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The Twins of Dance

This is a warning[IMAGE HEAVY], there are many like it, but this one is mine.

Thanks for letting me stalk these two, Shim. <3

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Christmas Giftart [Many more on the way!] [Added Unplugged]

I have only done a small fraction of the Christmas Giftart I've yet to do, and I'm doing these in no order at all.
Not everyone will get their gifts before christmas, but please be patient! There are many MANY more coming soon!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Click on a stocking if it has your name on it.

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Translation: Virgil's Deer Language > English

Sorry about the lack of organization on this thing: Added a new "Other".

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Who am I? [Advanced Game]

Easy Game

This version is for more advanced players.

Here you will offer just one clue, you do not provide more clues if asked; rather, players must ask you questions.


Player 1: I am a ghost

Player 2: Do you wear the golden butterfly pelt?

Player 1: No.

Player 4: Do you wear the crying mask?

Player 1: Yes.

Player 3: Are you seeking a lost loved one?

Player 1: Yes.

Player 4: Are you Vermillion?

Player 1: Yes. Player 4's turn!

I will start...
I have a Japanese name.
Who am I?
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Who am I? [Easy Game]

Advanced Game

Anyone feel up for a Character Knowledge Game? Smiling

In this easy Version, one will provide at least three hints as to who this character is. Other people can ask questions for more hints and the first one to get it right gets a turn!


Player One
Hint1: I wear a green pelt
Hint2: I am a poet
Hint3: I wear the default antlers often with flowers
Who am I?

Player Two Questions: Have you recently started crushing on another?

Player One: Yes

Player Three: Are you Seed?

Player One: Yes.

Then Player Three gets a turn. Smiling Try not to use your own deer!

I'll start. :3

I am an Irish Elk.
I am often hyper and found bouncing around the forest!
I have a spiffy blue tongue.
Who am I?
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A little Dip in the Pond

A little piece I wanted to put together. Sticking out tongue

Using my fawn for this lil' drabble...

This is nothing uber special I cooked this up in half an hour. xD But I hope the messages are clear. :3

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Robin's Biography


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A thread that will entertain you forever.


Warning, some of these may contain sexual themes.
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Screenie Dump of d00m! [45+ 16th June!]

45+ today!


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The Red

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