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Goodness! I can't believe Quad's almost 9 years old! I registered close to Halloween because I saw this on Deviantart:

And just wanted to know what the heck this Endless Forest was. Didn't know it was going to completely change my life, and that Quad would be a good friend to me for almost a third of my life.

Thanks for continuing to be an amazing community, guys.

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Awwwwhhh I absolutely adore

Awwwwhhh I absolutely adore hummingbird moths! So jealous you got to see one, I'd love to see one myself sometime. They're beautiful little guys.

Thank you for that and for the link, it really helped. Just had another incident at home again and I pretty much fell into an emotional hole that I had to climb out of, so to speak. I'm feeling...better I guess, mostly have a headache now.
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Big update for me, looks like

Big update for me, looks like I'm going to be heading back up to Pittsburgh. My aunt's boss is offering me a seasonal job at their pottery studio, so we're talking about me leaving either on Friday or Saturday. I'd be working whenever they needed me while job hunting, so that's what it sounds like the plan is
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Yay for seasonal jobs! I

Yay for seasonal jobs! I don't suppose you get to play with making pottery though, right? That's be pretty fun and probably relaxing if you did, lol.
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They have pre-made pottery

They have pre-made pottery figures and things that you only get to paint, but they let me paint 'broken' pieces before for a discounted price. I'm supposed to get an employee discount as well, so that's good.
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I made it safely to

I made it safely to Pennsylvania, and today was my first day of work at the pottery studio. It was rough, there were a lot of people that came in all at once, and my 'training' got cut short because stuff needed to get done. Needless to say I'm exhausted.

I work again tomorrow though XD...I think I'm going to go get some Dr. Scholl's for my shoes, my feet are sore just from today alone.
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I looked up environmental

I looked up environmental firms and laboratories in the Pittsburgh area and found a bunch of them last night, so I just spent the past hour and a half applying to as many as I could. I think I contacted about fifteen companies. Here's hoping I hear back from them.

Also apparently my Spirithood will come in the mail today 8D!! I ordered it Tuesday, it got here insanely quick! I'll have a picture of it as soon as it arrives Eye
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Bah well, we were going to do

Bah well, we were going to do a photoshoot today but it rained all day. I'll get some better pictures soon when I can bribe ask my aunt to take some pics of me in her back yard. She's got an awesome bramble as well as the woods edge, so I have several ideas for pictures.

But for now, this is what I look like with my skunk Spirithood on XD

The thing is ridiculously comfortable! And also the skunk is a pretty awesome totem!

Also no Flower or Pepe le Pew jokes please XD!!!
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Probably froze my aunt going

Probably froze my aunt going out and doing the photoshoot today, but it was as good of a day as any to do it before it got too snowy. She did an outstanding job though (and I'm going to get her Starbucks as compensation).

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That's a nice place

That's a nice place underneath the trees. It seems it's just made for a meditation.
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Oh yes, the bramble. It's

Oh yes, the bramble. It's been snowing too much while I've been up here this year for me to meditate, but last year I got to sit in it all the time. I actually had a really awesome experience there too - the first few times I meditated, I was watching for deer the whole time and never saw them. The last time I focused on the meditation and nothing else. As soon as I finished, I turned around and there was a doe that had walked right up to the bramble. We scared each other and she ran off, but stopped a ways away and looked back at me. She snorted several times like "You crazy human, you scared the crap outta me!", before she ran off. It was amazing.
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Welp, even more news now. I

Welp, even more news now.

I got a call from a company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and got to do a phone interview with them. If they are interested in hiring me, it sounds like I'd have to do a face-to-face interview with them, which means I'd be packing up and leaving Pennsylvania. They said they'd let me know in a few days what their decision is.

The job sounds good though, I'd be a hydrogeologist and doing lots of work with groundwater monitoring and testing. Exactly what I'm trained in, so that's good.
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I've had an awesome

I've had an awesome Christmas, hope you guys are enjoying it too. I got a lot of cool stuff so I wanted to show.

Also I saw a doe eating the deer food I put out yesterday, so that made me happy. The food I put out the other day when it rained sort of disintegrated , so I was glad she got to have breakfast from the new batch.

First off...

My aunt, uncle, and cousin in Florida sent me a Zombie Survival Kit! It's got everything from candy to supplies in it.

