The Gift of Flame (Featuring Rhoda)

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From my 3rd Annual Art Request for Writing

The Gift of Flames
Featuring RedRaptor96's Rhoda

Fire, fire, burning bright
Bringing warm and kindling light
We wish we may we wish we might
Wish upon a fiery sight

Her hooves spark fire as she runs
Fierce and burning like the Sun
Who knows how fire was won
But Rhoda was lucky to be the one

Those who see may think at first
That the doe was clearly cursed
But she quelled a primal thirst
For agility with every fiery burst

With every step she left a flame
The only marking of her game
How could anyone hope to tame
The one who is too fast to claim?

She laughs and grins as she runs past
The doe was simply way too fast
A blur in the eyes of those who asked
What just ran by with fiery blast

And as the day and night now shift
So ended the doe's flaming gift
But she was happy she could be so swift
As the fire in her hooves quietly rift

Rhoda went to her place of rest
Wondering if anyone could have guessed
That she was the runner of flame so blessed
She smiled as her secret was never addressed

The doe of the sun laid down her head
Her heart still pulsing and beating its stead
The flames now soot where her hooves had tread
But the fire within would never be dead

what a wonderful story thank

what a wonderful story thank you Smiling
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I'm glad you liked it

I'm glad you liked it Eye