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Goodness! I can't believe Quad's almost 9 years old! I registered close to Halloween because I saw this on Deviantart:

And just wanted to know what the heck this Endless Forest was. Didn't know it was going to completely change my life, and that Quad would be a good friend to me for almost a third of my life.

Thanks for continuing to be an amazing community, guys.

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FIRST /SHOT *retrack*

*retrack* <3
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*stamps a track on this* [e]

*stamps a track on this*

[e] 8I OURA! You ninja!!
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Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo

Hey you. Good to see you're

Hey you. Good to see you're still here. (:
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George Michael-flavoured track. :3
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I don't know what happened

I don't know what happened today, but I don't want it to break the relationships I've had with you all. I still love each and every one of you, whether you know it or not.

Please talk to me so we can put this incident behind us.
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*pokes head back in. To give

*pokes head back in. To give Quad a hug*

Tracking theeeesssss. :3

Tracking theeeesssss. :3
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*chews on* B|

*chews on* B|
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*builds pillow fort* B)

*builds pillow fort* B)
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*curls up*

*curls up*
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I've been playing this game

I've been playing this game on my iPod Touch called Dark Summoner lately, and ran across this guy...

Remind you of anyone? XD

It's a shame he's a weak monster though. Ah well, I'm keeping him in my collection.

Also later on I found...

Odd coincidence that it looked similar to one of my Supreme Talux design concepts.
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Well, got my first response

Well, got my first response from the job search, a refusal. It's okay, this company was the local one, and wouldn't be the kind of job I would want to be doing anyway.

Still waiting for the other five in West Virginia.
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To my friends on Chicken

To my friends on Chicken Smoothie, take whatever you want.

It's first come first serve, so if your trade gets cancelled, send another one.

After a few days whatever is left over I will open a 'quitting' thread, so if you want something, take it now.

lovely art at the top

lovely art at the top <3
aww this comic!!1 8D
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I feel like I've missed

I feel like I've missed something.
You're still okay in my book, Quad~
Good luck with the job hunting!
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Yeah, good luck with your job

Yeah, good luck with your job hunting buddy.

Hmm, the only thing that first dragon reminds me of is Peyton, (because of the name), another TEF player, (who seems to have vanished!)
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Arrrggghhhh I can't

Arrrggghhhh I can't deciiiiiiiddeee!!

I'm going to go ahead and order a new incense burner, but I can't decide which one I want!!

There's this one that is metal, and http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NDgwWDY0MA==/$%28KGrHqVHJB8E-N1cQ,wsBPoZ1ErpE!~~60_3.JPG (<-- url is wonky so that's why I posted it like that) that is ceramic! They're both the same price, I'd get them at the same time, and asfasdfadsf I just don't know which one I like better!

Which one do you guys like? XD!!

Edit - NVM I went with the metal one for a few reasons...I think it would last longer, it's been used before where the porcelain one was never used (so I won't feel bad burning incense in it), and my family umm...doesn't like orange so much XD
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They're both good, but I

They're both good, but I think I would have gone for the more colorful one, myself.
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One of the things I liked

One of the things I liked about the metal one is that it has a few holes on the bottom, which helps the incense breathe and burn better. I know this first-hand because I've used a small one with only a few holes, and I had to constantly relight the incense, where the second one I have been using with the screened opening works very well and does not have to be relit.

Ah well...maybe another time I'll get a colorful one. I've been looking at this style as well but they look a little...cheaply made... I may get one like that one day just so I'll know of the quality.
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Yeah, the last one does look

Yeah, the last one does look a bit tacky, but that could just be the photo making it look that way. Love that green one you've got.

How's your Brother BTW?
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XD I'll have to take better

XD I'll have to take better photos of my burners sometime, I took those with my iPod Touch (which is basically an iPhone without the phone aspect to it), so it's grainy.

My brothers are doing just fine - my oldest brother is about to get an assistant manager job as a butcher, and my middle brother is almost about to move out of the house. We're still waiting to hear from his wife, it's a bit complicated but she's finishing up a few things in in Indiana before she comes down here.
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Glad to hear it Quad! Take

Glad to hear it Quad!

