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I often come up with little things in my head, like scenes, but I never really have the muse to finish them and make something proper out of them. x3
I want to have a blog where I can keep these little bits of literature so that I don't loose them.
It's nothing special. I'm far from a good writer. Some of the stuff here didn't/won't happen in TEF, some might be the past for characters... Eh, useless stuff really.
Argh, I hate how hard it is to get these scenes out of my head...

Also, I don't do requests, these are dependant on inspiration, hope you guys understand... ^^
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Ban the person above you. [Game]

Alrighty, some of you guys might already be familiar with this game.
But for those who aren't.
Ban the person above you is just a silly little game. To play, someone must make a post where you "ban" the player above you and type why.


Player one: "I ban VCG for making yet another fun game!"

Player two: "I ban player two because s/he's too awesome!"

And so on.

Anything offensive will lead to this thread being deleted, so keep it clean please! ^^
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[center] Forecast . Blog . Links

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Image dump of epic proportions

Scroll Down
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Red Hill

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College Doodles~ [Polt, Vipinnnnnggggggg, Lemurdeerz, Fox, Bunny.]

Well what's this? VCG posting up the poop she draws at college?


References are never used.
Watch this space, chances are higher I'll draw your characters at college than at home. (8

Warning of big fat images of doom!
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Mister~ Womanly Hips!

Because I said I'd make your life as awkward as possible and as Vir's revenge for the doe antlers some time back >_>...

Vir would like to inviteforce you, Silence, to be his dance partner at HappinessKey's dance party thing.
For at least an hour. ^_^

As a matter of fact, lets make a challenge out of this...

- If Silence can comply for an entire hour without taking any mushrooms or being under their influence, he can eat all the 'shrooms he wants afterwards and humiliate Virgil in any way he seems fit.

- If Silence breaks and takes shrooms during the hour, or doesn't appear at all, or runs away before the hour is done, Vir can humiliate him in any way he chooses after the hour. (8

So, ya' up for it? Laughing out loud

On another note for our sakes:
Nothing romantic is going on between these two characters, this is entirely for fun and for the sake of torturing ShimmyShimmy's awesome character, Silence. Laughing out loud
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What do you think... [Game]

About the person above you?
A game influenced by Queze's player, and the recent memes.

Lets play a game shall we?

The rules are simple;

- If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all.
The moment such trouble starts up and arguments arise, I'll be deleting this.

... That is all for now. Smiling
Have fun!
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My I do love the node links, do you?

Testing titles and links

when titled "."

when title is edited.

How awesome,
with a link like that, you can edit the title all you wish and the link won't change at all
that way you wouldn't have to replace all the links to said page where ever else you linked it

Haha, neat.

Remains the same after third title edit. =D


Edited older blog
"Updates + Links + Blog"
Then back.

^ This link can never be broken no matter how much I rename the page's title now.


New page won't be classed as "new" after the first edit. "updated" instead.
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