Red Hill

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Reposting because I never had the chance to reply to the old posts, it's far too late now...
I havent deleted the old one, though.
Feel free to criticize this page.

This is an Interaction Blog for The Sentinel.

Preferred Formats:
Role-Play, any style you wish
Can do drawing/painting responces but not so fond as they take up a lot of muse. x3

Virgil is a young Red Deer entering his prime. Despite his young age however, he has the more elusive mind of a stag twice his age. This wisdom would be the result of the many experiences and all the things he bore witness to in his life. But where as he is physically young, he has energy, and somewhat a hot-headed side.
He takes the title of The Sentinel for his behavior; Virgil is a watcher, listener, but not so much of a talker. He is the guardian type - he feels it a duty to protect those who need it, and to be your friend.
Don't think you can creep up and surprise him though, this deer is a sharp one.



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*noms* <3

I love the coin flip idea,

I love the coin flip idea, I'll comment once I think of something!
(my TEF creativity=dead at the moment >_<)

I'll come up with something

I'll come up with something later.
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Thanks for the tracks.

Thanks for the tracks. <3 I think I'm done editing for now...

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/tracking~!! 8D

/tracking~!! 8D<333

By Leuvr
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Thanks for the track!

Thanks for the track! Laughing out loud /Shameful bump

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The song haunted me, louder

The song haunted me, louder and louder the melodic singing. I approached his place. No moon illuminated my way, but I still remembered. Fifteen years it had been since I had walked this way, and yet every detail was firmly etched in my memory, in perfect crystalline detail. I approach slowly.

Virgil is still as magnificent as I remember, though for him it has been only a small while. The forest does not seem to pass time quickly, if at all. His ears are alert. I know that he knows that someone is approaching him. Whether or not he knows it is I is not something I know. The song plays somewhat quieter, as it begs me to reach out with my dark powers. Something that I won't do. Not anymore. I won't kill to make that song end.

I approach him, a mere shadow of the beautiful doe I once was when I entered this place. Now, my fur is stained with blood, from the mental and physical scars that riddle this body. All of them have appeared on my pelt. My dark hair waves down, the black streaks a reminder of all those I've hurt. All those I've killed.

My mask, has returned to me only recently. It appears it was left undisturbed in front of the Crying Idol where I had left it. As I draw closer, he definately notices I am here, or he should. He always used to know when someone was approaching, even if it was at night.

"Hello again, Virgil," I mutter. My voice has lost some of it's kindness, replaced by an edge. One of anger, of the dark insanity drifting through my mind. It forms the song, it compels me to kill anyone who approaches me.

Their lives are long,
Too long,

The voice of the song terrifies me. I bury it. Hoping to force it from my mind.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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A flurry of white dashes

A flurry of white dashes through the Birch Wood.

The doe was hardly seen here. There would be but a handful of reasons for being here.

One was for the Playground. The largest rock provided a view very few seemed to appreciate.

Another was for the Red Hill. He had shown her this place long before, told her it was a place of many memories, of sounds and sights few knew of.

She had come here few and far between, whether it was tailing someone, or simply taking a moment to explore places hardly seen.

But today, she has an agenda.

She spies him sitting on the hill, looking out towards the First Forest. She stretches out before walking towards the stag, stopping short of him a few feet. She bows a quick greeting before speaking.

Hi, you mind if I join you for a bit...?
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Mick: Indeed the Hart was a


Indeed the Hart was a sharp one, through all senses but his eyes, he was fully aware of the approaching doe.
But rather than keep his usual calm exterior, his ears flattened completely as she started climbing the hill. He could smell blood, and it unnerved him.

The Sentinel, despite his guardian ways, had a very instinctive side to him. He could tell who and what he should and shouldn't interact with, even before they make their personal influence. And although he had yet to recognise the approaching deer, he just knew this one wasn't the type he'd want to be around.