Take care! Smiling
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Anyone know who "Flowertop"

Anyone know who "Flowertop" is on CS? They asked for a whooooole bunch of rats and I just wanted to make sure they were a TEF member before I accepted. I am not familiar with the username.
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I don't know her. And I'm

I don't know her. And I'm sorry I totally ransacked your pets, Quad ^^;
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Nope Erm, nvm LOL!

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Actually they sent a

Actually they sent a 'suggestion', meaning they want me to pick something of theirs. I don't know...I want to make sure you guys get what you want before I give away 63 rats to someone, you know?

And guys, please, just take what you want XD. Don't worry about it.
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I had an alright day today, I

I had an alright day today, I got a call last night from one of the Chemistry tutors, so we scheduled to meet this morning at the library. It was the first time I had ever been in the new public library (it's been there a long time, and I usually went to the library on my college's campus, that's why). It was funny because my tutor literally walked right by me, stopped, looked around a bit. I saw he was holding a Chemistry textbook, and asked if he was Bob. XD We had no idea what each other looked like.

He was a pretty cool guy, a bit of an accent in his voice so I had to pay close attention to what he was saying. Having a hearing loss can be a nuisance sometimes, fortunately I did wear my hearing aid which really helped. He knew the material very well and explaining the formulas was incredibly helpful. He showed me Kp equations as well as acid-base equilibria, we got through half of the material covered in the course in 2 hours. So we'll go over the rest of it another time before I take the exam.

I will admit, I was a little annoyed that Mom insisted I had a tutor before the exam, but after meeting with Bob I'm kind of glad she was so insistent on tutoring. He really made these complicated formulas simple.


The only other thing I really have to say is that it's all Mick's fault that I'm playing Mass Effect 1 again XD!! I beat it as 'myself', who was a strictly good, moral character. I'm now playing as Iugulare, who is a mostly bad character. Sometimes I have her pick more neutral responses, sometimes she is a total jerk. Just how Iug is Eye


Well there was one other thing. My brother's wife got into an accident today. Some jerk ran a red light as she was pulling out into the intersection and hit her Jeep Wrangler head-first. We don't know yet if the Jeep is totaled or not, but the guy was trying to blame her for the accident.

Here's a picture from her Facebook. From what I understand, she got a little whiplash but otherwise is okay, she's more upset about the Jeep since it was my brother's for so long before he passed it on to her. We're hoping it can get fixed, it's been a part of our family for years.
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I opened up my "quitting"

I opened up my "quitting" thread on CS last night and was swaarrrrmmmmeeeeddd!! I'm glad most of them obeyed my rules, though I had a few who I had to cancel for asking for 5 rares in a trade, asking for 46 pets, or asking for items. XD

Anyway I woke up this morning and had 76 pending trades, and they're still sending them now. I went from about 1400+ pets to 495, most of what i have left is recent, non-valuable pets.
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No matter what your always

No matter what your always awsome and i think you rock.
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94 pets left XD!! Not sure

94 pets left XD!!

Not sure if I'm going to keep my items or give them away too. I don't have all that much though.
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Hello guys. Well a bit of

Hello guys.

Well a bit of bad news for me. Remember me mentioning my eye being messed up a few weeks ago? It's flared up again. I had to go to the ER today for it, and they pretty much said it's gotten infected. I'm on more eyedrops that make it sting, and it's more painful today than it has ever been. I literally had to dim my computer monitor to type this, and even so I'm wearing sunglasses and the light is still bugging me. I've been fighting to keep my eyes open, so if there's any typos in this I apologize. I had to type with my eyes closed a few times there.

Anyway we're going to an eye doctor tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, I''m very squeamish with people touching me eyes. It sucks when you want to cooperate but your insticts are fighting to protect you.

So anyway, I wanted to post this to say you might not see me on very much while this is going on. I'm on loratab for the pain so i'll be sleeping most of the day, provided i can find somewhere dark for it (or figure out how to dim my windows).

