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Lemon's Journal - Feb 7

I may add images later, but I don't have time at the moment. <3 Sorry it's so long!


Today was the first relatively normal day I’ve had in a long while. Seth and I have decided to adopt the little fawn known as Peppa. Peppa, is entirely deaf. I understand exactly what it’s like to be debilitated, how scary everything can be. Of course, I went blind gradually – as a young fawn, my eyesight was perfect. As I grew nearer and nearer to my first birthday, however, things went awry. My vision became blurred, and quite dim. This continued to get worse, until one day, I was utterly and completely blind. No fawn should have to live like I do. I hope I can help Peppa become a slightly more well-adjusted doe then I am. Perhaps her childhood will be a little less lonely, a little less sad. I can only hope…

I also feel that it’s important to note the fact that, though Peppa is not my biological daughter, I still refer to her as such. I hate to say that she isn’t related to me – it almost seems as if I’m almost ashamed to say that she belongs to me, that way. I’m proud to call her my daughter, proud to deliberately leave off that dampening clause to her title. For a long time, I’ve longed to have a daughter or son of my own, knowing that I will never have the chance to know what it’s like, to feel another living being grow within my belly. Peppa is my little girl. She is not my adopted daughter; she is my daughter, plain and simple. And I wouldn’t be have it any other way.
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Walter/Verdy! <3

This is a pretty pointless entry, but I wanted to clarify Lemon's behavior. <3

Peppa, Lemon's daughter, is absolutely terrified of spells. And I think you've met her before, so you know she's also quite timid. Eye So, Lemon was trying to keep Peppa away from all the 'scary stuff', while also encouraging her to meet the other deer. But with all the spells being cast and scaring Peppa off, she became quite frustrated.

She tried to find you and try to introduce Peppa and Walter, again (that's what she was trying to do, originally), but I only found you after Peppa had gone to sleep. :< But she did apologize for yelling at Walter. xD

Again, this might be kind of a pointless blog, but I didn't want any misunderstandings. <3 Lemon wasn't angry, just protective.
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Lemon's Journal - Feb 6

Bleh. I'm really starting to hate Lemon. .____.


I awoke determined to make today a better day. Yesterday had been a mess, and the day before had been even worse. How could one innocent little thing cause such a mess? Something that was always true all along; but was merely finalized, officiated? How could this be happening; everything had been going so well. And now, everything that had once been important to me, was failing me.

I found myself beneath one of the playground rocks -- the place I'd fallen asleep the night before, hiding from the wolves and from gently-spoken friends with pity in their voices. There were birds clustered all around me, hundreds of them, their shrill little voices singing merrily away. I wanted to be angry at them, for having such simple and cheery lives. But, remembering my determination to be happier, today, I merely ignored the birds altogether.

I emerged from my fickle hiding place, only to find myself face-to-face with a little fawn. We bowed to each other at the same time, which struck both of us as funny, for some reason. I started to introduce myself, but was interrupted by the arrival of three grown deer. I only recognized one of the deer, a doe named Flyra. Not sure if I'd be able to handle so much social interaction quite yet, I tried to let them know that I wasn't feeling entirely sociable. They seemed to understand, but that didn't inhibit the awkward silence which inevitable followed our introductions. I find that sociable deer are often quite ill at ease around shy deer. The seconds ticked by, and I eventually said a curt goodbye, and trotted off.
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Lemon's Journal - Feb 5

Little warning (for Echo, mainly); Lemon's being emo. <'3 x___x Sorryyyy. -kicks her-
Also, no pictures this time. It's too much of a hassel.


Today wasn't such a good day, though it was at least a little better than yesterday. I spent much of the day skulking around the forest, avoiding contact with other deer at all costs. Though everything had been, for the most part, worked out between the phantom and I, my emotions were still strong. Seed told me that love is the most unselfish thing there is. To some degree, I suppose I agree with that. But then, I still feel as if I've caused more than my share of trouble, just to make myself a little happier. My actions, in retrospect... it just... doesn't seem like something an unselfish deer would do. Still, what's done is done. And somewhere deep inside, I knew that sulking around wasn't going to solve anything. Yet, how could I do anything else, when even the birds did little to cheer me up?

I wandered over to the ruins; the last place I had truly felt happy. It's ironic, isn't it -- how something so terrifying can be so beautiful. A lot of things are that way, when you think about it. I remember when I wouldn't dare take a step in the direction of the ruins. It was Seth who finally helped me overcome my fear.