He stood up and finally looked at Kahlan, whom at that time just reached the top of the hill. Unease was blatant in his posture, and the way he shifted his weight. He took a sudden step forward and exposed his side. It was then his ears became erect and he just stared.

She spoke.

He responded by simply stating her name, to show he recognises her: "Kahlan."

One wouldn't exactly class his emotions as fear, but he really did not want to be here at this moment, in her company.

"I... have to go." He finally said, before turning away and making his exit.

The Deer doesn't always intend to be rude, however Kahlan interprets his responce is entirely of her choice.

((Sorry Mick. :/))



It was warm and sunny today, and Red Hill was one of the best places to catch the breeze.

Virgil knew this and took every advantage to exploit it. Although usually nocturnal, sleeping was becoming very difficult in the heat, and it was all terribly uncomfortable. So he stationed himself at the edge of the beloved hill, closed his eyes and simply relaxed.

The sound of hoofbeats arriving did not go unnoticed by his sensitive ears.
So he opened his eyes to politely turn to greet his company with a deep bow; Ah Lacie, she had become a good friend in recent times, Virgil had really grown to appreciate her company.

"Hello Miss Lacie." He stepped away from the edge, shaking his body all over uncomfortably before walking to the shade of the tree he often slept beside, gestering the white doe to join him. The Hart was happy to welcome her into his company today.

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-tracks for now- c: I might

-tracks for now- c: I might write something later ; )
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tracking until I can think of

tracking until I can think of something XD;
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The white, rather small stag

The white, rather small stag is approaching the red hill... he only sees shadows and darkness. It was night already, the sky still covered with grey clouds and the rain still falling. He feared the night... and the rain, so his ears were flattened, his walk careful and also anxious.

The first time he had explored this place has been with master Virgil. He's been so unexperienced about the forest at the beginning and Virgil has been so kind to teach him some things. Like observing... and listening.

He slowly walks to the top of the hill, soon noticing the shadow of the bigger stag. He silently approaches... though he presumed that Virgil has noticed him already as well... perhaps. His own face was marked by sorrow and worry, perhaps not seen by other because the mask was covering most of it, small raindrops dripping off the borders of it.

"... master" he knew he didn't have to call him like this... but he did it anyway.

(pardon my poor writing :'D )
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The white doe follows

The white doe follows happily, resting herself beside the Hart.

The Red Hill was quiet today. With the exception of birds chirping, and small animals scurrying about, there was hardly a sound today.

Craning her neck back to crack her shoulders, she looks out over the forest before speaking to Virgil again.

I hope you're doing alright...

I can hide in the grass

I can hide in the grass easier during the day... for some reason, the low light catches them more, so I can be seen if I move at night.
I can hear someone in the dark. If I look hard enough, I can see the tips of antlers against the sky.
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It was raining. Nearly

It was raining. Nearly pouring.
Kaoori hated the rain.
The little doe stood in the birch not far from Red Hill, shivering, drenched. She looked lost. Felt lost. She had been, for weeks now. Her wounds had healed, leaving some scars that would disappear under her dark fur. She was still worriedly thin, but those eyes had regained that spark they had lost. In the murk of the day, they seemed to shimmer.

She saw him, above on the hill. He'd been leaving her when she approached. Because of the spat they'd had, because of the fight between he and Saosin. She did not know what else to do. She was angry, and hurt, but did not want to lose one she called brother.

Maybe it was a fawn's attitude, maybe it was simply desperation after everything that had happened lately, but she simply wanted everything to be okay. Could it be? Would it be? Why did she always hurt one by loving another?

She stared at the hill.
Doushite.. doushite?

(that means 'why'. ..and this ended up being a lot longer than I expected.. I'm sorry.. )
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((Sorry if these replies seem

((Sorry if these replies seem off, my muse has been poor because of the heat. xD Ahhh...))


The deer was grazing at the back of the hill this evening. The grass here was tough, and harder to digest and didn't come with much benefit, but it was safe here and he did not feel much like leaving for a better meal just yet. He was content up here.

