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Putting this here because logging in and out is a pain rip
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Lemon's Journal - July


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31 July, 2017

I don't even know what to say. I'm hurting inside and out. I'm tired. I'm just... tired.


28 July, 2017[=georgia][=#70564a]

Yesterday was... eventful.

I sat in my poppies alone for most of the morning, just contemplating life and thinking about things, lost in my head. I became aware of a presence after some time, and I was startled to realize I wasn't alone. A doe by the name of Pagan had approached me. I'd heard of her, but we'd never officially met before today. She bent and offered me flowers, much to my surprise. I was flustered and blushing and could only manage to stutter a soft 'thank you' before she was on her way again.

I put a few of the poppies in my hair and went for a short walk to clear my mind, eventually coming across Ku. He was still in a strange mood, offering only grunts and growls when I asked if he wanted to talk, so I simply sat beside him for a while. But after some time I was astonished to hear the familiar little footsteps of Jude approaching.
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Art Blog!

Posting all my doodles here so I don't clog the feed. <3



Finally finished Rhada


A couple of lemons and ashdgahsd I am in such a slump rn


This little fluffball


Crescent sketches


Ref for Lemon


Nishi! <3


Lemon an Kaoori <3
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Help identifying, please?

Hey guys! With the map not working and me being new to all the current characters, I was hoping I could get some help identifying some of the deer Lemon's seen? It'd help so much! <3

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Lemon's Journal - May & June 2017


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26 May, 2017

The years have passed so quickly. Where has the time gone? I emerge from my slumber, and already I can tell that everything has changed. But that's not a bad thing. I've seen so much change in my life, I don't hide from it. There are new lives, new stories, new feelings.

I sat alone in the playground for a long while, today. It was nice to be awake, alive, anything other than drifting in the endless void of non-existence. I think I'll stick around a while, though for how long I can't be sure.

But I want to be here. I need to be here, again.

Come dance with me.


27 May, 2017[=georgia][=#70564a]

Vala, my sweet, enduring Vala. I caught her scent upon waking and my heart nearly skipped three beats. With a shock I climbed up onto my legs and shook myself off, stretching my limbs and yawning sleepily. She was there, nuzzling against me as if no time had been lost between us. For a moment I was returned to better days, when everything had been familiar. Throughout the years, Vala has always been one constant in my life.
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Lemon's Art Blog!

More under cut!
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on hold [indefinitely?]

Music below, please let it load. Warning: Some cursing. The following blog will definitely involve mature content.
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Lemon's Journal - January 2013

Lemons journal -- under the cut!
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Lemon's Journal - December 2012

Lemon's journal for Dec 2012. Below the cut!
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Lemon's Roleplay blog {All welcome!}

Hey guys!

If anyone wants to start up an RP with Lemon, feel free to comment here or add me on:
- Skype (thepuppybug@gmail.com, name Sparrow) or
- Discord (Sparrow#1217)! <3

I can also hop over to your blog if you'd rather have it there! Just link me. <3

About Lemon:
- She's sweet, a little naive, and overly optimistic.
- That said, she's been around a long time and has a sort of down-to-earthiness.
- She adores fawns
- She is blind, for those who don't know.
- She has a thing for aloof, detached, bad guys. Sticking out tongue

In game she can usually be found in the old forest -- especially near the pond, or in the big poppy field.

Please don't be shy! I'd really love to meet some new deer and catch up with old friends. <3

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