We now think it could have been when my brother was cooking on the grill at the cabin, I was sitting there for a few hours hanging out with my brothers, so the smoke could have gotten into my eyes. We honestly have no idea where all this came from.
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Oh, man :< I hope you get

Oh, man :< I hope you get your eyes all fixed up, Quad. That crap's no fun at all and I'm right there with ya on people getting anywhere near my eyes, too! *hug*
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Okay, back from the eye

Okay, back from the eye doctor. She confirmed it was an abrasion, and now I have a contact lens in. Fortunately it keeps it from being so painful, so I can finally open my eyes again. Of course they dilated my eyes so everything's blurry.
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Well after a lortab and about

Well after a lortab and about a 4 hour nap, I'm feeling pretty good right now. The light's not bothering me much anymore (aside from stepping out in the sunlight) and I can see everything fairly well without pain.

I swear I look like a zombie! Would have been a pirate if I did an eyepatch instead of a contact lens (it had to do with oxygen getting to the eye, ect...)

Ah hell, just call me a zombie pirate samurai then.


Hey my new incense burner came in the mail today! I thought it would get here on Wednesday!

Here's a closeup of it, I can't wait to try it out, totally digging the foo dog on the top!

And then here's a comparison of my three incense burners. The little gold one in the back is the first one I used, but it's got such small holes that I constantly had to relight the incense inside it. The green one is better and lets the incense breathe, but I wanted one with an oriental look to it, so that's why I got the new one.
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It's been a while since I've

It's been a while since I've really meditated. I sat outside and repeated my mantra 108 times. When I stepped inside, I felt very different than I have been. Maybe it was the extra oxygen in my body from taking in deep breaths, maybe it was clearing my head...

I've slowly been detaching myself from the internet and trying to do more things offline. Of course with my eye being an issue I've been mostly having to rest and heal, but I've been trying not to sit here behind this computer all day like I have been.

I'm trying to think of a new hobby or something to pick up that doesn't involve the internet. During my down time, I've been doing the following:

- Playing Xbox 360 (working on trying to finish some games, I have a bad habit of picking a game up and then never finishing it)
- Meditating
- Burning Incense
- Bird watching
- Weapons training (staff, katana, shuriken, nun-chucks)
- Reading Buddhist books and graphic novels
- Looking up new recipes (I really enjoy cooking and trying new things)

But I'd love something new and interesting to try. Do you guys have any ideas? I really enjoy pretty much anything involving spirituality, I have a tarot deck but I don't use them very often. I started Tae-Bo for a little, wouldn't mind getting a new DVD of Billy Blanks' workouts or even try something different like Yoga. I've been really wanting to learn a martial art but of course can't afford lessons at the moment. Maybe even learning a new weapon to add to my training...it looks like a pair of Sai could be gotten fairly easily over ebay.

Unfortunately there's pretty much nothing to do in Mobile. For a while I did take Brandy and Boo to the new dog park, but last time we had a bad experience so I've been reluctant to take them again. I did think about trying to walk around the block every so often to get more exercise.

Anyway...what do you guys enjoy doing during your free time? What kind of hobbies do you like? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Chucking Nuns is always fun!

Chucking Nuns is always fun! Laughing out loud

Building things is always fun too. Get yourself a couple of Airfix models to build, or something like that?

Or you can carry on with what you used to do for Project Greenleaf Mind you, that will involve doing things on the internet, so maybe that's not a good idea.

Do you have a Microscope amongst your tools of the trade? If so, maybe go around the garden and finds things to look at, under it?
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When you mention your eye

When you mention your eye issue, I can give you some advises.

I personally think, that for resting the eye it would be best to avoid PC and TV screens as much as possible. I've also heard, that it is much more regenerating for the eye, when it is looking at green or blue. As those are natural colors, it is less tiring for the eye to receive them. So going out to nature, for example to watch birds seems like a good activity (as long as you are not so much light sensitive, that you cannot go out at all)
From similar situations (when my eyes got so much tired and painful, that I better let them closed all the time), I have discovered, that there is only one non-passive activity I can do when blinded. Play some musical instrument.