There was a rustling from the grass behind and Virgil immediately looked up.
Against the dark of night, white was a beautiful contrast against the black. It stood out - trapping the tiniest lights which in this forest seemed to make it glow.
Because of this, Virgil barely needed to sniff the air to identify his company; Crybaby.

This deer was no threat, but there was a hint of awkwardness in Virgil's posture. The smaller stag had been hanging out an awful lot with Saosin as of late, and due to their conflicts, it was putting the Sentinel under a lot of strain, and those dear to him may well be paying for it. Virgil didn't like this.

He may be loosing one very dear to him at the moment, so he took a breath and tried to swallow his pride. The smaller stag seems way too innocent for this nonsence, and innocence was a thing the Hart doesn't like to damage.

"Hello." He started, creating a sense of calm by a warm welcoming tone to his voice. "I hope you are well. Care to join me?" He invited, taking a step away from the edge of the hill. There wasn't much of a view ahead, but the silhouettes of trees and the infrequent deer before the faintly shimmering pond was enough.


The instant Lacie took her place beside him, the Hart fondly started to groom her just around the ears.

He stopped when she spoke to listen, and think of an answer. It took a moment.
"Everything will be fine." He reassured; things are not alright at the present time, and he knew it. But why bring another down when at the end of the day things will be okay? They always have and always will be. Virgil had witnessed, and experienced it many a time.

That was his logic, and he was in a good enough mood at the moment to share it.


I know that voice.

The Hart rose to all fours, turning away from the view to seek his company. Sound will be the first guide, so he listened intently for breathing and was quick enough to locate.
Virgil lowered his head and took a couple of steps closer.
Although his voice was not too loud, the mix between disbelief and sheer hopefulness in his tone, even though he knew it was her.
It had just been a long while, and it took everything to resist charging up to her and absolutely smothering the Hind with affection.

(If you need the picture lightened, tell me and I'll lighten it for ya :B Hai. <3)


In the rain, hearing was difficult, and scent was terribly distorted.
The Sentinel did not notice Kaoori through either of those senses, he noticed her accidently through sight as he scanned the area ever alert.

He simply stood, stared and waited, there was little more he could think of doing at this moment.

Maybe he had too much pride to approach, or maybe he was just scared.
It was clear he liked nothing about his treatment to the smaller doe, she did afterall simply stumble to the right place at very much the wrong time. And he got jealous, bitter and furious. He even felt terribly betrayed.
It felt like she didn't care what the inferno did.

((Sorry this is so short Kimidear. :/ I couldn't think of enough filler to make the post bigger...))

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(Gaa... the heat is killing

(Gaa... the heat is killing everyone, me too |D... and the kiyoko/Virgil-drawing looks lovely btw <3 )

"Hello..." Crybaby slowly walked towards him till he stood near the brown stag.

"I'm ok... just the rain, it makes me feeling uncomfortable lately..." he partly lied, it wasn't just the rain. The rain only made it worse. But he didn't care if he was feeling unwell... he cared a lot more for the others' well-being.
And he could feel that Virgil wasn't feeling very fine...

He took one more step, standing next to him now, his light-blue eyes wandering over the forest.
He lifted his gaze towards the bigger deer, his worried expression partly covered by his mask... though his eyes obviously said it all.
"B-but I worried because of you. Are you okay?"
he asked in a shy tone.

He has tried to calm Saosin down when he was trying to attack Virgil... he didn't like this tension between those two at all, because he liked both of them very much.
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Kaoori shook the water off

Kaoori shook the water off herself again with a sigh, and headed up Red Hill, shivering. She would solve this, whether he liked it or not. She would never understand stags.

She saw him standing,watching her, and this time she did not wait to see if he would leave her. She would chase him. She was a doe on a mission. Eventually she caught up to him, and stood beside him in the rain, pressing her nose to his shoulder forcefully. It was hard for her to be assertive, this was not her nature.

