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Lemon's Journal - Jan 8, 2009

Today was another rambunctious day. I woke up with a ton of energy! Right off the bat, I ran into Quamar, and a few other deer. I didn't know who they were, but I was feeling unusually friendly. I guess when you go so long without much social interaction, you start to miss it.

We had fun being generally quite silly.

Before long, I ran off to run around with Montie, and two other deer I didn't know. I hid in a tree until one of the unknown deer discovered me, and started blasting me with mask spells! After that, we played around for quite a long time.

Feeling a bit exhausted, from so much unusual interaction, I went off on my own for a bit. I returned to the birch forest; a place I have grown rather fond of, when I wish to be alone. I stayed by myself for a bit, practicing some tricks. Then, Quamar came galloping up, followed by his troop of friends! I was glad to see his familiar face.

As I was still feeling quite silly, we had more goofy fun.

After a while, I settled down with an identical fawn, and everyone began to run and leap around us.

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Deer titles?

I've noticed a lot of deer have titles, like "the forest storyteller" or something like that, i don't know. xD

Frankly, I like the idea. It gives a tiny 2 or 3 word glimpse into the deer's personality. :> I'd love for Lemon to have one, but I think it's kind of like a nickname -- you don't try to get one, it should just.. come to you. xD

I'm curious. Was this just like a little phase that tef'ers went through for a while, or is it still pretty common? What are some of the titles that you guys have, what's the story behind them?
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Lemon's Journal - Jan 6 & 7, 2008

I woke up for the abio, a bit late. I found that the deer had all gathered at the ruins -- much to my dismay. I am utterly terrified of the ruins. You see, there are two types of spirits. There are good spirits, and there are evil spirits. I just know that the ruins are infested with evil spirits, and I'm terrified to go near the place. Besides, the smell of death is pungent in that place. Just smelling that stagnant odor makes my heart race, and my knees go weak. But I joined them anyway, trying to keep from trembling too much. Much to my relief, it was soon time to move on.

I've got to tell you, the twin Gods are much creepier than I ever imagined. Their chilling howls alone are enough to make any deer squirm with fear. Let alone the things they do; causing squirrels and frogs to erupt out of nowhere, dropping cages on us, making those blasted, freaky statues pop up all over the place... But they also perform such beautiful miracles -- flowers bursting out of nowhere, fish swimming through the air, rainbows arching over the pond, and flowing from the idol...

And just being in the midst of so many deer was an awe-inspiring thing, in and of itself. In such a massive crowd, I didn't feel nervous or anti-social, like I suspected I might. No, seeing so many deer move in tandem to each other... it was... amazing. I was too busy being terrified and amazed, to worry about what they might think of me.
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Lemon's Journal - Musings - 1-5-2008

I don't have any pictures for you, today. I'd like to spend some time, rather than simply recanting the events of the day, to pen my actual thoughts.

I haven't seen the Phantom for a few days. I did see him on the 1st day of the new era, though. We traveled through the forest in the usual way, and I didn't, at first, suspect that there would be anything unusual about our meeting. I can't remember exactly how it happened, but somehow, we found ourselves in the middle of a rather large group of deer, in the playground. There were probably four or five deer running about -- not a large number to some of the older members of the forest, but large enough for two socially-awkward and loner-type individuals, wouldn't you agree? In any case, I watched him from the corner of my eye, partially amused and partially horrified. How would he react to being in such close quarters with so many other deer?

He leap't onto one of the tallest rocks, watching the other deer with a wary eye. Much to my relief, most of the deer seemed uninterested. There was one deer, of course, who wanted to make a friend out of the phantom. I, of all deer, knew that this was nearly an impossible task. But I didn't stop him, like I did the fawn. Instead, I watched. The phantom seemed jumpy, as if he expected the other stag to suddenly lash out. I shrunk back a little, feeding off of the phantom's insecurity.
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Just curious? :o

Am I really the only fawn whose spells don't stick? D: At first, I figured the stickyness was over, now that New Year's is gone. But I see other fawns running around with their sets.

I've also had spells cast on me, and they don't show up. :C Tried restarting twice. Anyone know what's going on?
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Lemon's Journal - New Year's Eve

I headed for the playground early, excited for the festivities to begin. There, I met a large group of (evidently) like-minded deer. We danced for a bit, then curled up on one of the rocks, in a circle. We looked quite lovely, with our candled antlers lighting the night.

Then. All of the sudden, I saw him! Oh, how my heart leapt at the sight. The phantom was laying quite a distance away, watching us. I said adieu to the candled deer, hopped down off the rock, and trotted over to where the ever-watchful stag was laying. I gave him a nuzzle, and he got up. At first, I expected him to run -- but he didn't, at first. No, he hung around, watching me curiously. Then he turned, staring me right in the face. I looked up at his curious skull, into his empty eyes, and smiled. He got closer, lingering there, with his muzzle near mine. He made a tiny movement, but shook it off before I could see what he was trying to do. Then he walked slowly past me, so close that our ribcages rubbed together, and I almost expected to hear the sort of sound you'd hear when someone runs their finger down a xylophone. When the yellow aura subsided, he looked back at me, and trotted off.

