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Virgil's Rut [Finished]

& Biography

Although it ended with quite the disaster, this season has been a success to Virgil.

This is his second year rutting as a Stag, he was fairly good at rounding does and leading them to pleasent pastures for grazing. There he tried his best to protect them from bucks and stags alike.

Most of his losses were to strong skulled stags, but he was particularly good at fending away bucks save from a couple of cross-dressers. *Ahem*

He has made many friends.

Ultimately he is likely to be fathering two fawns this year, the predicted amount. One hopefully with his partner Kiyoko - the news yet to come; the other by an albino doe called Kauna.

His most challenging opponent was Saosin; followed by Fox and Lork.

His least challenging opponent was Rush; followed by Nukilik.

Often his good friend Gehirn and he would bicker and argue about each others places in the harem, both prefering to herd one another instead of act as rivals. They both seemed to take an equal amount of turns being a doe or the stag.

As a player, I have learnt a lot about my character, and this experience has helped us develop and mature our place.
During the rut, he has confessed his love to Kiyoko, and I like to think that's one of the greatest highlights where character development goes. Thanks Kiyo. <3
Another character development highlight would be the new look. His antler has snapped, though along with the other will both fall off in late winter/early spring. Meanwhile, the reopening of his trademark X wound will leave a perminant scar on him and thus change his visual identity a bit. Thanks for the fight Sao. <3

Virgil's hormone levels will remain heightened for a further few weeks, he may express some slight rutting acts from time to time, but he is no longer "In Rut".

A great year.

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TEF Tunes

I have been, and still am extremely uncertain whether or not I should post these...

But I've been collecting TEF Soundtracks whenever I have the chance, then modifying them into 1 loop, or at least where I think it is.

Here's the few I've managed to record so far.

If many think I should take these down, I will, just please say so in a kind manner. (:

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And without further ado

I present to you

The fruits of time well wasted

This way

For best viewing, press play then immediately pause, look to the number just right of the timeline. Change it to "480p" then play.


A few months ago, I requested everyone help me gather screenshots, and the responses from the community has been incredible.

Although late, I finally finished putting together the video they were for. A gift from us to Dag.

Thanks everyone. <3
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Wiltshire, now with Vee's bad camera skills

... Hey, it was really hot out there! :<
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Spell Spam Help Please... (Thank you!)

Just one deer, but he will require patience!

Magpie Feathers, Whistling Mask, Miniature Spell.

He'll be located at a 'shroom circle nearest the twin gods, thank you. (:


Thank you, Fledder and Orca Gazelle deer! And the fawn! Sorry the spells were so stubborn, but thank you so much for having the patience to help me out for so long. You're all wonderful. <3
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Construction Zone

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This is a stag-- wait a second... [Images]

Some people know this, but I have a huge fascination in bugs, and all my life have fearlessly caught them to look at.

For the longest time, there was one particular insect I had wanted to catch. Dad, sister and I have always been on the lookout for one of these buggers.
We have searched the most likely places whenever we had the chance, but we never found one.

That changed today.
Sure it took coming up to two decades to find, but we've found it!
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Nostalgia screenie-dump [Update: 23 June]

Let me take you back to a time when evil skull deer and violence was not the name of the game.

Some of these are over a year old!


Oldest last.

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The next best thing in the world!

WHAT THE FERK IS THIS 8D'''' *dying*

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