Sit. And that's not an offer. We have much to discuss.
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Munkel: Virgil didn't need


Virgil didn't need to see to understand Crybaby's emotions, the younger buck was very expressive, and simply hearing his voice was enough to read from.
The Sentinel looked ahead when he was sure his company was as comfortable as he can be on such a gloomy night.

The rain didn't bother the stag much, it has been awfully hot in the day, and the rain was a most welcome relief. During the day the air had become fresh and much easier to breath, and the fruits he would sometimes graze on had become riper in their many numbers, aswell as all the rest of the forest vegetation.
But for whatever reason, the rain bothered Crybaby. Many forest residents seem to have bad pasts, so Virgil would assume such may be the case.
He did not pry.

"It will be okay." He said this before, to another deer. The reasons are the same. He just knows everything will be fine in the end.

For now, the Hart didn't say anything more. It's not in his nature to talk much in speech, he preferred to leave it to more feral language.
He reached down and started to groom Crybaby, taking care to offer as much comfort as he can to sooth the angel's mind.

The stag didn't sit.
Even after Kaoori had approached with her complete, and even unexpected change of attitude. Virgil didn't appear very moved, he continued to stare down at her, ears erect.
He was stubborn, and still on the bitter side.
Then he finally moved, turning, taking a couple of steps away to the tree he sleeps under.
It was then he finally sat.

(I'm struggling a lot with this RP xD' Sorry Kimi, I just can't think of the right words, and my RP skills really suck, egh :x Are you sure you want to do this here? It might be better played out in the forest to be honest...))

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Ffff this is so cute

Ffff this is so cute &hearts
... I'll keep it as it is for now if it's ok ; )
Let's say he fell asleep next to him or something like this...
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Hmm...sometimes I can't help

Hmm...sometimes I can't help but wonder...

She bumps the side of her face gently against the stag, a gesture of friendship and affection when sitting down. She starts to groom his shoulders, still tasting dried blood on his hide.

I...worry too much, don't I..?

It came out as a question, but it was more like a statement.
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(Fff... nevermind, ignore my

(Fff... nevermind, ignore my last post haha, wanna write some more :'D the heat the heat...)

"But... it doesn't seem so." he softly nuzzled Virgil's furry neck for a moment and then he lowered his gaze, sighing sadly.

He lied down, his ears twitching in worry and nervousness. He looked around again, sniffing the air... he felt too uncomfortable and confused at the moment. He didn't know what to do.
"W-why... " he didn't finish the question but didn't look at him either. But he had to know... at least some of it....

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(we can try for in forest,

(we can try for in forest, but it depends on how i feel when i get home.. )
What have I done to wrong you so, lately? I am not the only one who associates with both you and Saosin. But I am the only one whom you seem to hate. What have I done? I cannot fight anymore. I've lost enough lately, and i do not want to lose you. I don't agree that either of you are hurting each other, no do I agree with his ways. But will you shun me any longer? Because I cannot take it.

The doe stood, drenched, pathetic.

I-It is him, thank

I-It is him, thank goodness... It seems like forever.
"H-Hello... I'm sorry I haven't been here."
I smile weakly... I-I wanted to see if I could be by myself for a little while. Rokujou's voice isn't as loud when my confidence is high -- I-I haven't heard her for a while.
"... I've missed you."
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Azura: The deer chuckled


The deer chuckled warmly, revealing a subtle smile as she spoke. He then proceeded to press his nose into her neck in a playful manner.

"Hm~ Maybe a little bit~" He teased, really he didn't mind the worrying, it just seemed how Lacie is.


(lawl, xD Good thing we've been getting rain here in england c< *tease*)

Why... the deer lipsynced to himself thoughtfully. That was a good question, and it doesn't seem so easy that he could come up with an explanation a more human-like deer can understand.
It just is.

The deer shifted ever so slightly.

