IRL Deer Photography

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As you may be aware, I take a lot of screenshots in the forest and upload them as "candid" photos (also known as wildlife photography).

What you might not have known is that I do a little photography in real life.

So for your enjoyment, I've decided to upload two sets of zoo/park deer that I have taken:

Set one = Mobile Zoo, Alabama, USA.

I will divide these into two "groups" - the whitetail deer and the mule deer.

Whitetail deer - these deer were shy and never came close except when being fed. There were several does and at least one stag.

Mule deer - there were actually two of them, but one never got up. The other, however, was the friendliest deer I've ever met. He followed me around, constantly stomping his feet and looking around. I got to feed him peanuts, and later learned that he'll lick your hand if you reached into the cage. I'm glad to have met this deer, and he looks so adorable on camera.

Set two = Rock City, Tennessee/Georgia, USA.

These were some white deer that are enclosed in their own area. You basically stand above and look down at them. I got to see them twice, but the first time the pictures didn't come out so well. This time, though, I got some beautiful shots of them, despite many were sleeping at the time.


Set three = Gulf Shores Zoo

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The white deer are

The white deer are gorgeous.

My town's zoo has muntjac, and one of the males would lick our hands and eat the seed pods we gave him, cute little things.

That White tail buck was

That White tail buck was sexy. -.- JUST KIDDING! I think that white doe was b-e-a- utiful!
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White deer are pretty rare,

White deer are pretty rare, so I think you're quite lucky you were able to see some in a zoo!
I loved the photos of the mule deer, though. It actually reminded me of a TEF fawn wearing the big white antlers. Such a cute little deer.
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If I can figure out a way to

If I can figure out a way to show it, I have two little clips that I was able to take with the camera of the mule deer. One of them shows him following me and stomping around, and the other he had his head turned and I banged on the fence to get his attention, but all he did was point his ears backwards. Heheh....ignored by a deer....

I'll probably see if I can get them up on Youtube. They don't have sound though.
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It stinks that I couldn't

It stinks that I couldn't get him to turn around though. When he finally got up and walked around the battery in my camera had died Sad

But yeah I loved the white deer. I was looking straight down at her when she looked up, too!
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She wanted you to get her

She wanted you to get her out of the pit.
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You know, now that I look at

You know, now that I look at these pictures again, that whitetail buck looks remarkably like Cyric Shocked

Well, he's not exactly rotting all over the place though....but he is showing his back like Cyric.
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I've been to that zoo!

I've been to that zoo! Shocked

Yeah, white deer are

Yeah, white deer are beautiful! We have a drive through zoo where you can feed both white deer and white tale deer. They also have Texas long horn cows.(used to let the bulls out but I guess they did something bad)
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These would make for some

These would make for some beautiful references. Are they available for refs Quad?

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Feel free to use them for

Feel free to use them for whatever you need Eye

Mobile Zoo and rock city. are

Mobile Zoo and rock city. are awesome
It’s been awhile since I have visited those places *makes plans to go back* XD. Lovely pics
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I'm pretty confident the ones

I'm pretty confident the ones at the top look like Red Deer, they're awesome! Laughing out loud <3333 *Fav deer species*

And I'm pretty sure those gorgeous white deer are Fallow Deer. Laughing out loud
Love the doe who says hi! x33

These photos are brilliant! <3333

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*revives an old topic from

*revives an old topic from 2008*

I added a group 3 of photos that has some deer and goats. I'm wondering if the one doe with the brown on her face is a piebald...

Anyway, enjoy for those of you who never got to see this post.
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These are all so beautiful..

These are all so beautiful.. <3