Game Crash Error

Hey, I've been trying to run the latest version of the game, but every time i open it I get a strange error: (, and it crashes shortly after. Has anyone had a similar issue/does anyone know how to fix it? My hardware more than meets the system requirements to run the game itself, so I assume I'm missing something in installation? Or it's a strange very specific bug. XD
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Hello! Do you mean the Beta

Hello! Do you mean the Beta from backing the kickstarter? Try running the game as an administrator. I’m not on my PC currently but I believe that fixed the same error for me, if not there should be a notes file included in the folder that had some instructions, I don’t remember them but I can forward it once I’m back Smiling

Edit! the readme file says this: Run VC_redist.x64.exe if you get an error message on startup about Visual C++ runtime.
Apologies if you've done this already ;o;