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Thanks guys. I think I found

Thanks guys. I think I found my activity - a friend of mine recommended Tai Chi. I just need to find an instructional video for it since right now I can't afford classes.

As far as my eye, it's gotten better since putting the contact lens in. I'm going back to the doctor to get it taken out though, so I don't know how things will be. I might have an eye patch for a while or she might replace it with another one. Either way I've been so much better with it in.
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I have been thinking about

I have been thinking about something to do tomorrow...almost decided on something that would be a little mundane, but then I had an idea.

Four years ago I traveled to Mobile Zoo, where I met an incredibly friendly mule deer who followed me around. But there were others there who I enjoyed seeing, including some highland coo, warthogs, and whitetail deer.

Back then, I still hated tigers for the wrong reasons, and of course they have tigers there.

It's been four years, and twice I have been visited by tigers.

I've decided to go to the Zoo again tomorrow, so I can look into the eyes of the tigers, so I can face my fear...maybe so I can get some answers from one of my shadow totems.

This trip is both to face my fear as well as to visit my guide. I know it will probably not be the same deer I visited those years ago, but I know the deer there will appreciate the visit. In a way, this trip will be much like a personal pilgrimage for me, since I know quite a bit about totems and spirit guides.

And don't worry, I'll take pictures Eye
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The trip was sooooo worth it!

The trip was sooooo worth it! I was sad to see they don't have the mule deer there anymore, but the red deer were friendly this time, and I got some pretty funny pictures as well as some video. I will apologize in advance for how dorky I am in the video...I keep asking the deer if they'll bow for me, and eventually one of them does!

Got to see my tiger, I spoke with him a bit. He gave me a low growl, but I think it was non-threatening. Maybe he was telling me just not to worry so much.

I will tell you, aside from the deer, the bears were my favorite this time! They have these PVC pipe tubes that run from where you're at to inside the pen, and they're there for you to drop peanuts in for the animals. Wait til you see what the bears did, they were so smart!

They also had a really cool chimpanzee there who literally used a piece of bamboo to rake peanuts closer to him. I felt bad that they didn't put one of the PVC pipes there for him so he had to work a bit to get his peanuts. But I gotta tell you, he was incredibly smart!

Alrighty, lemme work on uploading these XD
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Do you still want the art of,

Do you still want the art of, aringie?
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Ah umm...no don't worry about

Ah umm...no don't worry about it XD. I decided not to keep her since there were some conflicts so she never existed. Thanks for asking though, don't worry about doing any art for me Eye
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I've been working on a new

I've been working on a new story involving Quad in his Supreme Talux form.

The story will be about Iugulare's feelings on seeing Quad transformed, and as she tries to speak to him he lashes out at her, attacking and burning her with his light.

So Iug goes and speaks with Anirapio and Nekumbra, who believe that Quad transformed would be a good thing, since he no longer knows where he is or any notions about the infection and his mission to fight it, but Iugulare of course is pretty distraught over seeing her love interest transformed in such a way.

It leads to her leaving the planet. Ani pleads for her to stay, because she is still trapped on Earth and Iugulare was her only source of hope for returning to her home world; and Nek is confused because she thinks this is the perfect opportunity for Iug to take over if she desired.

With their fearless leader gone, Ani and Nek decide to try to deal with Quad on their own. And all the while Noctuis has been watching, and schemes his own plans.

So that's the basis for the new story, however I cannot come up with a good name for the story. Does anyone have an idea?
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Well after about 40 tries, I

Well after about 40 tries, I finally got my contact lens out all by myself. My eye's a little red and scratchy right now but I can see without the lens, so I think it's healed pretty well.
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You know how to make a group

You know how to make a group of characters like that? Just wondering.
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A group of characters? How

A group of characters? How do you mean?

Are you talking about my Deadly Trio? They're just three characters I created who work together, that's all XD