A trip to Plague Dogs Country [Lake District]! [Very picture heavy xD]

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I'm not going to write much as there is a lot to write. So have some photos instead. ^^

Monday - Arrival

Pretty view from the fells near our campsite.

Tuesday - Mountain Day

Climbing "Coniston Old Man"

Wednesday - Tour Day

Stone Circle with Helvellyn's Range in the background. This is probably one of the most beautiful parts of england. <3

A church we visited. I forgot its name. xD

Hadrian's Wall! 8D

*Dies of cute*


A scottish town which name I've forgotten again. xD

A fail photo of a couple of Red Deer we saw on the way back in the Lake District! 8DDDD

Lake District River now with sunsets.

Day 3 - Train + Lake Day xD

It's Thomas! :B


Helvellyn, the most dangerous mountain in the UK.

A modelling clay model I randomly made. :B

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PFFF that's some beautifull

PFFF that's some beautifull environment <33 Love that waterfall, and those lamb are adorable <33 XDD That bridge+train are epic too 8D AND CLAY DEER IS LUVLUVLUVLUV<333
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Hosnap I remember that

Hosnap I remember that movie!

Mh MH, gosh those are some beautiful hills~

I am so jealous. B'C
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Those are some great views.

Those are some great views. Shocked
Oah, I bet you had loads of fun there. I want too... ;_;
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Everything is so beautiful.

Everything is so beautiful.

I love that movie. x3
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It looks so gorgeous! Wah, I

It looks so gorgeous! Wah, I hope to go there some day xD
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I love that movie and book.

I love that movie and book.
Your mountains are so different from ours. Beautiful too. Smiling

THE LAMBS. They look so soft

THE LAMBS. They look so soft and .. fluffy. :'D
Looks like you had a lot of fun. 8D

So beautiful. I've always

So beautiful. I've always wanted to visit the Lake District and looking at these photos makes me want to take a trip even more. The landscape here in Maine is too flat since many of the mountains are so old. <3333333

You're very lucky.
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These shots are breathtaking.

These shots are breathtaking. And I love the one of the ewes and lambs as well <3
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VCG! I went to the lake

I went to the lake district on monday! xD
I loved it. ;u;
Where abouts did you go? I went to bowness-on-windimere. xD (Vinegar Jones)
It was also boiling when I went. (For once. >u>)
I love the whole place. Its so pretty. I had my camera and I was just like, WAIT A MINUTE I LOVE THEM HILLS.
Yeah, I kept taking panaramas.
The lakes is like, 2 hrs away from me. xD
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Woah, we were close then! I

Woah, we were close then!
I was around Coniston area on Monday, our campsite had a view of the mountains and a lake very nearby. Lots of fells!

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If only I knew earlier! I

If only I knew earlier!
I was only there for a day trip. I hopped from this place that has a huge playground and a really nice cafe and is on the edge of one of the lakes. But idk what it was called then to bowness on windimere with all the swans and junk and then to Aria Force, a nice waterfall. c:
I have a ton of photos but most of them have me or someone else in it. xD
http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp155/Sciientist/NICEHILLZ.jpg (That was acctually on the way at a place called Hartside top wich had a clear view.)
They are acctually ordered. xD
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Eeee looks awesome! Where

Eeee looks awesome! Where abouts in the lake district did you mostly go to? North, south? etc?
We were in the south, but on wednesday we headed north and out of the lake district to scotland.
You were in Windimere? We were there on thursday!

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ffft. I have no idea about

ffft. I have no idea about where it is... It was just all around windimere because we were just there for one day and everything was close together. xD
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It's so beautiful! -Dies of

It's so beautiful! -Dies of shock-

So cute in some photos aswell ^^.
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