Programming uses words to create frameworks for art

When do those groups show up because without them we would not have art here on the Internet or even here. Always there underneath providing the framework of what will be in the space taken or given.
import tkinter
except ImportError: # python 2
import Tkinter as tkinter

import os
mainWindow = tkinter.Tk()

mainWindow.title("Grid Demo")

label = tkinter.Label(mainWindow, text="Tkinter Grid Demo")
label.grid(row=0, column=0, columnspan=3)

mainWindow.columnconfigure(0, weight=1)
mainWindow.columnconfigure(1, weight=1)
mainWindow.columnconfigure(2, weight=3)
mainWindow.columnconfigure(3, weight=3)
mainWindow.columnconfigure(4, weight=3)
mainWindow.rowconfigure(0, weight=1)
mainWindow.rowconfigure(1, weight=10)
mainWindow.rowconfigure(2, weight=1)
mainWindow.rowconfigure(3, weight=3)
mainWindow.rowconfigure(4, weight=3)

fileList = tkinter.Listbox(mainWindow)
fileList.grid(row=1, column=0, sticky="nsew", rowspan=2)
fileList.config(border=2, relief="sunken")

for zone in os.listdir('/Windows/System32'):
fileList.insert(tkinter.END, zone)

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To Cissy and Silv

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Im tiny! :o

Please help. How do I return to normal size? :>

Performance on newer pc?

Hello! I'm new around here.

I tried the game out years ago when I was young, but didn't stick with it (sadly!) I gave it a go again recently with some friends and would like to keep checking in. However, I'm finding that the game is making my CPU much much hotter than I would expect and running at a very low framerate even with minimum graphics settings. I have an intel i5, nvdia gtx 1650, and 8 Gb of ram. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some comparability settings or other things I could tinker with outside of the in game options. I would have used the search function but unfortunately it seems to be not working right now.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Love from Pipis

For some reason I can't comment on this post... Here's what I was going to say:

Thanks for the advice, everyone! Seems to be running a little more stable now. I kind of figured it came down to optimization and not knowing what to do with newer hardware. I'm sure the Unreal version will run great and I hope to have the funds for decent donation soon Smiling

Anyone else having trouble seeing other deer?

I am not sure if this is just me and my bad internet or not.. but anyone else having trouble seeing other deer?

Whenever I log in the text says I am logged in and that other users are connected, but I don't see them. Is this just my internet, or is it the game?

Anyone want to join me near the Pond?

Hi! I'm Lilademon and I am a new player to The Endless Forest. I haven't seen many other players lately other than this morning when I joined. My pictogram is the one that kinda looks like a leaf with a c under it, but I usually hang by the statues or the pond doing random things.

I just wanted to say hello and see if anyone would want to join me at the Pond so I don't feel alone.

Can’t log in

I know how to log in, i have the right username and password typed, my network status is connected, but whenever i try to login it repeatedly says “Something went wrong. Please try again.” I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing, this happened after i rebooted my computer due to issues with the wifi. Does anybody have any suggestions? I really don’t know what to do. Nothing else on my computer is having issues to my knowledge.

Blankety -blank -blank-forest

In the middle of a herd of deer raters, a sudden urge to visit a quieter space as in the forest. Taking the usual path keystroke by keystroke the gateway to the forest appeared to be in a blizzard. A total whitelisted white-out for a day. So many snowflakes a deer could not even make out the bottom of a hoof lifted in trotting across the snow. Managing to see between snowflakes theano deer remember the special cipher given by dear professor deer. Stopping underneath the tree with the tree cavern hole, theano ducked in and with her hoof scrawled the cipher code hoping the professor would find the message. Freya deer with her ferocious kitties had entered the realm frosting everything and with a bit of warmth the dear professor deer had a chance to make the blizzard move on. Curling up in her favorite position theano deer cuddle in back snuggly against the ancient tree for a well-deserved nap. Waking up a half a day later a sunbeam tickled her eyelashes and with a peek the blizzard had abated. Groups of deer made snow deer angels while others wrote things making yellow snow and a glance at the pond showed slipping and sliding deer learning figure skating. All is well in the realm

It came early

Rutting season came early in the Texas forest... an usually cool spell in late spring and early summer with mist the central theme of every day for over two weeks... Aussie deer did a continual ramp up of the herd to tackle a larger deer herd in California forest nestled in a rich valley ringed by instructor deers from long ago. In a strategic move for the future as the waters will come up from the big pond with only a horizon the ancient instructor deer herd joined the Aussie forest herd. Unknown to the California deer the raids began. Being wiley counts so as to make the raids last as long as possible...As always in nature balance must be maintained so only that that which was taken from one... Of course to join a herd the Aussie deer and ancient instructor deer herd have been rutting up a storm----seems like a period of disruption of ecosystem for a time hmmmm development of herds from other forests imminent...136 new stags... so will it be all one dance or many dances during the rut hmmm

Need Technical Assistance With Game

Hey, I don't know where else to put this but I can launch the game just fine. However, when I attempt to set the game as my screensaver4 I receive the error message as follows: "There was an error loading the q3d file: C:\Program Files\Tale of Tales\The Endless Forest 3\Q3DStart.q3d" then another that says: "There was an error starting the Quest3D Screen Saver Viewer. Please RE-install screen saver."

I am running on Windows 10 and have attempted to reinstall this lovely game many times. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance ~
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