new to the game!

hello! im new to the endless forest and have been playing for about a week or so, and though its a very lo-fi (dare i say outdated) game, im really intrigued by it. i still have some questions about the game though-- there's no plot, right? what draws you guys to the game? does abiogenesis happen anymore, and what happened at past abiogenesis? were any of you guys there to experience it? and is there anyway to make the game faster, or is the lagginess a product of its time?
id love to hear from you guys, i havent been so invested in a game like this in years and id love to learn more.

SOS : )

Hello deers, i´m sorry for this message, back in the forest after several years and a bit helpless and confused with few things.
So if someone can help me to find answer, i would be happy, support forum doesnt work for me, when i open that site its completely empty.
1.) I have lost my Candles on antlers, i used to wear them years back, in between new computer, so i dont have old datas. And rehojned forest shortly after Days of the all souls. So no chance to get them by picking in forest. Is there any chance or the only way is to wait whole year?
2.) I cannot upload picture, it says eror or it canot be moved.
3.) My deer is falling asleep, althought i can see others are sitting without sleeping when they are afk.
4.) All the forest is terribly slow, using Gforce, and cannot afford new computer and i´m not The computer wizard, so i´m afraid to do tricks with my computer.
Are there any chances for me?
Thank you and wish you all lovely late autumn forest day : )

Can't recover old account

For some reason when I try to log into my old account
it says "Sorry, unrecognized username or password."

When I try to reset my password I get two messages

"Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists."
"Further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address."

Since I never get the e-mail I assume that it really is "Unable to send e-mail." for some reason. So how do I recover my old account? Is there any way? Or is the account just lost because for some reason the password reset doesn't work?

Bugs - Spinning Non Stop

I played this a long time ago and got nostalgic and decided to download it again. Wonderful to see it is still around and people are still active. But I have a problem where the scene does not stop spinning. That and when I try to set it up to be my default screensaver, my computer rejects it.

Any advice?

You guys think I should make a toyhouse for my deer characters?

I have toyhouse, but yes.

Should I make a whole folder just for my characters in TEF, including Suru?

Deer appearance wishlist

Antlers: Periwinkles (already have)
Pelt: Great Argus (pending)
Mask: Magpie (pending)

Internet finally works! (a bit)

So I went online and I could finally see other deer! I am currently at the graveyard, regular deer with flowers in my antlers.

feel free to spell cast on me, I am trying to get a mask and a pelt at the moment.

13 years..

Apparently 3 days ago was my 13th anniversary. Can't believe it's already been 13 years. wow

Flying Deer in Texas Forest

The clouds innocently streamed across the sky. White, high but not cirrus. Clouds from the sea making strands like seagrass but in the sky. Slowly the clouds broaden over time and the blue sky disappears. Gently and ever so quietly it began to drizzle and the sky became the soft gray all the way to the ground as the landscape began to shadow.

The wind though slight stirred alarms in the heads of deer. More was to come and night was upon them. Scanning the horizon the deer saw the outline of an ancient tree and hoped its large root system entering the ground would provide an alcove of safety for what was to come. Making their way through field and trees they stopped to graze in case the storm was long.

The ancient tree had what was needed. Two immense roots plunging into the ground with at least three feet of height. Nesting in the older deer looked at the canopy and its thickness indicated it would ward off the worst of the rain.

Several hours later the gentle wind increased into a gale with rain driving sideways and the canopy showering the sheltered deer with leaves and small branches. The roots height blocked most the severe gusts but rain still managed to pelt them once in a while. The canopy danced back and forth swaying and bowing.

Suddenly the bleat of another deer not in the group was heard. Natural instinct was to pop up and offer help. Ancient deer with a turn of the head and a nod stopped that. The wind would win and more than one deer would be in trouble. The deer bleated loudly in hopes the one battered and torn could come and take shelter.

Out of the mist two deer appeared ragged with wind whips across their fur and they darted into the root system and fell exhausted on the edge of the herd. The wind picked up speed just as they entered the haven and the outline of a third deer appeared for a second. Then the wind got underneath and casted the deer into the air.

GUI Deer Arriving with Global Architect

Has anyone done a visual representation of the architecture of the Internet or its spaces. Would it be organized chaos?

a person who designs hardware, software, or networking applications and services of a specified type for a business or other organization.

Michalangelo, Zaha Hadia and today Maya Lin many more exist.
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