Hello everyone

Hello everyone, my name is Memory, and I am a new member of the forum and The Endless Forest game. I hope to make friends with someone and have a great time in the silence of the endless forest.
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Re-visiting The Endless Forest in 2022 (Beta edition)

Greetings and salutations. I've been pretty fascinated by this game since 2011/2012, and it still holds a very special place in my heart. I feel like it doesn't really get the attention it deserves, especially with a new version set to come out hopefully soon. I figured I'd film this goofy little video (all the jokes are purely satirical, and nothing is meant to be taken personally). This game brings back a lot of nostalgia for me, so I hope you all enjoy this just as much as I did.


New To TEF !

Hi All!
I'm very new to TEF and TEFc ! I only joined the game about twenty minutes ago and so far I'm really enjoying it! I don't know how to do much in it yet, but It's a very pretty and nostalgic game and I'm really loving it!
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Question about picture programs

Wow, it has been a *long* time since I made a post on here. so much has happened.

I am posting because I have a question regarding making a file have a translucent background, as the program i use and have used for years no longer allows me to download what i do as a pdf (and instead forces me to make it into a program specific file). I'm trying to replace the old pic on Heilong's bio (don't look, shield your eyes) but it only lets me save the replacement with blacked in corners.
Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? :,)

(side note: I just heard the DEEPEST cough coming from my open TEF game wtf - I own headphones now and its definitely different)

After a Decade

It's actually been longer than that, but I'm surprised to see this game is just as lively as it was 13 years ago, and little to nothing has changed to my nostalgic glee.

I've created a brand new deer, his name is Senecio. His name is based on the hardened shrub known as Senecio Cineraria, also know as the Silver Dust plant or the Dusty Miller.

I've been sorting things out best I can within the community forum but deal with an avatar problem so far.

"File upload error. Could not move uploaded file."

But I'll figure that out.

All in all, I still love and enjoy this game and have developed a routine of playing it most every morning now. It's very relaxing and I look forward to my fawn growing up again and playing around with some others.

can't see any other deer?

I am new here (sort of- I've known of the game and community ever since the old game- but I've just now downloaded the second decade beta) and I'm wondering if I'm missing something - I see the map has other players, but I'm not on the map and I can't see anyone else. I'm logged in. what's going wrong?
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I feel so bad posting this again for a 3rd time, but I'm still really struggling to find people for my idea and have no idea where else to possibly look for...deer people? XD

Does anyone play Meadow on here?

I've recently got into the beauty of the deers in the Bambi films and their social hierarchy of sorts (The Great Prince, young prince etc.). So I was wondering if anyone who plays Meadow wanted to put a herd together, and join a discord to have chill RP time. Grazing, travelling, finding collectables and obelisks etc. We could have bucks, does, and fawns with the numerous horn, coat, and size options available. The bigger the horns, the more older/wise you are? Anyone interested in this idea?

I have the discord set up. Let me know if you're interested! https://discord.gg/r5KaM5sr

Another Newbie

(Apologies that this post is long and a bit jumbled, I know little HTML or CSS.)
I am very new to the Forest. It's wonderful... and strange. In a good way!
Yesterday was my first day. Most of everyone was asleep or unresponsive to me, so I played on my own.
I had been stalking this community site for a little, and I much enjoy everyone's creative writing Smiling , so I decided to give it a go myself, just to add a little character to my disappointing first day:

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Q: Possible to have no antlers?

Sorry to make another post, but I couldn't reply on the last for some reason?

I was just wondering if it was possible to go about having no antlers at all in game? Like a doe.

Thank you!
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Can deer sizes be changed? Fawns can wear masks?


I'm briefly looking into the game again, and I've seen some deers smaller than others in pics with adult coats. Is deer size something that can be adjusted?

Also, are fawns able to wear masks?

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