New Deer :3

I used to play this a lot many years ago, but I wanted a fresh start on my new computer, so I created a new account with a fresh new deer. I don't know where this is gonna go, but I hope I have fun and maybe make some new friends along the way. :3
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Welcome new friend! c: You've

Welcome new friend! c: You've joined on a very interesting day for the community but I hope you won't hold it against us. <3 Please check out our discord where most of the community hangs out these days.

oh, thanks :3 Why is

oh, thanks :3

Why is everything spooky in the game today? lol

Hello another new deer! More

Hello another new deer! More fawns to the forest yay ^^
(I don't know honestly it seems forest is SO misty nowadays I can't see a thing and just wander like a deer ghost)
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The weather is usually sunny

The weather is usually sunny in the forest by default. Sometimes the Gods change it to spice the atmosphere of the forest up a little, though. It usually coincides with the current irl season too, at least in europe - snows around christmas, and more foggy and spooky around autumn.

My favorite weather is the night one. Everything turns dark and blue, and if you have candles on your antlers, they light up.