Mom got me a Coheed and Cambria T-shirt since I didn't get one when I got to see them in concert; Harry Potter Expecto Patronum shirt (since Harry's patronus charm is the stag and I love deer) ; my cousin up here in Pennsylvania got me an Oviraptor stuffed animal; and a Yoda plush

I got two canning/mason jar books with all sorts of recipes; a walking meditation guide book by Thich Nhat Hanh; Roald Dahl's book of Ghost Stories; a collapsible strainer from the deer in the back yard; and a ReCAP jar pourer for my mason jars when I make tea and stuff

Ninja Assassin DVD; Coheed and Cambria's album 'Second Stage Turbine Blade'; a 'Tea Rex' tea infuser; a Pittsburgh mug from Starbucks; my brother got me both the DVD and soundtrack to Beasts of the Southern Wild; and some Axe bodywash from my aunt

Not pictured are some gift cards from my brother and sister-in-law in Georgia and a lot of candy
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So hey, I picked up a copy of

So hey, I picked up a copy of Castle in the Sky today thanks to a Target giftcard I got from my brother and sis-in-law for Christmas. I'm slowly working on a collection of Hayao Miyazaki's works (Studio Ghibli) so here's my list of what I have and what left to grab (I excluded his short films)

Owned -
The Castle of Cagliostro
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Castle in the Sky
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Whisper of the Heart
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
The Secret World of Arrietty
(Tales from Earthsea)
(Grave of the Fireflies)

Not Owned -
My Neighbor Totoro (I want to make sure I get the version with the english voices I remember from childhood, not the redubbed version)
Only Yesterday
Porco Rosso
Pom Poko
The Cat Returns
Howl's Moving Castle
From Up on Poppy Hill
The Wind Rises
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My aunt had surgery this

My aunt had surgery this morning, so when I woke up she had left me a message with some money for me to pick out my own birthday cake.

I couldn't resist asking the nice lady at Wal-Mart to put a very specific symbol on a cookie cake for me Eye

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='D Awesome. Happy birthday,

='D Awesome.
Happy birthday, dude! Laughing out loud
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Well I figured out why the

Well I figured out why the deer food keeps disappearing at night! I busted Quad eating it all!
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Good news, guys. I just got

Good news, guys. I just got two phonecalls from two separate companies that may be interested in hiring me. One is in Lake Charles, LA; the other one is in Canonsburg, PA. I've got an interview with the Canonsburg company on Monday, and just got off the phone with the Lake Charles company just now.

Edit - Hey more good news, got a call from a 3rd company out of Cleveland. They'd be willing to get me some environmental experience. I mentioned I had a few other job offers and they said I could call them if the other two didn't work out

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Tomorrow's a very big day for

Tomorrow's a very big day for me, in two ways. I've got my interview with the company in Canonsburg at 10 AM, meanwhile the company in Louisiana will be calling one of my professors and asking about me.

In both instances, wish me luck. I don't know where I will end up but either way I'll be very happy.
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Good luck!

good luck quad! hope things

good luck quad! hope things go well!
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Oh my goodness! Good luck,

Oh my goodness! Good luck, Quad!
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X3 thanks a bunch guys! The

X3 thanks a bunch guys!

The interview went very well. The company is very cool and do a lot of soil sampling for the state's road services (Penndot and the Turnpike), and are looking to hire 1-2 geologists for projects. I should know between Friday and Monday if they are interested. They're interviewing three other candidates
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So the bad news is that the

So the bad news is that the Louisiana job has already let me know they're going to look into someone with more experience.

The good news? Well two things, I've gotten in contact with the company in Cleveland and they're going to get back with me for a day next week where I can come and interview with them. The OTHER good news is that my aunt's doctor (she's been in the hospital for a few days for pneumonia, but is doing good now and is home)....actually knows someone who may be interested in hiring me in the petroleum industry! So I gave him my info.

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Happy 6-years!

Happy 6-years!
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So I've got good news and bad

So I've got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that the job in Canonsburg hired someone and didn't tell me that they picked someone else until after I called and left them a voicemail.

The good news is that my aunt's boss spoke with someone who was related to a headhunter, so she gave me his contact info and I e-mailed him yesterday. Well today he called me and said he's got a couple of jobs I may be able to do. I'm waiting for an e-mail from him with details on the jobs but it sounds like one may be close to Pittsburgh and the other would be 6 hours away in New York. Sounds like they would be sort of entry level, immediate hire type of jobs.

The other news is that I have a time limit now. Basically if I don't hear anything in the next few days, I have to leave and go back to my brother's place in Georgia. His boss has a temporary job for me that I can work at for a bit while I wait to hear from these places.

So everything hinges on the next few days...
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Well another good news/bad

Well another good news/bad news sort of thing.

I just got accepted to work at my brother's grocery store as a bagger, and have orientation tomorrow.

