Out of Exile --Dond's Biography--

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"It's been a year since that day...
Our antlers clashed and locked over a doe
And I stood victorious over you.
I watched you fall to your death
And on that day, I took her far away
So she would forget about you.
It's been a year, and I have returned
And have heard that you are still alive..."

Design by Chickenwhite

Name- Dond
Gender- Stag
Age- Mid 20's

Picto- X
Set- Fan Antlers, Kabuki Mask, Fan Pelt

Rival- Blixt (will get a bio for him soon)

Dond was Blixt's best friend in their fawnhood, but when a doe came into the picture, both of them fell in love with her. When she began to notice Blixt more over Dond, he became infuriated, and fought Blixt for her love. They clashed on a cliffside, and ultimately Dond threw Blixt off the cliff to his death.

Blixt, nearly dead, was healed by Michael and given a luchador mask to cover a deep gash that cut across his face. Blixt had no recollection of the events that took place, or even who he was. He went to live in the Endless Forest, unaware that his rival would return one day.

Dond and the doe left the land in search of a better life, but incidentally, he would not be able to protect her from a coyote pack. Dond escaped with his life, only to watch as the doe he and Blixt fought over was torn to pieces (I'll write this part of the story one day too). He returns to the Endless Forest only to learn that his rival is still alive.

Once again jealous that his rival still lives, he sought the power to fight him, and was given a set of armor by Iugulare, that would grant him greater strength, reflexes, and defense, but at the eventual cost of his life as the armor would slowly infect him, turning him into one of Iugulare's minions. He seeks to finish the fight he started with Blixt, until only one of them stand.

"Blixt, when I find you, you will die by my antlers!"
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I'll need help coming up with

I'll need help coming up with a set for him. I think he's going to use Wakka's picto, and maybe one day he and Blixt will meet in-game and have a fight.

He obviously has the Fan Antlers, but not sure what pelt or mask to give him.
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Trackery! Hmm, how about


Hmm, how about trying your hand at colouring him to get inspiration? >w< Though I always saw him as being golden-brown >w<
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This is so cool, hope to meet

This is so cool, hope to meet him in forest eventually. Smiling

After looking at the picture, I was thinking Orca or Monarch mask, but just a suggestion since you mentioned not being sure about his set other than the Fan antlers.
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Tracking. Hmm. His


Hmm. His mask/helmet kinda reminds me of the secretary bird mask and maybe the antelope or fan pelt? /has no clue =P

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After using the Style Your

After using the Style Your Deer thing on Deviantart, I think I really like the fan pelt and orca mask for him. I may change the mask but it looks good together.

The only other idea for a mask i had was the whistling mask, but it seems to be used a lot lately.
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Looks like a good choice! >w<

Looks like a good choice! >w< The kabuki-mask would work pretty well too, or what do you say? >w<
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Kabuki isn't bad on him, but

Kabuki isn't bad on him, but the only reason why I was avoiding it is because that set is nearly identical to Laruna's set, aside from the antlers.

But that's just me. I know there are plenty of deer who look identical to one another, I guess I just don't want to rip off Laruna's look.

Now that I look at it, I do like the look. And I suppose it wouldn't be ripping off if I wear different antlers. I guess I will go with the kabuki for him.
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Quad, if you think that set

Quad, if you think that set fits him, you should use it! It doesn't bother me at all, honestly.<3 (:
And your deer always have such interesting backstories! I can't wait to see what happens with this one.
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Alright, then, but orca is

Alright, then, but orca is fine too, you know >w<
And I never really saw it as ripping off if two deer had the same set coincidentally, especially if the set only mimics the original design as in this case instead of the other way around >w<
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Laruna - thanks, i decided to

Laruna - thanks, i decided to use the kabuki mask after all. And honestly, I don't even know what'll happen between Blixt and Dond. I wrote their story a year ago and never did anything with it.

Chickenwhite - XD nah I'm gonna use the kabuki mask, I like it better. Thanks again for the design, I never would have made Dond if you didn't offer those adoptions!
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Aww, you're welcome, Quad,

Aww, you're welcome, Quad, it's all I can do when people struggle with designs and I have a surplus floating around in my brain TwT;;
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I just had a great and

I just had a great and terrifying idea with him, too. Maybe I'll write this story out this week.

I decided that Iugulare gives him the armor that you designed, but at the cost of his life. Over time it will slowly infect him, but it gives him superpowers, enough to where Blixt wouldn't have a chance to face him.

Blixt, on the other hand, is slowly learning who he is. He soon remembered with a chance encounter with The Collector, and by that time, he starts to realize that he needs to train and prepare if Dond ever returns. He has no idea what he's in for.

Maybe I'll keep the rest of the story a secret until I write it. Eye

Hah...I gotta get a timeline on all of this.
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Damn, that sounds so

Damn, that sounds so awesome!! >w< I seriously can't wait to read all of this! >w< You ever thought about publishing some of your writings? >w<
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I usually don't consider

I usually don't consider publishing anything TEF-related only because it's fanfiction if that makes sense. But otherwise I may publish some of my non-TEF stuff. I've actually put together some of my stories and poems recently to share with my family, maybe later they may be published.

I think a DunDundunnnnn is

I think a DunDundunnnnn is warranted for this guy's backstory! xD
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The thing is, he's not a

The thing is, he's not a terrible guy. Just when you have two stags loaded with testosterone and you toss a doe in, bad things can happen. Eye

Maybe one day he'll change his ways. But for now, both he and Blixt are intent on killing each other.

I suspect there are some hard

I suspect there are some hard feelings about being chucked off a cliff too :U lol
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Mhmm! Very, very hard

Mhmm! Very, very hard feelings.

The difference between Blixt and Dond though:

Dond has had a year to think about what he did (and to build up anger). Blixt lost his memory, so it comes more as a shock to him when he remembers what happened.
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Bwah! What a character! I

Bwah! What a character! I shall give thee a track!
>B A Maaaaaaaaagic track