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Added a Female Ref
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Best Friends

Misako (Best friend )
Iaurdagnire (Best friend)
Zebbie (Best friend)

Biological Siblings

Darkphoenix15 (Sister)
Lucas (Brother)

Minigram goes here

Primarily: Doe - Female
Secondary: Stag - Male
Can switch whenever she wishes.

Nineteen - 17/04/1991 - IC
Creation - 18/12/2009 - OOC

One of a kind.

Speech Text


OOC, shares all thoughts, opinions and personality with her player.
Can interact in the forest just like an IC character.

Can switch between a masculine and feminine build within seconds, whenever she wants to.
Can give and take damage. Much stronger and larger with a masculine build.

Female Ref
Male Ref


Secretary Pelt | Long Mask . Deer Mask | Magpie Antlers (Feminine)
Secretary Pelt | Long Mask . Deer Mask | Default Antlers (Masculine)


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(No subject)

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Hm. <3





I love your blog (: It's

I love your blog (:
It's beautiful, how on earth did you make it go like that?
My biography is boring and dull ): and no one makes fan art for me ahaha lonerrr me!
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Thank you.

Thank you. <3
I used CSS coding for editing the layout. (:

I just went through your biography, and I quite like the simplicity of it. <3 *Goes to track*

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*rolls on* &hearts;

*rolls on* ♥

Thanks for dropping by (with

Thanks for dropping by (with Virgil) yesterday, sorry I didn't respond I was drawing. Smiling
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You're welcome Tera. ^^

You're welcome Tera. ^^

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By Leuvr
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Added a new section. But to

Added a new section.
But to be fair, I'll mention the idea was inspired by Daggieface. Sticking out tongue

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Here's something I've asked

Here's something I've asked others before, so I ask you now.

Your art. What inspires you to draw? What is your inspiration, your muse? What makes your mind tick, race until the end result is born?

Ah, so you're the one I was

Ah, so you're the one I was playing with earlier (:

You certainly surprised Chain/I.
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I hate coding, at least this

I hate coding, at least this looks much better now...

*tracks* Wow...you and I are


Wow...you and I are very much alike Smiling
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(No subject)


This is really lovely, Vee.
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Love how you did

Love how you did this..
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Thanks for the tracks

Thanks for the tracks everyone, I'm glad you like the layout too! <33333333

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I thought it was you who sat

I thought it was you who sat on Zach. XD
Had to be a bit random, huh? ;D
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Yep, of course! Hehehehe.

Yep, of course! Hehehehe.

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Hi! <33