, I love these! They kind of remind me a bit of jackalopes :3
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They are cute lil buns of

They are cute lil buns of fluff ;w; and yee.
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Such lovely designs!

Such lovely designs! -Tracking- c8

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the compliments! Gotta sprread the species around :3 !

Snowy has been adopted!
May this little flufflebun forever bring joy to you.
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Thank you for the trade C:

Thank you for the trade C:

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No problem, I'm glad I could

No problem, I'm glad I could already trade away so many in such a shor time! :3

Spread the bun of floff! Smiling
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Bump ~*

Bump ~*
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poke you in skype)

poke you in skype)
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Make sure you note me it's

Make sure you note me it's you!
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yep, done)

yep, done)
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I haven't gotten any request.

I haven't gotten any request. Are you sure you sent this to fireflyness on skype?
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ah. fireflyness - FortyWinks,

ah. fireflyness - FortyWinks, yes? Not sure, perhaps I doing something wrong.
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bump for this

bump for this
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Bunnydeer?? "beer" but omfg.

Bunnydeer?? "beer"
but omfg. why have I not seen this before. shame on me.
may snatch one of these bebes. ♥
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Yes, that is me. But I

Yes, that is me. But I haven't gotten any request! You can post here regardless and tell me what little bun o fluff you desire ^^
Thank you for the bump and track ;w;
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Ah. sorry. Perhaps skype

Ah. sorry. Perhaps skype stuff or something. If you want this art as an offer for trade , I will take 10 Mahogany, or you can take it as a present. and thank you very much)
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double post

double post
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Naah, as long as the

Naah, as long as the bunnydeer is free, you get it pronto ^^
He is your now, I hope you'll love him forever and ever. The art of cannibriel is so pretty oooo tho <3
I like it very much!

If you want me to isolate the design, do you want the design with the normal design as is or would you preffer another eye/hoof/antler colour?
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i really love love love him

i really love love love him already really much and nope, nothing to change, he is perfect already, so normal design please. thank you!)
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Here he is, don't forget to save and download the image ^^ the link will no longer work after the 16th of this month!
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thank you (:

thank you (:
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I am happy this trade was

I am happy this trade was able to go through ^^

Ahh, they're filling the forest! c:
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These are so adorable! Bunny,

These are so adorable! Bunny, Twig, and Silvernose all have my hart (aha.)! If I were more grounded here, I'd make a bid for one of them. Got an antler design that's been waiting for a character to be on years that would be perfect. Beautiful natural designs!

[edit bcuz v] Vess, don't do this to me..
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Not even I could resist a

Not even I could resist a cute bun for my own array of character, ywy <3
-Bumping this up-
I'm so happy to see this lil hybrid species thrive in the forest :3

I'll be offering two up for adoption(any not claimed yet) without having to trade for them! First come first serve, as long as it's not the same bun.

okay I have enough characters

okay I have enough characters but I can't resist
I want to grab one, but I can't decide! Can I take an adult design and play it as a baby?
not sure if I'll do that but just in case

edit: Actually if you're going to give some away can I have "red princess"? as much as I love "illustrated" that "red princess" looks like such a little bratty child and I need her

Aah, I sent a contact request

Aah, I sent a contact request on skype but my phone wouldn't let me send a message with it; I'm oakhybrid! I'm really interested in Illustrated
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Sure thing, both of you can

Sure thing, both of you can have them!
Red princess for amary and illustrated for cross that is.
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Is it possible to pick up

Is it possible to pick up two? I really like "Painted-face"from the adults and "Silvernose" from the babies! I can provide art in exchange for both of them! I can offer pixels like this or something more sketchy instead (I have an example in my Vidente reference post) !

If not I'll decide on one ;; I'll add you on Skype in a bit (My username has 'weevil' in it)
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Sure thing and ooo, they're

Sure thing and ooo, they're lovely!
I think you can have up to three so there's enough left for others, unless you decided to gift them.

After this there will be 7 left. I have to think about adding a new baby sheet since they'll run out sooner ovo.

omg look they're real! I mean

omg look they're real!
I mean not really, the mara is a rodent, not related to rabbits/hares (or deer), but they really look a lot like these hare-deer!
they're even sometimes called Patagonian hares, although they're not hares
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Gotta say, maras are defo

Gotta say, maras are defo some of the cooler looking animals out here and some of my favourite xD

And oh boy
8 left.
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Signature by Wildflowerdeer, avatar by Vessan.

not planning on taking any

not planning on taking any more, but you should totally make some based on the antelope jackrabbit and white-sided jackrabbit
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Damn, second batch support.

Damn, second batch support. Thanks for linking those, they look lovely! i'll definitely make some after those.
here are some more i'll draw inspiration of

Should I make a mixed batch of adults and children, males and females?
or should i make it biased towards towards say kits only. what would you guys like to see.
(and ye, also for each batch there is one no-draw adopt (preferibly used by users that cannot or are incapable of doing art))

as of now.
12 out of 19 adopted
6 children 6 adults adopted out of 10 adults 9 children
9 males 3 females adopted out of 11 males 8 females

males appear to be more popular. There is no differance between adult and children adoptions, except that children performed better in the first weeks of the adoptions, and the adults were picked off later in the run.

I think people like males

I think people like males because they like antlers.
and I guess babies have more potential
maybe draw them one way and let people play them as either babeis or adults, whichever they prefer, and if that's already allowed it should be made clear
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The babies tehnically do grow

The babies tehnically do grow up if the player allowes them to (two(in forest)... in fact three or four years iirc correctly old baby unicorn I have)

That would work if I had any genderless bases. Maybe I could make some. But I'm a crippled digital artist atm since users (if they want to) get their new char's image in a higher resolution (with recoloured eyes and/or hooves and antlers if they're male) to use as their first or main reference.

I was only talking about

I was only talking about choosing the age to start with. And I just meant people might choose males more because they like the antlers. That's just a guess, though, I don't know for sure.
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Belgian hare (( rabbit bred to resemble a hare))

this too

-by Sokoora by Kamaya
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*Up you gooooo* MORE UPPPS

*Up you gooooo*