"... I guess this is just how it is..." He replied.
"... I think it seems worse in the mind for those who witness and endure, however I believe he and I can mutually agree this is natural to us..."

He doesn't expect Crybaby to understand, not really.


(Can't I'm afraid. :/ Another fight broke out. So yah, I'm keeping these Red Hill posts alive because they're a little in the past unlike the live play.)

The deer held his head high, but his ears were flat - there was no pride in his actions, or choices.

"I do not hate you.
I just want to protect you from hurting more in the long term by feeling torn between us.
It seems he is better for you."


"I have missed you, too." The Hart whispered, just enough to be audible. He then approached quietly, offering to press his nose against hers as a fond greeting.
Kiyoko seemed well, even after the near two months it had been.
Virgil retreated his head to lipcurl briefly before taking a step closer to groom around the shoulders. He still treated her with the greatest care, as though she was a fragile thing even though she wasn't.

(Failpost :/ Took half an hour to write, but my skills are nothing in comparrison to yours anyway :D Hope you don't mind haha (x
No luck on the internet? :/)

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(Fffff... lucky you :'D here

(Fffff... lucky you :'D here it only rains during the night sometimes .__.')

"Huh... I'm sorry. I'm just worrying so much for you both and it's tearing me apart." he sighed, laying his head down on the ground.

He probably was thinking too much about it... but it's just how he was.
"I would like to help you both but... I obviously can't." he felt so helpless all the time and didn't know how to act in front of them when he was together with Virgil or Saosin. He couldn't hold up this facade of 'everyhings ok, just smile' anymore. Huh...

"I-I'm sorry if I'm bothering you..." he stuttered after a quite moment.
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"Shh." The deer hushed, he

"Shh." The deer hushed, he did not know what could be said to ease the buck's mind of these happenings, really.

But he could assure this: "A bother? You are not.." He was quiet afterwards, mind swaying to other deer more severely effected by this rivalry. Although extremely difficult to see, Virgil frowned.

... That thing he just did...

... That thing he just did...
O-Oh, I feel so embarrassed.

When he touched my shoulders, my whole body tensed. I-I thought I was used to this by now, perhaps I shouldn't have gone... But it's okay, it's relaxing.

I let my eyes half-close, and I slowly let my head fall into his neck. It was nice to lean on him again, a-and to smell him... W-wait, his fur fur feels funny above my eye where the crease of his jawbone is. I decide to twist my head to--

--A-Another scar?

"How did y-you get that? It wasn't there when I last... H-Have you been fighting?"

(lol my posts are more fail xD it's difficult like this when I'm not... reacting to what's really happening in a forest situation. I hope it's okay. And no, no luck yet :C *has a sad*)
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The Stag took a deep inhale,

The Stag took a deep inhale, refreshing his memory of the scent same but different, but that didn't matter, it was hers.

He felt her tension, ceased grooming. Replaced by the most tender nuzzles he could offer. And stayed like this, ears limp and content until she spoke again.

Virgil had been involved in a lot of fights... many of which being an ongoing rivalry, though there had been others where he would play the role of a hero, saving those who need to be saved. He never took much notice of the one along his jawline, he didn't even realize it scarred.
This leads to the thought of which fight created it; Saosin.

"I do fight..." He confessed. He will not create a sanctuary with lies as the building blocks. He then continued: "But a majority of such acts are of self defense, or to defend another."

(Not fail, but agreed. The game seems to be a better way to express, mmm. But it's okay, I think you're an epic writer, and unique!
I'm not good at writing this sorta stuff, my volcab is so poor. xD)

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"Hm..." he slowly stood up

"Hm..." he slowly stood up again, carefully nuzzling the bigger stag again. He could feel his tension.

"I just hope you both stop this soon... many are worrying about you and Saosin. They are sad too..."

He took a step back, bowing slightly.
"I should go now..." he said in a low tone. He had to search a place to hide from the rain... and the darkness.
"Take care..." please.

