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Post rut vote results.

Should there be a second event come Spring?: Yes

Should we merge the roles of Competitors and Challengers?: Yes

How do you feel about the Rut being a 10 day long event?: It was too short, it should have been 14 days long like before

How can we help to encourage competitive activity within the rut?: Create activity hotspots

Thank you everybody for your votes! We will work on honoring them in time for the Spring event and definitely by next Fall.

Remember that each change won't necessarily be permanent. We're always trying to improve the Rut and sometimes that means going through some trial and error to find out what's best.

Thank you for another year of the Rut and we look forward to hosting the Spring event next year. Ooh


Post rut discussion and voting

So, following a lengthy discussion on one of the TEF discords, it's come to our attention that there are things worth bringing up, discussing, and voting on. Many have expressed disappointment in the overall tone of the event, finding the interactions unsatisfactory particularly in the area of actual competitive game-play and realism.
While the Rut is already intended to support serious and realistic play styles, it was distinctly lacking this year for a more party based atmosphere. This isn't intended to condemn such however, but we do need to try to strike a balance that leaves as many, if not all participants, happy with the event.

In the conversation we've managed to come up with some suggestions and critiques. I'll first begin with well meaning suggestions that were bought up by community members, for community members, in how we might be able to try to help accommodate the event overall. Please bear in mind that this is not an attempt to tell people exactly what to do, or how to play, but recommended ideas that might help the event as a whole succeed better in future, for everyone.
The biggest problem seemed to be that many members were AFK and unresponsive. This is something that we as a community have been used to and comfortable with for a long time. Unfortunately, during the Rut, especially while gathered in groups, this proves to be detrimental to everyone else's experience.

The most common suggestions to help in this area are:
* Asking people to, if they can, move to the no-rut zones to AFK so that no one needs to expect anything from you.
* Let your deer sleep when AFK, so again no one expects anything from you.
* Try to rely less on Discord. Or at least check in more often if you're able.
* Try to be less hesitant to contact one another outside the game.
* If you don't see anything going on, then try to be the one to start something.
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Note for a Rut Discord Server to keep track what's going on. Can host channels for herds. That's what kids do these days. Join us for even more Happy Rutting!

Invite link:

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