Book suggestions? (Non-TEF, will delete asap)

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Hey guys, this won't stay up for very long, but I thought I'd ask about something real quick.

I'd like to get a new fiction book to read, maybe a short science fiction or fantasy book. Short chapters are a plus for me too. Anything involving space travel or dragons are pluses too.

Anyone have any recommendations?

The last thing I read was Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein if that helps with what I'm interested in. One person on Facebook suggested I read Ender's Game, but I wanted to get a few more suggestions before I start looking.

Thanks guys XD
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Artemis Fowl series (really

Artemis Fowl series (really good fantasy)
Harry Potter series (if you haven't read them)
Wrath of Fate (Steampunk anyone?)
Warriors series (Kids books kinda but pretty good imho)

I'll think of some more x.o
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Not really science fiction

Not really science fiction but Eona is pretty good ^^
I also loved the Inheritance Cycle
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Hey thanks for the

Hey thanks for the suggestions so far. I've written down Wrath of Fate, Eon (it's the prequel to Eona), Artemis Fowl, and Eragon so far. I always wondered what was up with those books with the dragons on the cover, just never got around to starting that series.
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Highly recommend the Percy

Highly recommend the Percy Jackson series. They're really fast, easy reads and will suck you in B|
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Ah, I really love the

Ah, I really love the Inheritance Cycle myself too, worth of reading! Also I love the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, written by Michelle Paver.
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Not at my bookshelves so

Not at my bookshelves so going off of memory:

Really recommend Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. Love those books. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is good too. On the longer side but the chapters are rather short.

{e}After a quick scan of my book shelves I found a couple. I'm not totally into Sci-Fi, but there's Stephen King's The Tommyknockers which is pretty good. 11/22/63 is time travel-y and interesting. Cell, The Mist, Desperation or Christine(love these last two. Granted they're all more Horror than fantasy or Sci Fi) He has The Eye of the Dragon which is fantasy. Oh! E.E. Knight's The Age of Fire series is really good. Six or seven shorter books. You might like them.

Uhh. Okay blanking at the moment. Eon the one before Eona is pretty good. The Named series by Clare Bell is great, five -or six?-shorter books in the series. I'll edit this with more when I get to my books.
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Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I've got five books now - three physically thanks to a used bookstore and two on the way via -

Artemis Fowl
Ender's Game
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness - Wolf Brother
and The Door Into Summer by Robert Heinlein

I'll keep this up for a day or two and then most likely delete it unless you guys want it to stay up for any reason Eye

Gotta decide what to start first too XD
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The Dragon Chronicles is a

The Dragon Chronicles is a series by Chris D'Lacey. Rather good.

There's also the Fablehaven series.

The Maze Runner
The Scorch Trials
The Death Cure
^ Really awesome trilogy
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The Hunger Games Trilogy,

The Hunger Games Trilogy, perhaps? ^^
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^ Nooo anything but the

^ Nooo anything but the Hunger Gamez D:


Fun Fact, Disney bought the rights for the Artemis Fowl movie Laughing out loud
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I would recommend the series

I would recommend the series that begins with His Majesties Dragon.
The Dragon Avenger series is also fantastic.
The Book of Earth and The Book of Water by Marjorie Kellog were pretty good too.

Also, the authors Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, Brent Weeks, Robert Jordan, Patricia Briggs, and Jim Butcher write wonderful stuff.
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The only books I can think of

The only books I can think of right now is the Bartimaeus Trilogy and The Ring of Soloman which also has Bartimaeus in it.
Oh, I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world.
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XD SOLI I need to think of


I need to think of more.... hmm.
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Eheheheheheee Also, The


Also, The Guardians of Ga'hoole series is alot of fun. Kind of reminds me of the Warriors books sorta.

My reason for reading the books has NOTHING to do with my obsession of the movie-NOPE. >.> <.<
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Just gonna mark my spot here

Just gonna mark my spot here so I can tell you which book to recommend once I get home. ~

Oh and a series I've read that I think is really good is the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini.