Trunks' Biography

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I just realized that Trunks never had an official biography, so here it is for him:

(Thanks to Spyrre for the beautiful artwork)


His pictogram looked like a pair of boxers Eye

The Guardian of Lost Souls

Honorary Transylvanian

Unknown, but his 'rebirth' is dated at 4/16/09

Passing Day:


He was a year old when he died, though he has lingered in the Endless Forest for five years


How to remember:
A pair of boxers

Forest Spirit (red) mask, Brown pelt with the tan belly, and the curly 'real deer' antlers.
He is supposed to resemble The Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke.

Trunks is a free spirit. He occasionally will see what is going on in a crowd, but generally he will seek out lone deer and give them company. Trunks particularly enjoys the company of fawns, as he is young at heart himself (Feel free to read Through Your Eyes, a story that shows Trunks' personality and kindness to fawns).

One day, while playing with a fellow fawn at the Playground, Trunks felt the air around him tighten. He collapsed, unable to breathe, and died there. While he never learned why he met his death, he was given life again, but was reborn as a great stag. The Twin Gods gave him a specific task - he was to be the guardian of lost souls, and the protector of the young.

Trunks will linger in the Endless Forest for many more years, until there is a time where his mission will be complete, and he will be allowed to rest and be at peace.

Trunks' death is depicted in Divine Abandonment, from my Divine Series, and was ultimately revealed to be the work of Iugulare, the infectious stoat that is Quad's nemesis.

Trunks is able to call the spirits of the recently deceased, and grant them safe passage to the afterlife (Feel free to read The Prince of Wisps, a story about this ability). In addition, it is believed that he can see into the past and the future (Feel free to read Night Terrors, which portrays Trunks' ability to see into the past).
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Look, I found a baby Trunks!

Look, I found a baby Trunks! Laughing out loud
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Looks like it's having a bad

Looks like it's having a bad hair day. Laughing out loud
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Just for confirmation, Trunks

Just for confirmation, Trunks has an official 'passing day'. He has a 5-year period since his death to guide lost souls and fawns to safety, and after his time is up, he will pass on to the next life. At that time you will never see him appear in the Forest again.

4/16/2014 will be the official date.

For now, Trunks will wander around the Forest, sitting with anyone alone, dancing with fawns, being as friendly as he possibly can.

One more thing I will mention, after Trunks' Passing Day, his pictogram will be available for adoption. It is a gen 1 picto. I won't reserve it for anyone until AFTER 4/16/2014. Also I will need to figure out how to change the password by then.
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I had a thought for Trunks.

I had a thought for Trunks. Lately I've been having Quad 'eat' pictograms he finds laying around (where they didn't disappear when someone logs out), but I think it would be neat if Trunks actually picked them up and kept them safe until the owner returns. It would be another thing he does much like guiding lost souls and keeping fawns safe, since he is a protector already.

Also planning on making a plot/story/rp involving Trunks and Hex once the Rock Hound event is finished. I think it would be neat if Trunks was given a new task in the Endless Forest