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The end of it all -- Lemon's Journal, October

October 7

7 October, 2017[=georgia][=#70564a]

TW -- infant death.

I lost him.

I lost him.

No. It can't happen like this.

No, no, no...

The light in my womb has gone out. There is no more warmth. There is only cold silence. No heartbeat. The baby boy that had been growing there has been still for three days.

Three days.

I'm in a panic, my mind is racing. What did I do wrong? Did I eat the wrong thing? Was I not careful enough? Did I not love him enough? Have the gods punished me for allowing this child to be conceived in the first place? Please, gods, answer me! Tell me what I did wrong! Face me and tell me what I did to deserve this!

I... can't...

How will I tell Walter? How will I tell Nishi?

Oh my god. I've failed the one thing in the world I wanted most of all. I've failed you, little one. I don't know how, but I have. I had such dreams of you and I. I had hopes of seeing you in this world, showing you the beauty of it all. I had wanted to hear your voice, feel the warm press of your skin, knowing that you would be mine.

And now that will never happen.

I'm leaving for the human world. I can't deal with this here. I need doctors, I need to hear the cold truth of it out loud. I need to lay in my bed and wrap my arms around myself and cry. I need to leave this place where everything reminds me of him and of what will not be.

I should have known it would end like this. I should have known I was never destined for motherhood. I should have known.

Goodbye, little one. Before I even knew you, I loved you. I will always love you.
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Lemon's Journal - September

September 7

7 September, 2017[=georgia][=#70564a]

Where have the days gone? I'm already in my second trimester, growing rounder by the day. It's hard to believe there's only one baby in there, but I'm absolutely positive that that's the case.

Walter has been sleeping a lot, lately. I miss him. When he is around, he brings me poppies. Almost every day so far. Every moment he's been able to bring them, he has. This means something to him. I mean something to him. I can feel it, he proves it to me. We've had a rocky past, but here and now, things are good. I wish I could prove to everyone that he has been working to turn himself around, but it feels like an impossible task.

I don't know if he regrets all of the things he's done, I won't speak for him about that. But I know he regrets the place those actions have brought him. I know he understands that he can't go on being the villain. He isn't built for it. He learned that a long time ago, when his system of support started to fall away. When his friends began to disappear, long before I came back and found him in his sorry state. That's about when he started to unravel, I think. Making threats, exploding in anger.
He has been suffering for a very long time. Some say it's all a demon deserves. I say perpetual punishment is cruel. It's difficult to forgive, but not impossible.

It's difficult to change, but not impossible.

But I can't change anyone's mind. It's been made very clear to me. I've begun to settle into the mindset that my endeavors have been in vain. Maybe it will always be this way, until the end of his wretched days. I hope not, but... I don't know, anymore. My idealistic view of others is beginning to dim. I see petty hatred and selfish disregard.
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Shiva's journal - September


September 3 - 15

15 September, 2017[=georgia][=#70564a]

I met her. Dark lips, red as blood. Dark skin, almost black, but shining blue. Her long curls fell over her shoulders in a tangle, framing her pale face, dotted by the gilded rose which covered her eyes. A long, sharp horn cut through the rose, rising out from the mysterious flower, pulsing red. She had legs, lots of them. And arms, too. She was beautiful. Magnificent.

I waited, keeping my distance, until she motioned for me to sit beside her. And then I sat, dwarfed by her enormous, elegant figure.

Curiously, her pointed fangs glinting through her blood-red smile, she reached out one of her hands and touched me, and I shivered. My rough coat twitched, and I turned my head to regard her with equal curiosity. "What are you doing?" I asked blankly. A shrug, a tiny roll of one of her many shoulders, a nearly imperceptible motion which said so much.

A flutter of courage rolled through me, and I asked her why she had so many limbs. No one I'd seen so far had more or less than four. She was a strange complication to what had otherwise seemed a very simple rule of physical form. Again, a grin and a roll of her shoulder. I would receive no more answers than that from her.


Today I woke to the sound of a scuffle, something which immediately sparked my interest. I moved toward the source of the sound, recognizing a small creature battling something large and ominous, with a void-like face. Intrigued, I moved closer, and was almost immediately noticed. The mismatched duo paused in their shenanigans to sniff me over and nod approvingly.
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Recent - Map






Orca mask - Antelope horns - Real deer pelt


Shiva is uneducated and unsocialized. He is blunt, and often says things even if they are inappropriate. He is currently in a state of anxiety, feeling unsure of himself in this strange new world. He is slow to approach others, but a deep curiosity has been urging him to get out and meet some of the strange creatures inhabiting this world.

