Technical issues, game refuses to work

I tried playing TEF but its giving me a strange error message when I set it as my screensaver that I dont understand so the game refuses to work, its about some sort of q3d error
It doesnt work as I boot it up from my desktop either, it just shows me a deer sleeping in a black background indefinitely
And I have to restart my whole computer to get access to it again since when I boot up the game I cannot exit it anymore, please help me
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Hey there, I'm no wizard

Hey there,

I'm no wizard when it comes to connection issues since I've had the fortune of the Forest behaving as it should for me, but here's a link where you can maybe troubleshoot?

Find "Registration and Connection Issues"
If you join the discord, maybe people who are aware of TEF's technicalitie can help you more. It would also be good to know what OS you have, which ver, etc.

I hope you get to enter the Forest!