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Red Hill

Reposting because I never had the chance to reply to the old posts, it's far too late now...
I havent deleted the old one, though.
Feel free to criticize this page.

This is an Interaction Blog for The Sentinel.

Preferred Formats:
Role-Play, any style you wish
Can do drawing/painting responces but not so fond as they take up a lot of muse. x3

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Sketch-Blog / Art-Dump / Misc

I sketch, a lot, but a majority of my stuff never gets beyond the Save Option.

This blog shall consist of:
* Doodles
* Finished and Unfinished Art that I don't want to make seperate posts for
* Image Manipulations
* Other random stuff


Larger Version
Misako on the left.

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Beltain Festival [Very image heavy]

May the 1st, Beltain.

Hosted once a year, we gather as history and art is recreated for us.

Julius Cæsar had told of how british people would construct a Wickerman as an offering to their gods. Within these wicker structures, crops, animals and even human sacrifice were closed into them, and burnt to please the gods. If successful, next years harvest will be successful.

Now, in Butser Ancient Farm, it's recreated. Sacrifices replaced by wishes.
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Under construction
Added a Female Ref
And Male Ref

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Zebbie is epic. [Now with danger warnings!]

Contains Zebbie-human voice being awesome.
Contains a cross-dressing Jester, A lie-cake, Virgil and Kiyoko.
Contains questionable actions?

Danger of death by laughter, view at your own risk.


This is a birthday gift Zebbie randomly constructed for me a while back, but I decided to post it up for her because she conveniantly forgot her Youtube password. Laughing out loud

... ilyreallygirl. <3

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A trip to Plague Dogs Country [Lake District]! [Very picture heavy xD]

I'm not going to write much as there is a lot to write. So have some photos instead. ^^
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Better than Cheesecake [Image Heavy - Blame Dag c:]

The day Dag and VCG met. c:
This blog is picture and writing heavy.
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Plotting blog

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Daytrip Photos~! [Image heavy!]

Where: Saint Albans - Hertfordshire

Notable Wildlife Sightings:
Three hunting Red Kites and a Heron in the same field!
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Livestream (Offline)

26th December



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