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Edited March 20th - still under construction, still working out personality tweaks...


COLOR !dc9228

All family members are adopted; those with asterisks (*) were adopted directly.



SET !Noh Pelt | Real Deer Mask | Kirin Antlers

Eliott is a fairly large creature. He is tall and muscular, with a broad chest. However, Eliott is not exactly a deer. No one is quite sure what kind of creature Eliott is, though he seems to be some sort of Cervidae/Bovine cross. Eliott's antlers mildly resemble those of a bighorn sheep. They are large, thick, bony structures which curve away from his skull, and curl upwards at the tip. Eliott is bright orange in color, with a black stripe which runs along his back, and dips down at certain points along his body. His eyes are fiery orange, and he has deep black markings surrounding them, like eyeliner. Eliott also wears a silver bull ring in his nose, and it is unclear how Eliott got the ring, why he wears it, or where it came from. Eliott also has a thick scruff of fur on his neck – similar to that of an Elk – and a thick mane which runs from the top of his head, to the tip of his tail.


”Take My Hand” – Simple Plan

Sometimes I feel like everybody's got a problem;
Sometimes I feel like nobody wants to solve them...
I know that people say we're never going to make it,
But I know we're going to get through this!

Take my hand tonight,
Let's not think about tomorrow!
Take my hand tonight,
We could find some place to go...
Cause our hearts are locked forever,
And our love will never die.
Take my hand tonight,
One last time!

+ Flirting
+ Causing trouble, having fun
+ The ruins
+ Racing around like a maniac
+ Yellow Flowers
+ Mushrooms [favorite food]
+ Crazy deer
+ Dancing, button-mashing
+ Fog

- Rain
- Needlessly aggressive deer
- Deer who need to lighten up!
- Too many nuzzles at once [claustrophobic]
- Being alone [the voice gets louder]
- The pond [can't swim]
- The Old Oak [claustrophobic]

If Eliott were to be represented by one of the seven deadly sins, it would unquestionably be lust. Eliott's entire world revolves around the mating game -- to put things bluntly. Of course, Eliott is not without self-control, and he would never do anything inappropriate in the forest. But don't be surprised if Eliott seems intensely flirtatious around your doe -- or even your stag!

Eliott's life is free-flowing and fun, as he lives free from the burden of almost all social etiquette laws. Some find Eliott to be rather obnoxious, and others simply don't understand how he can be constantly on the move. Yet, Eliott doesn't let the opinions of others slow him down. His view of the world is brightly lit and optimistic, and he always looks for the silver lining in life.

Yet, there is a darker side to Eliott. His thoughts are burdened by a second voice -- that is to say, a voice secondary to his own conscious. Though Eliott has never told another about the second voice which speaks in his mind, it sometimes causes him to act rather obscurely. On occasion, Eliott can even be caught speaking aloud to his secondary voice. It is unclear whether this voice is a result of something supernatural, or if it is simply a symptom of schizophrenia (Eliott also occasionally displays some other symptoms of this disease, such as incomprehensible babbling and hallucinations). This voice often leads Eliott to think terrible things -- most often regarding the subject of copulation. Eliott often finds his already heightened sex-drive thrown into overload by his secondary voice, and is thus seen as a terrible, relentless flirt, within the forest.

Regardless of this, Eliott also has a softer side to his personality. Somewhere deep within this twisted and sinful creature, there lies a heart of gold. He truly does care for those few deer who are able to put up with his insanity, and his loyalty is unsurpassed. Eliott often feels extremely guilty for having such immoral thoughts about various deer, and also for flirting with so many different deer (which he fears will cause misunderstanding and broken hearts). His one wish is to find someone to love and cherish above all others; but he knows that this will never be possible. Eliott will never be satisfied with only one relationship, and thus has determined that he does not wish to find a 'mate', for fear of breaking his partner's heart.

Yaaay Eliott Flirts are

Yaaay Eliott Laughing out loud
Flirts are such fun characters lol spontaneous flirts all the more!
I also love the idea of a bull-deer mix! I'm going to have to draw him lol I also love the nose ring s'very smexy >_>
Queze's also glad that there is going to be another larger stag in the forest...he's always secretly afraid of his size around Lemon and other small deer :')


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Haha, and you finally got to

Haha, and you finally got to meet him, today! xD Eliott was even flirting with Queze, for a bit (though he was mostly distracted by the doe)! <3

lol, the funny thing is, I actually tried to draw an elk, and it turned out looking like some freakish bull/deer mix. xD; After I added the nose ring (I wanted to give him a face-full of piercings, but I decided on just the nose ring), it really looked that way. So I thought, eh, why not? x3

Anyway, big guys ftw. c: Lemon's really, really tiny -- it'll be nice playing a big stag. <3

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Yeah Queze was finding

Yeah Queze was finding Eliott's flirtations highly amusing, especially prancing around hehe!
I also see the changes you made to his bio and *sniffle* it's so sweeeet XD *is a sucker for big sappy guys* Well, the part about not wanting a mate for fear of heartbreak...the perverted voice not so much, you could honestly write some very entertaining internal conversations Sticking out tongue lol

Queze's funny because he finds it more flattering when a man finds him attractive, which could be cute in a sort of reserved way, if it wasn't mainly because he just assumes that all does are attracted to him >_>

I'm gonna be sure to keep an eye out for Eliott in the future! Laughing out loud

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