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Fawn lost in net-space

Nameless and abandoned by its gods.
Imgur compressed this quite a bit. : D ah well

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Sometimes I get tired of the seasons changing. But it's okay.

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Fawn, Frog.
You've heard of lowpoly frog, now get ready for warped 2D frog.
Somewhat dedicated to the frog I saw a while ago while hanging out near the stream, under the "66" username.

The peacock is one of my fave pelts/sets, despite its meme status.

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Admiral, Fuji & só.
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Alternative title is "Have you forgotten about me?" but that's kindof a bummer.

There's four birds(aside from the ones flying by) and a toad in this picture. Can you find them?

(open in a new tab for full experience. Smiling )

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Goofy ahh tef doodles

Doodles? Not really-
Art pieces? No, just some goofs.


Nameless forest monk

The real deer mask is underrated in tef art.!

Gods please bless us with a pine forest

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Warm, volatile

Praise be the monarch pelt.
The vision that ignited the two most recent images, I finally got to it. Woo!

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Starling in the Birch

She appeared during my digital experimenting.

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The desert is cold tonight


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