Shy's Biography

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Pale blue

Magpie Pelt < Whistling Mask < Peacock feathers

Shy has no recollection of her life prior to the forest; and therefore, has no idea what her real name is. During her first day in the forest, she overheard two deer talking about her. One of the deer remarked to the other, "Oh, she must be shy!" Misinterpreting what the deer meant, Shy went on to assume that this was her name.

Shy is a scrawny girl. She is somewhat underweight, with slightly visible ribs and a protruding backbone. She isn't the prettiest of creatures, but she is certainly an interesting piece. Her face resembles that of a goat, though it is well hidden by her mask. She has a long mane of fairly long green fur, reaching from the crown of her head to the base of her neck. Wispy bangs frame her peculiar, masked face; adding to the sense of careful concealment. Her pelt is not iridescent, but is rather quite dull and soft, and it is nearly solid blue, lacking almost entirely both the usual dark stripes and the fine white belly possessed by most Magpie-pelted deer.

As of yet, no one has seen Shy's face, as she keeps it carefully hidden behind her precious mask. Some say this is because she is unbelievably beautiful, and she hides her stunning features for fear of being pursued romantically; while others believe there are more sinister forces at work, and that she only keeps her face hidden because it is too mutilated and deformed for the world's eyes. Only her soft blue eyes shine through from behind the mask -- oval-shaped, and long-lashed.


Skuller, Mrs. Halloween, Envy

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Shy is an awkward, fearful being. There is little which does not terrify or confuse her, and there are few deer who are patient enough to get close to her. She is guarded and slippery among strangers; rarely allowing them to get very close to her. Shy will usually try to run away from deer she does not know, but she is also very curious about the strange creatures around her, and will sometimes follow particularly interesting deer from a distance.

Hidden beneath this innocent exterior of gentle fear, however, there is rumored to be an incomprehensible evil lurking... be careful around Shy; the wrong move could bring out the worst in her.

- If you would like to befriend Shy, you must have patience. She will eventually approach you if you ignore her, and seem interesting enough. Rarely will you befriend her by pursuing her; you'll probably just annoy her or frighten her, that way.
- Shy is usually a very tranquil and loving girl; but she has her limits. If she is pushed too far, she may become agressive.
- Shy has no idea what the endless forest is about, and is still learning about spells, glitches, etc.
- Though she uses the 'cower' emote often, it doesn't always mean she's scared. Usually it simply means she's feeling a bit.. well, shy.


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Aww Shy is so cute

Aww Shy is so cute |D

Aww! She's so cute! XD

Aww! She's so cute! XD -squishes-
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I think I've seen her a

I think I've seen her a couple of times in the forest :> Nice bio and beautiful art!

My deer: X