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Positivity Questionnaire

Let's spread some happiness. c: Just a few simple questions to get you thinking about who/what you appreciate within the community.

Feel free to answer, everyone is welcomed to. <3

1. Who are some of your favorite characters outside your own? Why do you love them?

2. Whose art are you most inspired by?

3. Which player do you feel has been the most helpful or kind?

4. What's one thing you've never had the courage to say/ask?

5. What's your favorite plot that you've seen? Are there any currently going on that you're excited for?

6. What's your favorite set in the game?

7. Who's your favorite roleplay partner? Why?

8. Which character has your favorite design?

9. Shout out to any new players you know of!

10. Say something nice about the last person to complete this questionnaire!
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Someone be my guiding light; pregnancy blog

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Seeking a fawn player

Hey guys!

Verdalas and I are considering introducing some WalterLemon offspring, and we'd like to see if anyone might be potentially interested in playing a fawn.

- This would be entirely your character -- gender, personality, design, etc. The only thing we ask is that we be able to approve the name you choose.

- The fawn would have two loving and attentive parents -- but given Walter's reputation in the forest, a rough childhood may be in the cards due to influences outside the family circle. (In other words, be prepared for drama)

- Roleplay is not a must, but it is welcomed!

If you're interested, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Discord at Sparrow#1217 or email Verdalas at Demon.gazelle@gmail.com.

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Lemon's Journal - August


August 1 - 2 - 4 - 6 - 7 - 9 - 10 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 21 - 22

22 August, 2017[=georgia][=#70564a]

The first half of the day was uneventful. I spent some time hanging around Umay, too afraid to approach while she was in the company of Nikhil, until eventually growing bored and wandering off to pray at the twin gods' statues. After a carefully recited prayer, I plopped down and stretched out, laying over on my side beneath the shade of the ancient statues.

Crescent found me there, and I spent some time rolling around in his soft fur and mostly being half-asleep, until little Ahn approached and caught my attention. I got up and said hello to her, after which we talked a little about Walter and then I shared the news of my pregnancy. She seemed genuinely excited about the prospect of little Lemons running around. It ended on a positive note, with the two of us curled up cuddling together.

It wasn't long before I heard her footsteps.


Kaoori was in bright spirits, which only made my heart hurt all the more for the conversation that lay ahead of us. She covered me in peacock feathers and giggled, running circles around me while I tried to play along and savor these last sweet moments. Finally, panting and exhausted, we curled up together. It was time to talk.

We spoke first about Malikorin and my hesitance to come near him lately.
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r h a d a m a n t h y s ;

after the d i v i d e ... ;
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Deerdre's Journal

Image by RiddledRhyme


July 18

18 June, 2017

Lots has happened. I been hanging out with Lu and Jude (two-faces) and meeting lots of new creatures. Some I like. Some I not like. Some I really really like.

I gonna try to keep a journal. Sometimes I'm forgetting. Still not talk right a lot, so it's hard to focus. I talked to a dog thing named Henya, I liked her. She was shy.

I met something called a Mirza that puked blood on me. Gross but I was impressed. After that Lu picked me up by my scruff and dunked me in the water because I was too gross for him. And because I tried to rub the blood-puke on him.

Mirza had a mom. Or a dad. Still not clear on that. But wishing I had one too. Lots of adults but... not sure they like me.

Still unclear what is food and what is "not food". Thinking maybe everything is food? But apparently some food is a friend, and you can't eat that. Ate a potato, that was yuck. Gave to me by a squirrel that talked? Thought she looked tasty, but "CAN NOT EAT".

Found a guy with big antlers (Nikhil). I remembered seeing him before and I remembered "DON'T TOUCH HIM" but there were no adults, so I went over and touched him. He was nice, not scary at all. I tried to fight him and he fought me back. It's hard to get people to play fight, but it's so much fun? We fought a bunch and then we sat down and snuggled. He tried to get up and leave so I followed him a buncha times until finally he said we'd play again tomorrow and he had to go. He called me 'kid' and promised snacks.
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