Sorry for the disappearance...

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Again. Sad

It started out as merely lack of time, and was soon added to by a combination of mono and anemia, which made it so that I could no longer even get out of bed. Now that I'm recovering, however, I think it's time to get back into the swing of things. I'm really sorry to have missed the rut, and I'm even more sorry that I haven't said anything about why I've been so scarce, until now...

I haven't been keeping up with the fanart a thon, either; but hopefully I will be able to start participating, again. (:

Love you guys! I missed it here. <3
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*tackle-glomp* You have

*tackle-glomp* You have returned! Yaaaay! I'm sorry to hear you were so sick.

edit: Oh, and you didn't exactly miss much. A few deer got together, there was a dramaz, Walter was angsty...were you there for Seed's big angst-fest? I can't recall.

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Lemon! Welcome back! It's so

Lemon! Welcome back!
It's so good to know that you're okay, somewhat! Laughing out loud
But gosh it must have been a hard few months lately, glad to know you're getting better though! <3

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*clings* 8D LEMON LIVES!

*clings* 8D LEMON LIVES!

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Lemon! I've really been

Lemon! I've really been wondering where you went, and if you were alright! Glad to hear you're recovering, though. These illnesses both together must have been so bad. Sad I wish you all the best and hope to see you around here more often. (: <3

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LEMOONNNNNNN. Oh it's a joyous feeling to know that you are doing better! We've missed you so very much. Ah I remember when you were just a fawn. It'll be good to see Miss Lemon again :]

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I'm glad you're okay!

I'm glad you're okay! Smiling

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8D LEMON!! Happy you're

8D LEMON!! Happy you're back! Hope we will see you in the forest soon! I wish you a quickly & fully recovering! Smiling
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Lemonn! It's good to hear

Lemonn! It's good to hear from you, I hope you recover fully soon~!

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Lemon! <3333 We were all

Lemon! <3333

We were all worrying where you were! I hope you're feeling better soon.. I'm sure Walty can forgive you if you were ill. And I really do hope we get to play together again! Its been ever so dull without your gorgeous self here!

*insert rabid internet

*insert rabid internet spazz*
*hugs* I'm so glad to see you back, though I'm sorry to hear about your health, that sounds downright nasty D:

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IT'S A LEMON! 8D Eep, mono.

Shocked IT'S A LEMON! 8D

Eep, mono. Two weeks of torture when I had it. I couldn't breathe properly during that time so I had to sleep sitting up. D=
Absence due to that is understandable. I'm just glad you're ok. =]


LEMONNNN!!! We were so


We were so worried about you, I really hope things are getting better for you, take your time and if you nee anything I'm here. Feel better soon! <3 <3

LEMON! We've missed you so

We've missed you so much ;A; It's good to know that you're okay, though <3
Get well soon! c8>
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Aw wow, I hadn't realized

Aw wow, I hadn't realized how much I had been missed! Shocked Thanks for the warm welcome back, you guys! I'm feeling much better already, thank God. <3

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