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OHHHHHHHHHHHH WHEN I TELL YOU IM OUT MY GOURD AND SLOWLY SLIPPING!Exclaim!! I have to become pitbull to avoid the brain termites and continue my decent into the spiral

[OFFIC SPAM THINGY] resurrection from the essence of my favorite croissant

I'm gonna utilize Pitbull as an actual oc and learn css just for a fancy bio and then throw him in my prev characters story as a motivational speaker who drives his honda civic into the ename ruin to start a rave, its pride month i can do what i want

thinking about sam levingson and how much he looks related to my dad

Goofy funny

2020 Was like being stuck in a flooding, muddy combination homedepot, walmart, walgreens and target, and you're desperately texting your groupchat for help but half of them are too busy trying to find directions to your location and the other half is trying to post anthro balto x twilight sparkle fanart and yelling at you for repeating yourself and then you make a meme in this combination homedepot, walmart, walgreens and target, about your suffering, ans then everyone starts fighting over the fanart and asking each side why the fuck you're in the combination homedepot, walmart, walgreens and target, and why YOURE JOKING ABOUT IT WHEN YOU COULD BE READING THE FUCKING FANFICTION THAT THE FUCKING FANART IS BASED ON
And then two people throw you out of the combination homedepot, walmart, walgreens and target, and in their sudan

Mild humor about character writing

I find it so funny how I intended for this to be tied to a new little guy to throw in-forest and instead I turned this into semi shitpost-serious thoughts ramble,
I'm most assuredly going to just spam but it will have meaning, I like spewing my literature on my character, Versailles, I still can't get over how she was initially intended to be on this account but I had no idea my password for this was too long for the forest HAHAH

Its okay this can be a fun spam account for art and then existential dread, OOC me is undoubtedly more of a chaos bringer than IC interactions from a fictional character I made
Every Saturday I will document my coffee, just an attempt to be normal LMFAO

Please babysit Pitbull for me, make sure he doesn't destroy the microwave

Coffee machine

How do you sue a coffee machine?? I can't tell if I'm being /srs or /j but it's okay, also I just now realized my bio made it seem like I own tefc???? Gods that's on my weird writing, it's like one grammatical error making you accidentally do the deer equivalent of taking over your group project because you hate the executive decisions of everyone, and maybe it'd be for their own good, I do not know, I've never been in a group project


I regret making a late night dinner that consisted of just, resturant style ramen? Gods I don't know how to describe my cooking.

I'm rabid (positive connotations ???????)

I'm serious I'm absolutely feral and unhinged with everything I say, this is what happens when you let someone from gen-z in a community from at least before he was born, nothing I say will make sense and I think that's what makes me funny, have fun seeing serious rants mixed in with art I guess and me returning here for comfort when I'm stressed and bored, I am often a serious character, then to pretending to being famous pop singer Pitbull... no I'm not okay, sometimes anyways. Anyways be prepared for my wholesome weirdness <3 (I use wholesome vaguely idk)
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