He slowly walked down the hill without looking back and then started walking faster, running...

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How is this better? How can I

How is this better? How can I choose? Neither of you is better than me for the other. Making me choose is going to tear me apart. Why don't one of you just run me through with your antlers and kill me? It would be just as effective.

The doe ran off.

I hope that is all his

I hope that is all his fighting is... I-I don't like stags who hurt others for their own pleasure.
H-ah-hah! Such brittle necks -- how shallow this gene pool is... My Queen, were you watching? Hn, how does it feel to be the jewel in the champion's crown?
I don't want him to be like that... I don't want Rokujou to have been right about him all along. So I press myself into him, afraid of losing what I've grown so... s-so fond of.
It's like I'm squeezing him in a tight, armless embrace. His mane hair springs out and covers my nose... I feel like I'm hiding in him.

"... I-I don't want you to get... hurt. I need you-"
W-What did I just say?

(your vocab is way better than mine!
LOOOOOL I forgot to comment on the picture 8D I FUCKING LOVE IT *FAIL*)
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(Lies! Lalalala, I'm not

(Lies! Lalalala, I'm not listening! ... Gimme yer skills. >P

The Hart lowered his head to press his nose lightly against her shoulders, "shhh" he hushed, like how one would attempt to calm another in the early stages of getting into a state.
He didn't want Kiyoko to be distressed.
He didn't want anyone to be distressed, really. Though he had been among the cause of such between many of his close friends. These were hard times...

The embrace was returned, Virgil rested his head upon her shoulders, closed those dark hazel eyes and on occasion would lick, to clean, to comfort...


"It will be okay..." He whispered.

(My problem is that I use words like "and", "he", "she"... to many of those common connecty words 8D)

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(are Kaoori and Virgil ever

(are Kaoori and Virgil ever going to be okay, or should I just give up?)
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(I assumed you closed the RP

(I assumed you closed the RP when she ran off...
We'll try again when you come home. =) )

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(I'm sorry, too, if that

(I'm sorry, too, if that reply sounded so short last night. I was so tired. :/ )
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A giggle escapes her mouth,

A giggle escapes her mouth, the wet nose on her neck tickling her.

That tickles, you know! She gently pushes the stag in a mock angry manner.

I can't help but worry, I suppose. A part of me wonders if I grate on anybody doing that. Hmm...
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"Oh really?" The deer surely

"Oh really?" The deer surely smirked there, he simply has to remember this...

"Oh.." The Hart couldn't speak for others in this case, but he likes to think they would all agree with his opinion. There were some, or many areas the Hart was naive to, and Lacie had many friends Virgil did not, if ever seek the company of.

"Well... I for one do not mind." He tried to reassure.

((Failpost 8D It's an early morning!)

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(I have yet to sleep,

(I have yet to sleep, actually. I r a failure.)

She leans a bit more in, a little tired. Lately, the heat had been taking its toll, and she had been finding herself even more inclined to barely move.

But it was god awful hard trying to sleep with that heat as well.


She pulls her helm off, the mask providing more of a heat burden than a help.

It's insanely hot... She say, in a near pouting tone.

Hope you don't mind me taking my helm off for a's only heating my face up worse...

I take a deep breath and

I take a deep breath and exhale, trying to relax myself. I close my eyes and stay very still as he grooms... he knows exactly how to keep me calm.
I rub my nose and cheek into his neck and smile, happy to be with him again. Even though I'm better, I still feel... small, but with him I feel small in a good way. I-I think I like that he's so much bigger than me, a-and that I like being... something to protect. I think he likes it too, t-to feel like he's needed -- important -- to have a duty... H-He's brave a-and never scared.
N-Not like me.

"I'd like to v-v-isit the pond, soon. I th-ink I can if you're with me..."
I push my head up and lick just below the new scar.
"W-Will you take me, some day?"

