Beltain Festival [Very image heavy]

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May the 1st, Beltain.

Hosted once a year, we gather as history and art is recreated for us.

Julius Cæsar had told of how british people would construct a Wickerman as an offering to their gods. Within these wicker structures, crops, animals and even human sacrifice were closed into them, and burnt to please the gods. If successful, next years harvest will be successful.

Now, in Butser Ancient Farm, it's recreated. Sacrifices replaced by wishes.

Before we arrived there, we took a visit to Portsmouth Castle.

The hills in the background, they're part of the Isle of Wight

Like every other occassion, we go straight to the Wickerman to see what he looks like.
This year they constructed him to be a replica of the film's, as a tribute to the actor who passed away.

And then we will walk around the village.

They had birds of prey for flight displays, they do every year. I seem to have lost the photo of the harris hawks, though...

This was fun to watch. They also educated the crowd about the weaponry.

Morris Dancers.

They even got some of the crowd to join in; this was the first time I danced for over ten years and this photo is dreadful!

Belly Dancers, this year they danced with Fallow Deer Antlers, it was beautiful.

Then the moment we've all waited for; crowds started gathering around 8:30pm, and it was lit at 9:10pm.

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Those owls look dang bored

Those owls look dang bored XDD But whoa, big castle is biggg! I really want to steal some antlers from those bellydancers.. Lol, looks amazing though! The Wickerman is a bit scary honestly D8'... Especially on fire. He could just start walking and go "IMMA EAT YOUUU". With FIREE. XDD..
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You could really feel the

You could really feel the heat of the wickerman when he's really flared up from where the crowd is. 8D;

i envy you... yes.. i do xD

i envy you... yes.. i do xD
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That looks so coooool. The

That looks so coooool. The owls are like:
*Yawn* This time of year again already. I'm getting too old.

haha <3
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Next year you come too yes?

Next year you come too yes? >:U

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Wow, this is awesome. I wish

Wow, this is awesome. I wish we had this kind of thing, AND history, in the states.. <3