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14 Years had Passed

Hello everyone,

Two days ago, on May 29th, my deer avatar, Jeweleye turned 14 years old. I have played this game for a long time, beginning in 2010. I have been an active player and member of this game and community. Many of my Forest Friends are long gone, but I hope they will return someday. I miss them dearly. Over the years, I have enjoyed helping many players keep their new avatar appearances. I have made new friends along the way too.

In 2017, with the new 5th generation of pictograms, I introduced Widmung into the forest. He is my second oldest avatar acquired during the Halloween festival. With both of my deer characters, I am continuing to help the next generation of new players into the Forest.

I have many memorable moments from the past and enjoy making more now. I hope that this game will continue its support so we can play it long into the future. I thank the creators of this game. They are trying their best to resolve the issues on the remake of The Endless Forest.

Best wishes to you all and I will see you soon in the Forest! Smiling

14 Years....

It's been 14 years, according to this account anyway, since I last logged in. I'm surprised I remembered my credentials, though it took a few tries.

I missed this

A Return to the Forest

I'm a returning deer after discovering the game 15 years ago, I'm 25 now and have missed the tranquility and escapism this game has provided.my favourite thing is the mystical drone you hear when you are close to the largest tree in the forest. What a wonderful sound!

I'm very sad to have lost my old pictogram and data but alas I took a long break, if any of you beautiful,resting deer see a wee baby doe wondering the forest, it's me! Please feel free to say hello!

Much love,
Mothy the Deer
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Are there other folks that don't really use the Discord server or toyhouse?

^ title says it all! I'm a TEF oldie (15 years...dear god) and just never really made the big switch over to the newer way of doing things (Discord servers, linking to toyhou.se bios instead of having them on-site, etc) and I always kind of wonder if there are still people who play TEF the way I do xD; I know the community site was ULTRA slow and broken for a long time (and to some degree it still is) so I imagine that's part of it?

I find discord servers pretty stressful/boring to be part of, and while I have a toyhouse I don't use it very much... I struggle to even use the Forest Map all that often if I'm honest; I kind of miss the days where it didn't feel like I need to check every bio before I go and try interacting with someone (not that anyone says I HAVE to, but. you know how it is).

I've been thinkin' about posting bios for some of my deer both new and old, but I worry a bit about 'spamming' the community site when it's so inactive D:

(also, hello. I don't really post here much anymore whoops)
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- R e t u r n i n g -

- R e t u r n i n g -

Early October, 2023

The first thing he felt, was a sense of safety and peace.
He could hear the sound of he canopy above - softly shifting in the autumn breeze.
This sound slowly brings him into awareness, as his looong..p o i n t y.. black ..ears.. t w i t c h.

"I am a l i v e. . ? "
He mumbled to himself.

"Well, . . i am b r e a t h i n g . . ."
He thought, keeping his eyes shut tight.

He continued to listen, while allowing his thoughts drift.
He slowly let his body shift position as the heat of the sun collected on his back.
The warmth felt absolutely luxurious on his fur, as it gave his old spine new life.
Taking in a long deep breath, everything continued to slowly come into focus. The scent
of the dried leaves and the ripe berries left him with . . . a very particular feeling.

Waves of nostalgia take over, as he hears a crow in the distance.

A small fly lands on his eyelash, causing them to flutter.
The light shines into his sightless pink eyes, and the blurry red flashes startle him.
(P had been without eye sight since he was a fawn, though hardly any deer was aware of this.
He had always been able to hide it. He could see very well with his minds eye.)

Somewhere close by, the whistling of a golden butterfly mask echoes across the forest.
It was in that moment that he realized where he was.

He opens his eyes, and breathes slowly.
He stands up and shakes little bits of grass from his fur.
. .

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P's 14th year in the forest

Greetings! My deer P has made his way back into the forest once again...you will be seeing him daily all through the month of October. Can't wait to see you in the forest!

A model for YCH wanted ~ found


I'm looking for a deer or a doe who doesn't mind being a model for a YCH picture. I need a sample image and I've already drawn my Rain as a sample for another YCH, so it would be boring to draw them the second time.

- get a picture of your character for any personal use

- get an image to show as an example of a finished YCH picture and in my portfolio
- (if you won't mind I also would be glad to record a speedpaint)


Hey there!

A new fawn in the forest, their name is Rain.

It seems they were born as a frog, 'cause the first thing they did after logging in was to become a frog without any other deer's help.


It's pleasant to be back. I used to play TEF under another name and other deers, but for personal reasons I won't return to them ever again. At least I suppose so.

Those who spent time with me probably will recognise me later. In this case, I just ask them not to name me with my previous name.


Im just a fawn now, but I found this game a long time ago in my pre-teens, with neurodiverse disabilities i could not for the life of me understand much about the game at the time but im gonna be 23 in a few more months and definitely improved since then- happened to remember the game and boy was I stoked to see that its still around.

I adore the surreal human faced deer, been drawing them nonstop but I wont be able to post anything until my mother has recovered from her surgery so im just enjoying the forum from my tablet! Lesst anyone knows how to upload pictures in this website from mobile anyways!

coming back after a decade

i found this game as a kid so soo long ago. literally like 10 years ago give or take. and the joy i get finding out it still has a community and even plans for the future...
i downloaded on a whim way after i shoulda gone to bed and hopped around for a bit with someone and it was just as pleasant and relaxing as i remember. hoping to immerse myself at *least* a little bit<3 getting to know my deer and how he will develop as time passes and all that. developing myself as a person too by making my first ever post to a forum in the year 2023 cuz its never too late for anything
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