And...yesterday got a call from a geology job in Mississippi. I'm in Georgia now, so...I honestly don't know what to do. They may want me to come interview, and it's 6 hours away.

Another tough call...
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I'm not sure if I've given

I'm not sure if I've given you guys an update or not, so here it is anyway XD.

I'm currently staying with my brother and sister in Georgia, and working at Publix as a courtesy clerk. I had a geology job call about a week ago from Mississippi, but I never heard back from them, so for now I'm doing this job.

It's been roughly four years since I've worked this much. I'm slowly getting used to it, and there are a few differences between Publix and the store I worked for before that I'm getting familiar with, but for the most part it is the same thing like I was doing.

So the new plan is to work here indefinitely, save up as much as I can, and then when I think I've saved up enough, I'll go back to job hunting for a geology career. In addition, I'm going to try to knock out some training I need to get done (40 hour OSHA HAZWOPER course), which I found a company that will let me do it all online during my free time.

I won't deny that I am a little disappointed that I'm not in my field, but it's just like my professor always said "There is no success or failure, there is only progress. If you're not getting the results you want, change some things and try again"

Who knows, maybe working at Publix for a while will help my resume. After all, I went through two days of training for this job. Most grocery stores only do an hour training or so.
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I had a neat dream that I

I had a neat dream that I want to work into a story, so any ideas or input is greatly appreciated

In the story, there are people who protect villages (I'll call them "Guardians" for now, but plan to give them a better, more original name), but they are feared and hated by the villagers because they are frequently attacked by enemies and often cause a lot of destruction.

The guardians have specific tattoos on their face in the shape of an X (though it may have looked closer to kabuki face paint instead) which identifies them as belonging to the order of guardians, and have superhuman abilities such as improved movement, strength, and accuracy. Some use gun weapons where others would use swords and heavy blunt weapons.

They are often accompanied by heavily armored knights, who wear white 'angelic' looking armor and use pole arms. These knights have no powers, but they do what they can to defend the villagers when there is a battle taking place.

There is often heavy damage to the surroundings when a battle happens, since the guardians have powers that often miss and cause destruction.

The enemies are like assassins and are always hunting the guardians, so the villagers never want them around when they appear in town because they know trouble always comes. Even though the guardians are trying to protect them, the villagers often curse and tell them to leave. A guardian could work alone with a group of knights or team with two or three others. In the dream I was working alone.

I'm trying to come up with names for everyone, including the main guardian who I was in the dream. His power was exceptional accuracy and he used pistols with what seemed to be infinite ammunition, often firing them off so fast they seemed to act more like automatic pistols. I may make it an older timeperiod, so the guns may become crossbows or bow-and-arrow instead

Anyway, what do you guys think? Pretty cool story from a dream, right?
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So hey a bit of good news

So hey a bit of good news today, I got in contact with one company I've spoken to before about geology jobs, and they may have something for me in the next few months in the Birmingham area. What do you guys think about me working an environmental compliance job? It has a lot to do with water as well, so I think it would be a pretty cool beginning job for my hydrogeology career.

If I hear anything else, I'll be sure to let you all know
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Update - I have a plan for

Update -

I have a plan for the next few months now.

May - continue saving up for the HAZWOPER course I want to take.

June - take the HAZWOPER course. Start saving for any interview trips

Late June/July - update resume and send out geology job applications.

I think this is doable. Now that I've got a set goal and deadline, I think I'll work harder at saving my money for the class and any potential interviews.
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Hug for a "old" friend

Hug for a "old" friend ...♥
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Wishing you all the best ,

Wishing you all the best , Quad !!!
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*nuzzles* thanks guys XD My

*nuzzles* thanks guys XD

My update - got a new bank account and got it set up to where one account gets $75 a week and the other gets the rest of my paycheck, so the one is 'untouchable' money and the other is what I have to spend. So I hope real soon I'll be able to afford that class I need to get done.


Would anyone be interested in a new story? I've been mulling around an idea about writing a new one with a new Goxi character (infectious alien like Iugulare and Noctuis), who has her own unique powers. Where Iugulare and Noctuis attack the brain in their infections, this new character attacks the heart, leaving her victims to have 'semi' free will. Essentially, they are not zombified like Iugulare would do, but are aware of everything going on. However they are perpetually freezing, their hearts always pumping cold blood through their bodies, and the only way they get any kind of comfort is when the new Goxi is around. It leads to one of two choices - servitude to her, or death when they disobey...she can stop their heart in an instant.

