Blixt's child

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I had an idea for a new character, who will be the son or daughter of Blixt. This character has survived on their own in the wild, as part of their body is covered in moss and fungus so they are able to photosynthesize to produce food. This also has helped them camouflage their body when danger was close by.

Here's the look for them:

The green scales is really moss and leaves that grow on the body, and the face is covered with a fungus.

They will be part Eld's Deer, which is Blixt's species, but I don't know what species the mother was.

Anyway, I need help deciding on a name, and maybe a personality. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :3

I think I've decided it's going to be either dual-gendered or non-gendered Eye

I decided on Bodhi for the name. Thanks for all the name suggestions, everyone


Thanks to Haru for this song! It is Bodhi's theme. Eye

Thanks to Anjali for the lovely drawing!

And thanks to Ryff for this one!

And thanks to Nirwana for this one!
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Girl Mostyn


I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.

Male. Fiacre.


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Munk. Monk. Munc.

Munk. Monk. Munc. Monc.

Could be male or female.

I would be interested in

I would be interested in seeing a very plant-gendered deer, perhaps not physically but dual gendered, or gender vague? That or a girl. I'm not sure name wise, perhaps look at some floral words or Latin plant species names for inspiration?
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Thanks for the suggestions,

Thanks for the suggestions, guys! Really interesting ideas.

It could possibly be dual-gendered or non-gendered/gender vague. I've never had a character like that before, so that could be interesting. Maybe Blixt's doe gave birth to it but it seemed deformed (or maybe even appeared to be a stillborn), so she discarded it, where nature took over and gave it life.

It could possibly be like me - male but with a feminine side, so it appears to be male but is fascinated with nature

I like the names as well, not sure which I like the best. I also was thinking it could have a very, very serious nature, as in it does not understand jokes or sarcasm. Or possibly it doesn't understand deer language at all.

Also I plan for it to have Caw's pictogram, since Caw has been killed, maybe the Twin Gods give the new deer his name but translate it to be the new deer's name. I thought that would be good so I could reuse a pictogram rather than make a new one.

Thanks again, guys! Lotta decisions to make.

Edit - I could maybe use a Buddhist word. I think Bodhi would be a nice possible name.
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I personally think it looks

I personally think it looks quite female, although that could just be me. ;^^ I non/dual-gendered character would also be fascinating to see, I think. Smiling And what about Quinan for a name?
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Ohhh such great names! I'm

Ohhh such great names! I'm not sure what to pick, might have to take up a vote XD

Edit - I decided to go with the name I thought of - Bodhi. Thank you for the name suggestions, everyone! I appreciate all the help :3
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Bodhi's mother was the

Bodhi's mother was the Earth-mother!

(thanks, starling! The avatar is amazing! And Thanks Pretzil for the siggie!
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Quad, can I ask a little more

Quad, can I ask a little more about Bodhi's appearance?

Does it have a human or deer face? And are the antlers part of the fungus, or are they antlers overgrown with fungus, or just antlers?

I'm trying to get a better feel of what to do when I draw Bodhi. Of course, if you're okay with complete artistic liberty on my part, that's fine too. Laughing out loud
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Oh sorry, I guess I didn't

Oh sorry, I guess I didn't give you enough details XD

Human face, just like it appears in the picture. The antlers are part of the fungus that grows up, it has no true antlers. And of course anything you'd like to add in is wonderful. It's body is supposed to be very plant-like so anything you think should be there, by all means add it in!

Thanks again X3
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Hey I wanted to ask about

Hey I wanted to ask about this -

Would it be cliched if under certain conditions Bodhi tranformed into a monster against his will? It would essentially be a werewolf effect, not sure what kind of condition though...maybe I'll look into things that effect fungi and see if there's anything that jumps out.

The reason why I'm considering this is that I do have a fascination for being transformed into another creature. I don't express it that much but I actually really like werewolves (not obsessive, it's really kind of related to my infection idea, losing control of the body, becoming something you weren't before, ect).

Anyway, anyone care if Bodhi has an effect like this? I'm not sure what conditions, going to try to stray away from anything related to the moon...

Edit - Thank you Pega and Haru! Bodhi's transformation will occur during rain. He would need to find shelter quickly or else it would happen. He can intake water but only in moderate amounts, so for instance if he fell into the pond he would transform.
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"Oh...this one felt a rain

"Oh...this one felt a rain drop hit it's face. And another! Oh this rain, it is lovely...

This one is...why can't it stop growing?

No! No!! It is too much water! This one needs to find shelter!

The roots! The roots won't let this one go any further! It...cannot...stop!!

Help this one!! Help!!


The little plant fawn's body grows much larger. It's body morphs, it stands upright. It's hooves flatten and have long talons on them. It's face becomes longer, more like a snout, and it grows two fangs much like a musk deer. It has many vines and roots lining it's face down to the underbelly that terribly wish to absorb flesh and blood.

The creature stalks during the rain, hunting those unsuspecting who have not found shelter from the storm.

When the rain subsides, the creature slows and collapses, it's body reverts back to a little fawn...back to Bodhi.

And it stands, dazed, never remembering anything that had just happened.

Never knowing it had killed during the storm.

Never knowing it transformed into a monster known as Akusala (Buddhist term for 'unwholesome', but also sometimes is translated to 'evil')
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Hey I hate to ask, but does

Hey I hate to ask, but does anyone have a song that makes you think of Bodhi? I'm looking for a good themesong for it, preferably something with a mystical tone to it. So in other words either New Age or Celtic style music, or any kind of Buddhist music since Bodhi has a Buddhist theme to it.

The only song I have in mind is "As I Roved Out" by Loreena Mckennitt, but I really only like it for the way she sings the song, and sadly, the lyrics don't really fit Bodhi that well.

Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated :3
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So I did some searching for

So I did some searching for you and found a couple of songs that reminded me of Bodhi. If I come across any others I'll be sure to post them for you :3
Greenwaves - Secret Garden
Seeds of Love - Loreena McKennit
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Hmm I had an idea, not sure

Hmm I had an idea, not sure how it would be received.

I think we should have some kind of a plant deer alliance or just a plant deer directory XD

The only ones I know of currently are the following:

Bodhi (QuadRaptor)
Orogalad (Wingeddeer)
Baum (Moonsoverwater)
Harold (69.)

I'm sure there are many, many others I am missing. If you've got a plant-deer, please let me know.

Would anyone object if I made some kind of plant-deer directory? I think it would be a great way for us all to keep in touch, and Bodhi especially would love to roleplay with as many of them as it can. It loves being able to relate to another who is part/fully plant.
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^ Laruna's deer is a plant

^ Laruna's deer is a plant deer too. c:
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Ah thank you! I actually had

Ah thank you! I actually had no idea!

I was wondering if Seed was considered a plant deer as well, but I couldn't find any info. Hmm...
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Aaah it's a Bodhi!! Thank

Aaah it's a Bodhi!!

Thank you, I love this drawing so much! The mask is so amazingly fungal and that expression fits it perfectly!

I know it's been a while

I know it's been a while since anyone commented on this but I thought I'd tell you the last drawing was by nirwana :'D
Sorry if you already found out though. C: