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The Diary of Lemon, Nov 9

November 9

Days like these are the fortitude of my very existence. There are times when I can only question the reason I am here, when nothing about my life seems to fit together. Sometimes I feel like a puzzle with all of the wrong pieces. But days like today serve to remind me that my pieces fit together quite well...

I had found a place on the ancient ruin, perched demurely on a high rise of cold stone. The rain had been falling in torrents for nearly two days – a gift from the Gods. I have always been fond of rain, and of water. Needless to say, I was not about to go hiding in the forest, seeking shelter from the gentle caress of the rain. I was going to soak in the feel of the droplets against my skin for as long as I possibly could – and I was pleased to find that I was not the only one with this notion. I was in good company, in fact; for, though the forest was still and silent, the ruin was teeming with life. Deer lounged on the various levels of the ruin – one perched above me on one of the mossy arches, another rested against one of the stony graves. I could not tell how many others joined me – but to be in their silent company was well enough. The world was at peace, soothed to a sleepy tranquility by the careful touch of nature's hand. There was little more I could desire, in that moment.
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Sorry for the disappearance...

Again. Sad

It started out as merely lack of time, and was soon added to by a combination of mono and anemia, which made it so that I could no longer even get out of bed. Now that I'm recovering, however, I think it's time to get back into the swing of things. I'm really sorry to have missed the rut, and I'm even more sorry that I haven't said anything about why I've been so scarce, until now...

I haven't been keeping up with the fanart a thon, either; but hopefully I will be able to start participating, again. (:

Love you guys! I missed it here. <3
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Shy's Biography

Last update: August 12, 2009!




Pale blue

Magpie Pelt < Whistling Mask < Peacock feathers

Shy has no recollection of her life prior to the forest; and therefore, has no idea what her real name is. During her first day in the forest, she overheard two deer talking about her. One of the deer remarked to the other, "Oh, she must be shy!" Misinterpreting what the deer meant, Shy went on to assume that this was her name.

Shy is a scrawny girl. She is somewhat underweight, with slightly visible ribs and a protruding backbone. She isn't the prettiest of creatures, but she is certainly an interesting piece. Her face resembles that of a goat, though it is well hidden by her mask. She has a long mane of fairly long green fur, reaching from the crown of her head to the base of her neck. Wispy bangs frame her peculiar, masked face; adding to the sense of careful concealment. Her pelt is not iridescent, but is rather quite dull and soft, and it is nearly solid blue, lacking almost entirely both the usual dark stripes and the fine white belly possessed by most Magpie-pelted deer.
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Lemon's Journal - August 4, 2009

I awoke with the intention of making myself scarcely seen. I tripped carefully through the forest, my ears pointed alertly in all directions, attempting to find a place where I would not be bothered. I moved along the circumference of the pond – a pathetic choice in hiding places, and an obvious sign that I was sorely needing companionship, since the pond was always the most popular hangout – and yet, I was astonished to find it eerily abandoned. I listened more intently, and discovered the reason quite quickly – there was a rather large din being made some distance off; more violence. With a sigh, I found myself meandering in the direction of the clustered deer, wondering why I found myself so increasingly drawn to fights and scuffles, this way. Perhaps it is the mother in me, making me wait like a vulture for some injured fool to come stumbling out of the fray, so that I might rush in and nurse the poor dear to health and comfort his wounds. I hope it is this – I pray – and not some sinister part awakening, some lust for blood making it’s unwanted appearance.

I found first a little miniature deer – only a small amount shorter than I – who seemed absolutely disheartened at the sight before him. I inquired as to what in the world all of the noise was about, but my new companion was of little aid: and so I set about, instead, attempting to lift his spirits and encourage him to ignore the disturbance in the distance. We made a little party among ourselves, and were quickly joined by a quirky nameless deer, who seemed eager to be painted with the lavish pelt spells, but would only grow frustrated when they wore off.
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Lemon's meme (Ohgod)

lol. So instead of doing anything PRODUCTIVE, I decided to do the TEF meme! |D
Sorry for the chicken scratch handwriting.
If you need to know what anything says, just ask.
...Not that there's anything intelligent here to be said.

Also, I got SUPER lazy at the end (not that I wasn't at the beginning). Sorry!

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Lemon's Journal - July 27, 2009

This year, there will be a rutting season. I have heard nothing good of this season – my memories of the mortal world can only amplify the horror and dread I currently feel, knowing that I will soon experience such an unpleasant time of year for myself. Still, I find myself morbidly curious – sinfully so – as to what this season will bring for me. It will be a first, most certainly, for me. Should Seth and I still be as close and entwined as we had once been, I would not have to worry about the flippant toils of proud stags – but alas, I fear I will find myself without a suitable male companion, when the season comes, leaving me at the mercy of warring bachelors. Seth and I have drifted irreparably distant, you see. I am hesitant to say that we are no longer a couple, though it would ease my anxieties quite well. I still adore him greatly, and he will always hold a place in my heart. Yet…

I suppose I should finally put into words what has given my heart such distress, lately. In his absence, you see, I’ve grown rather fond of someone else. It pains me to be so frank; but the truth is there, and it isn’t as if it’s difficult to see where my heart truly lies. I feel like such a fool, such a disloyal and pathetic excuse for a girl; and lately, I have been finding myself thrown violently from one mood to the next. At some points, I am excited and giddy, like a fawn reveling in her first glimpses of childish love. And yet, the next moment I feel ashamed of myself, and utterly distraught at how betrayed my heart has left me. I hardly know what to do with myself, anymore…
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Lemon's Journal - July 21, 2009

Ooc; bleh, this is long and rather boring. But I wanted to write something, so I did. C: Verdy, if I butchered Walter, I’m sorry.