You'll also learn that there's much more about Iugulare's world that she hasn't told before, a war between the two different 'species' of Goxi ('black' like Iugulare and 'white' like Noctuis and the new one will be)...and that Iugulare's motives for trying to infect the Earth have a bit more malicious intent. I don't want to spoil anything yet XD

What do you guys think? Oh, and the new Goxi lands in the arctic, so she takes the shape of a polar bear Eye
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Today was great, I actually

Today was great, I actually got to cashier! I will admit I was nervous as heck right at the beginning but after some practice it was very easy. I even had my first crazy coupon person that spent $20 for $120 worth of groceries! Oh and the receipts have my name at the very bottom! I feel like a celebrity Eye

So this is pretty cool, I can work as a courtesy clerk, cashier, and produce clerk. I think I'm getting the hang of this jack-of-all-trades thing. Now all I need is for my brother to teach me the Meat and Seafood departments and I'll be all set.
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I am happy for you , Quad

I am happy for you , Quad Smiling
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So I'm playing this game on

So I'm playing this game on my tablet called Hellfire, it's one of those 'card' games but it's interesting.

Anyway...this creature here...

Remind anyone of anything TEF related?


...my Rock Hounds? XD
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Rock cat! Oh noes! D8

Rock cat! Oh noes! D8
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So one of my managers thinks

So one of my managers thinks I should see if Publix would reimburse me for the 40 hour OSHA HAZWOPER course I need to take. I sure hope so, it would be really awesome to get the course for free. I'll call them this week to find out. It would be about $300 I'd get back if it works out
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Decided to apply to some

Decided to apply to some geology jobs today. I sent off 7 applications to jobs in Washington, PA; Canonsburg, PA; Pittsburgh, PA Oak Ridge, TN; Kennesaw, GA; Nashville, TN; and Knoxville, TN
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Good news, I got an email

Good news, I got an email from one of the companies I applied to the other day. They were just asking for a copy I my transcript (which I have on my laptop). It's the Geologging (mud logging) job in Pittsburgh
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I was wondering if there is

I was wondering if there is anyone out there that is constantly asked/forced to explain themselves on likes, dislikes, interests, quirks, and so on...it seems like I'm constantly having to "explain myself" on a lot of stuff when I really don't want to give a reason for why i like or don't like something. It feels like being constantly under attack for not being the norm, and often I feel isolated from the standard.

Today I went to work at 6 AM, and one of my coworkers had made biscuits and gravy. He offered some to me and I politely declined, and then suddenly he got this attitude about it, saying he was offended I didn't accept it and demanding an explanation for why I don't want biscuits and gravy. It's just one of those things I don't want to eat. I'm entitled to my preferences, right?

Well for the next hour and a half he kept bringing it up about how wrong it is for me not to like biscuits and gravy, about it being a "southern staple", and even got another coworker on my case about it. I finally had to stop and say "look, I don't like it and I never will. So stop talking about it." I haven't heard since.

I get that people have their preferences, but it's entirely different when they're trying to force their preferences on you. I just don't see how people can be like that. I mean when I'm working and someone buys corn, I'll ask if they like spicy stuff and if they do, I'll mention putting some crab boil seasoning on it. If they say they don't like spicy stuff, I don't say another word about it. I'm not going to say "how can you not like spicy stuff? What's wrong with you?"

I mean what should I do in that situation, like if someone starts asking me about my preferences? I wish I could just say "I just like/don't like it" without having to explain the reason why.
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You don't need to explain

You don't need to explain yourself to anyone. Ever. They are not entitled to make you say and explain things you don't want to. Just saying (and probably constantly repeating) "I do/n't like that," is a good enough answer to a question you don't want to elaborate on. Yea, it's not enough for some people but they can get over themselves and take what you say at face value. I myself am one of those people that likes to ask 'why,' and I recently kinda pissed one of my friends off by being so insistent for explanations, but him saying his short answer and telling me to take what he says at face value made me ease up. Your coworker(s) may be like me and not mean to press things as much as they do, or they could be some bigots who need to learn to when to stop. Either way, you don't have to explain yourself if you do not want to and that should be enough for anyone. More likely then not, your coworkers will find these short answers rude or something, but.. well, again, they can get over it. You should never feel attacked, especially in the workplace, and you may want to talk to a manager about it if it continues, because that's harassment and should not be tolerated.
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It happens to me all the

It happens to me all the time. If I want to leave early from something I have to explain why I'm leaving early. Everything I do has to be questioned by some people, and it drives me over a wall. Not so much why I like/dislike something, but decisions I'm making. If they're not being questioned, they're being commented on-as in a condescending way. It just drives me crazy. I don't question anyone or really comment on anyone's decisions, yet they have to do it to me.