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Lemon's Journal - 12-31-2008

Today's Song: My! My! - Enya


No sign of my dear ever-watchful, for the past two days. I have to admit, that makes me a little sad. It's nice to have him around, you know. Maybe I'll think of a name to call him; a name that only I know. Since he seems adamant about keeping his name a secret from me, and since I hardly get the chance to speak to him, I suppose it wouldn't hurt much.

Maybe I'll call him 'the phantom'. It is a rather suiting title, wouldn't you agree? That is, given his peculiar habit of appearing and disappearing so suddenly...

Today is a very special day. Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new era. This day only comes once every twelve years, so it is important that we deer make the most of it.

Yesterday I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friend, Seed. He is such a great guy! I really am lucky to have him as a friend. Most of our play was in the pond; we went skinny dipping -- teehee! Well, it's easy for me to go without a set, because I'm a fawn. But I plopped into the water and shed my flowers, anyway.

The other thing I did yesterday, was go for my very first fly through the forest! Yep, I finally did it! I found the perfect launch pad in the middle of a mushroom circle near the pond. I took off, and landed in one of the big willow trees. I danced there for a while, feeling pretty proud of myself.

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asdf, stupid computer. D|

To those of you who tried to say hi, but were met with a non-responsive Lemon, I'm sorryyyy. D:

Something's up with my connection, and everything in tef is failing. I keep seeing nameless fawns everywhere, and none of my hotkeys work half the time. On top of that, my arrow keys don't work half the time, either. And my framerate is still around 4 fps.

Is anyone else having this problem/know what to do?

Everything was running PERFECT, just a few days ago. :'(
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MY TURN LOL (music quizzz)

[sub]How am I feeling today? Something is Not Right with Me - Cold War Kids
lol, true. :'D

What is my best friend's theme song? Infected - Demon Hunter
wtflol. xD

What is the best thing about me? My Body - Benny Benassi
asdfghjkl; OH MY GOD. xDD

How is today going to be? Spring and by Summer Fall - Blonde Redhead
8o Lemon's themesong. Well yes, lots of TEF, today.

How is my life going? The End of Heartache - Killswitch Engage
Aww. |3

What song will they play at my funeral? Dead Underground - Opiate for the Masses
LOL, well the title's rather fitting, at least? xDD

How does the world see me? I like the Way - Bodyrockers
That doesn't explain much. :B

What do my friends think of me? Call on Me - Eric Prydz
lol, that is cute. And cheezy. And lol god now the music video is stuck in my head.

Do people secretly lust after me? Into Everything - Telepopmusik
Only the people who have no standards? lolidk.

How can I make myself happy? Put Your Hands Up - Benny Benassi

What should I do with my life? Getting Away with murder - Papa Roach.

What is some good advice? Finding Out True Love is Blind - Louis XIV
What good advice. :'D

What do I think my current theme song is? Me and the Moon - Something Corporate
Aww that's so sad. ;___; And it might be true, if only it was about a father and daughter, rather than a wife and husband.

Will you get married? Jerk it Out - Caesars
I honestly don't know what to make of this. :|

What should I do with my love life? Who's Your Daddy - Benny Benassi
lol sexytime. ;D

Where will you live? Here in Your Arms - HelloGoodbye
;U; That is so cute. <3

What will your dying words be? She Hates me - Puddle of Mudd
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Lemon's Journal - 12-29-2008

LT: For those who saw me today, I apologize. ;___; My computer is spazzing out like wtf. So if I don't respond, or suddenly disappear, or say I've got to go but don't lay down or disappear for like 5 minutes, blame my computer. D|

My framerate is also around 4 fps (with spazmoments of around 11 fps xD), today. So um yeah. xD I kind of have trouble keeping up with running deer. <3

It's kind of funny, because everything will be all choppy for a while, and then my computer will catch up and the deer will move in super-fast-forward for a second. xDDD

Sorry! DD:

- LT


He nuzzled me.

It took a while for me to get close enough, but eventually, I did. I just gathered up all of my courage, and walked right up to him. I gently reached out and gave him a little nuzzle, trying to tell him that it was alright. And then, he nuzzled me back. Of course, he only did it for a split second, and then he was galloping off again, leaving me all alone in his trail of dust.

But I didn't mind. I was too stunned to care; and for quite a while, I just stood there, mesmerized by what I'd just experienced. Then I laid down, letting my mind wander.

The sound of little hooves roused me from my half-slumber, and I realized that there was a little fawn dancing around in front of me. I shrunk back a little, startled at the fawn's sudden appearance. And all of the sudden, the stag was there. He came galloping up, rearing and bucking, and placed himself right in between the other fawn and myself. He lowered his antlers at the fawn, scratching the ground and rearing in anger. I watched in awe, slightly worried that he would harm the little fawn. At the same time, I couldn't help but wonder... why was he protecting me?

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