I made a wide circle around the ruins, remembering the last time I'd been here. I was with Seth; it was one of the best days of my life. Right before we had our little talk. It had been a wonderful day; unusually warm in the forest, but not uncomfortably so. Seth and I spent hours together, exploring the ruins, acting like our usual deliriously-happy selves. Mystress joined us for a while, indulging in our peculiar antics for some time, before trotting off to find, no doubt, more sane companions. Just remembering that day makes me smile. And that's not an easy thing to do.
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Lemon's Journal/Rant - Feb 4, 2009

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this; it’s pretty dramatic and silly. On the other hand, I feel that a response to today’s events is fairly critical; it’s not like I can just post another journal in a few days, and totally ignore what happened, today. Regardless, I’ll probably end up deleting this in time; I feel it might stir up a little more drama than is needed.

I feel that I should add that this is entirely in-character. <3 I still adore the phantom, I think he’s an awesome character. And I do feel a little sad that the phantom won’t come near my deer, but I understand. This post is alllll Lemon.

I also want to apologize once again to those who were met by a nearly non-responsive Lemon, today. I was as shocked as she was, so I was a bit distracted. :< She still loves everybody, she's just a little overwhelmed at the moment. So no hard feelings if she's a little (a lot) more antisocial than usual, okay? :3


I was a little tentative, wondering how he would react to the sudden shift in our relationship; wondering, like an idiot, if he would even mind at all. Oh how foolish and naïve I can be sometimes, how stupid and pathetic. I crept from my hiding place, offering him the usual smile. He backed away. I could hear the tentative sound of his hooves scraping along the rock as he shuffled backwards, away from me. My smile faded. But at this point, I was still undeterred – still feeling so high and mighty, after such an unbelievable turn of luck. Seth, Seth loved me! I was on top of the world; euphoric. I’d never imagined I might be so lucky. And for the moment, I was bursting with joy.
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Lemon's behavior explained, again. :'(

Sorry for those who saw me in the forest today, and were met by a frazzled Lemon. She's having a mental breakdown because the phantom has totally rejected her. I have a feeling that she hurt him by revealing her feelings for Seth, and now he wants nothing to do with her.

Drama drama drama. :<
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Seth/Echo! Lemon has something to say.

Click the image. <3


"I meant what I said, Seth. Since the very first day I met you, my heart has belonged to you.
You're my best friend, the one who can always make me laugh when I feel down,
the one who has helped me through my fear, taught me that not all deer are worth hiding from.

Lately, you've been helping me overcome my fear of other deer - whether you know it, or not.
And it's made me realize that... I'm tired of hiding. And not just physically.
Emotionally, too.

I love you, Seth."

- Lemon


Some of the clips repeat, I know. :< Like I said, I'm not that great of a video editor. But it's the thought that counts, right? D:

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Lemon's Journal - Jan 30 & 31

I still have another journal to write about the day it was foggy. <3 Also Echo, xD I don’t know if it was my tef being messed up, or if you just didn’t load Seth’s set after playing one of your other characters, but Seth appeared totally setless, when he was with Lemon. He got his antlers later, but that’s it. :>


When I awoke, I bumped into my good friend Raunun, near the pond. We played for a bit, joined by some other deer. After some random fun, we decided to dance. Deer after deer came to join us, until our dance line became quite long! What had begun with merely two happy deer had blossomed into a line-dance involving nearly ten!

Though I giggled at the spontaneity of it all, I was beginning to feel a little nervous around so many new der. After a while, Raunun suddenly broke away from the group and went galloping up the slope, away from the pond. I dutifully followed, glad to have an excuse to get away. I curled up beside him, listening to the deer dance without us.

That’s when I noticed a most peculiar and … strangely comforting scent in the air. My ears flicked and my nose quivered. That scent… it seemed oddly familiar. And it brought with it a surge of emotion that I didn’t quite appreciate. Then, it struck me. Calanthe! I hesitated a moment, making sure that it truly was her, this time. When I had determined her identity to the best of my ability, I ran straight for her.

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Echoooo. A question lol. :>

This is a REALLY stupid question, butum. I want to write a diary entry for yesterday, and I was wondering what you want me to write as Seth's dialogue when they were by the pond. xD If you even remember the little exchange they had, that is.

Sorry for bothering you with such an odd question, lol. <333

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Lemon's Behavior lol.

In case you run into Lemon and she's acting a little more loony than usual, it's because she's terrified of wolves. :>

And she also thinks it's her job to protect every fawn in the forest today, too. <3
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