/needed to rant.

But yeah, like WonderfullySarcastic said, you don't have to explain yourself for anything you do. Your reasons are yours and yours alone.
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I feel like...it's okay to

I feel like...it's okay to ask 'why' when you'd like to know the explanation out of curiosity. I think that's fine, and can be enjoyable to talk about to the right person. The way this guy acted, like I was some inferior person for not eating biscuits and gravy, was uncalled for. I'm sure there's something I like that he wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. I mean not everyone likes okra, dragonfruit, and sushi. Hell I bet he'd get disgusted at the idea of eating roe (fish eggs), which I enjoy.

Anyway, yeah...it's tough when you're surrounded by people that act like that all the time, like they're always right and everything they do is law. I can't stand those kind of people who are so closed-minded.

Thanks guys, I'll give it my best not letting it get to me.
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Hiya Quaddy! How you doing,

Hiya Quaddy!

How you doing, you old fart? Glad you're still around! Smiling
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lol... I've had some friends

lol... I've had some friends and waiters give me odd looks and a "Whaaat?" when I specifically request no gravy on my biscuits.
I just don't like gravy on most things, Texan or no.
Usually a shrug and "I prefer jelly" is the end of it, though.
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*runs away*
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So I have a little dilemma at

So I have a little dilemma at work and I need some advice...

I've been working in the Produce department for about a month now, and everything's been going relatively good. The former produce manager and the store manager noted that I wasn't fast enough, and I've tried to work on that.

Well we just lost most of the department because a new store just opened up, so we have a new produce manager, and quite frankly...he's making working in the department torture for me. I've not even gotten to introduce myself or anything, because the second he sees me he starts barking out orders, like "stop everything you're doing and go put this out" or "hey don't put that out, go put this out". Or I'll be doing something and he'll walk by and start shouting, "Come on man, faster faster faster!". I went into the back area to get some more produce to put out, and couldn't get to the cooler because he was blocking it, talking to someone, and then the second he saw me he screamed "What are you doing back here? You have to be visible, man! Get out on the sales floor!"

Granted, I understand he just got promoted to being a manager, and yes, it is a new store for him and all, but really...I know how to do my job. I've worked in a produce department for roughly 4 years from my old job. And I'm doing the best I can at my speed, but...it's only been two days I've worked with him and the guy is driving me crazy.

I've mulled over the thoughts of asking to return to the Front End, especially as a cashier, because I actually really enjoy being a cashier. I mean I can be a bagger again, but I really enjoy cashiering. Or the other idea is to transfer to the new store as whatever they want (my brother will be at the new store too). But then it's like a step back...I won't have the same amount of hours I've been getting (32 as compared to 21-30 I got in the front end), and as my brother has said, "It's better to be in a department than the front end"...

...but all my friends are in the Front End...

What would you do if you were me? I mean, what's better - a job you don't like so much but make good money or a job you enjoy but with less money?

It just seems like I bust my butt for Produce and still am never good enough, like having experience from an 'inferior' grocery store makes it worthless.
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The enjoyment vs. money is

The enjoyment vs. money is something you have to weigh for yourself. If it were a huge difference in money, I'd probably tough it out for a while personally, but if we're talking like a dollar or so an hour or 2-3 hours a week, you need to take a good look at what your happiness (and sanity!) is worth to you. Is your happiness worth $20 a week? $30? I know it can seem like a lot when you have loans and whatnot that you're worried about, but this is your happiness we're talking about.
If you enjoy what you're doing, the day flies by - but if you're unhappy with it, the hours are going to drag by.
I forget who put it to me this way... in fact, it may have been one of the little speeches the first doctor I worked with had regarding a patient's quality of life, but you have to look at your good days and bad days. If you have a bad day here and there, but they're buffered by good days, that's okay. But if you're having more bad days than good days, maybe it's time to move on.
It's only been two days. You can have two or three bad days in a row and come out the other side alright. Happens to the best of us. Hopefully the new manager will settle down after he's realized he's already proven himself and he doesn't have to make you miserable to make himself look good. If he doesn't, though, do what makes you happy.
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I decided I'll talk with the

I decided I'll talk with the managers in the front end and ask if I can be a cashier. I think it's the best option, and honestly it'll just help me drive to getting my HAZWOPER class done faster.

The way I see it, there's three reasons I'd want to go back up front that I will mention -

1 - The way the Produce department is run isn't what I'm used to from my previous experience
2 - Of the jobs I've done, I've enjoyed cashier the most
3 - All my friends are up front.

Thanks for the help, the advice really did help me with my decision