... I don't have a dirty mind.)
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Lacie: The Hart chuckled -


The Hart chuckled - he always chuckled, going all out in laughter just wasn't how he was. The stag always preferring peace to noise.
Laughter is a good noise, but he much prefers to hear it from another.
As the headwear was removed, Virgil took the chance to see the face that was under. He did not mean to be rude, it was simply curiousity.
"So I see." The deer smirked, breathing a puff of air into Lacie's face in what was clearly a playful manner.
"It looks like you are blushing."


Virgil's pointed ears flicked in responce to the lick below the new scar. Eyes closed, he took a step, standing side by side but facing the opposite way. By the time those hazel eyes were open again, he had nuzzled down from the shoulders to pretty much the middle of her back. He then turned around to stand with her.

It was then the Hart realized he hadn't been as alert as usual - Can't let that happen again lest danger was to suddenly appear on the scene. It had before.

"There is an idol, the source of the pond... I would be most happy to take you there someday, when you are ready. We can follow the stream to the pond from there."

He had considered taking her sooner actually, but whereas it had been so long since the last time they met, such ideas had to be put on hold.

The stag raised his head, pivoting his ears forward to listen, looking ahead. Restoring the sense of safety by confirming there is indeed no one else on this hill, or too close. Most deer were asleep in these darker hours. Mothers with their children, couples in one anothers company, friends. And some choosing solitude.

Virgil reached over, brushing the tip of his nose behind her closest ear, and licking there.

"How are you feeling?" He whispered.

(Of course you don't. ♥, and sure! He'll take her. He'll even take the time to find her lily while we're down there too!)

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In turn, she playfully taps

In turn, she playfully taps his front hoof with her own, feigning offense.

Blushing? Nah, the heat's just making my face flush.

She shakes her head, letting her hair fall into place. It framed her face nicely, a stray portion of it coming between her eyes, like it always did.

I'm usually not very big on not wearing my helm, but it's too hot today. I feel like I'm suffocating wearing it, hahah. Be thankful you don't have a physical mask of your own, hahah ~
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[I'm sorry...this may be far

[I'm sorry...this may be far apart from the last post, but it's been nagging feels unfinished ignore this if you like...I just felt like...the reaction should be there.]

She opened her mouth to speak. To say something, anything to make the stag stop leaving. She couldn't. Nothing would come. It hadn't been something she hadn't expected. She knew that they weren't going to take her return well. Not after everything she'd done. It felt like somehow they all knew. Like somehow they were all seeing it. So why should she stop him?

She moved slowly to a tree nearby. The scars had opened up wounds on her legs and she found it difficult to move very far. Even with her powers at full, the wounds that were left seemed to be part of the forest and she knew they weren't going to leave anytime soon. She sat there, the song's haunting melody inside her head.

It didn't cause her pain anymore. It hadn't in a long time...but it was pain making her cry. She hadn't done that either in a long time. It had been years since tears had last fallen from her eyes. If she still had hands she would wipe her face, but she couldn't do that anymore.

"I'm sorry Virgil...I've disappointed them all. Disappointed you..." She muttered softly to the air. "I murdered....and now I have to face the music."

She looked upwards and hoped that maybe the stag would understand her desire to return to how she was. Yet something lingered in her mind. That that wouldn't happen the way she thought it would. Somehow she had the feeling that this encounter was one of only a few she was going to have with the Sentinel.

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Azura: "Haha, that is


"Haha, that is true~"

Virgil stood to streach, it didn't take long in this uncomfortable heat to cause ones muscles to feel lax.

He then turned around to sit again, leaning against the tree he usually rests beside up here.

The Hart was quiet after this, again not the most talkative creature, much preferring to be a listener. So instead he reached over to try cleaning anything he might find in that wonderful long fur... hair Lacie has upon her head.


I assume that a closure post so I can't really reply. xD;

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You can do with it what you

You can do with it what you want. I just thought that it felt kind of uncomplete how it was -shrugs-

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