When I awoke, I found myself curled up against the warmth of one of the larger playground rocks. I lay for a moment, my legs entangled, listening carefully to my surroundings. Nearby, I could hear two deer engaged in a sort of fight. Carefully, I rose to my feet, and there I remained for a moment, listening intently to the sounds of battle. There are moments when, I fear, a sort of morbid delight overtakes me, whenever I hear the sound of two stags engaged in some trivial conflict. I like to think that it is an instinct which I acquired in the womb, listening to my feral and highly uncultured father duke it out with competing males; rather than some sort of sociopathic flaw in my mental status. It isn’t, after all, as if I desire blood and carnage. I rather hate it when fights break out, in fact. Yet there is always a twinge of dreadful glee, whenever the sound of clashing antlers happens to strike my ears. And so it was, in this moment, that I listened quietly for a moment while the two stags fought – though it was evident from the very start that the battle was piteously one-sided.
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To anyone who's wondered...

I'm not sure who's noticed, but I haven't been in the forest or on the site for the past week and a half, or so. Unfortunately, it seems that my wireless internet has decided to hate me. c: Hence, the reason I don't really get to play TEF much, lately. My connection is shot. We're looking into getting a new router or something, as our the connection quality seems to be deteriorating by the day.

As for being absent from the community site, I'd really rather not talk about that. A lot of real life problems have sprung up suddenly, which aren't really fun to talk about. But I would like you guys to know that I hope to become a much more active player, soon. At most, I'll be sorta somewhat absent until June. I'll still be here, but I won't be able to log in every single day like I used to, and I won't be able to read every single blog like I used to, either.

Anyway, like I said, I'm not even sure if my absence has been noted; but this is just a quick notice for those who did... er, notice. :>

Love you guys! <3
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Eliott's Biography!

Edited March 20th - still under construction, still working out personality tweaks...


COLOR !dc9228

All family members are adopted; those with asterisks (*) were adopted directly.



SET !Noh Pelt | Real Deer Mask | Kirin Antlers

Eliott is a fairly large creature. He is tall and muscular, with a broad chest. However, Eliott is not exactly a deer. No one is quite sure what kind of creature Eliott is, though he seems to be some sort of Cervidae/Bovine cross. Eliott's antlers mildly resemble those of a bighorn sheep. They are large, thick, bony structures which curve away from his skull, and curl upwards at the tip. Eliott is bright orange in color, with a black stripe which runs along his back, and dips down at certain points along his body. His eyes are fiery orange, and he has deep black markings surrounding them, like eyeliner. Eliott also wears a silver bull ring in his nose, and it is unclear how Eliott got the ring, why he wears it, or where it came from. Eliott also has a thick scruff of fur on his neck – similar to that of an Elk – and a thick mane which runs from the top of his head, to the tip of his tail.


”Take My Hand” – Simple Plan

Sometimes I feel like everybody's got a problem;
Sometimes I feel like nobody wants to solve them...
I know that people say we're never going to make it,
But I know we're going to get through this!

[i]Take my hand tonight,
Let's not think about tomorrow!
Take my hand tonight,
We could find some place to go...
Cause our hearts are locked forever,
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Lemon's Journal - March 14, 2009

I thought it was about time I made a new journal entry, for Lemon. c:


My, it has been a while since I last wrote; hasn't it? I won't bore you with the drama that has been revolving around me, lately. Rather, I will simply let you know that all is well.

Today, I found myself full of unusual emotions. I felt wounded and upset -- and I suppose I ought to tell you the reason behind this. You see, I recently broke Walter's heart. It seems that I have a pension for doing so; this silliness seems awfully reminiscent of those early days with the Phantom, just after I had accepted Seth as my mate. What is wrong with me; why must I attract all of this unwanted attention?

And why; why would I feel hurt, today? I had no reason to feel angry or depressed over recent events; I was the one who was not alone! Yet... knowing that Walter was back to courting other does made me a bit jealous, I suppose. I hated knowing that I had been made a fool -- made to believe that Walter had loved me with his heart, only to discover that he merely lusted after me with his... well, not with his heart, that's for sure. I suppose I'm just desperate for some romance. Seth is gone, again; and I don't blame him one bit. His human has been going through a terrible time. I feel so selfish feeling so... lonely, without Seth. Is it wrong for me to feel this way? I just miss his company, his affection... It hurts to see other couples so happy, so together. I will stick it out until he returns again, of course; but... for now, I suppose it's mainly envy which rampages through me, turning my stomach sick every time I smell that Walter has adorned himself with flowers, ready to present them to some silly git. Some girl who will fall for his charms, and believe that she is special, like I did.
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