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new ideas for the remake of this game

hi I am new to this game and I have some new ideas for the deers you have.

1)you know how real deers have that fuzzy stuff on there antlers and they scratch trees to get it off? well that should be something for the deers antlers ( I don't know the name of the fuzzy stuff but I think its called velvet and uh is it soft when you touch it( I have never felt antler velvet before so that's why I am asking)
2) when the deer gets wet the deers fur gets dark and water drops off the deer when wet

3) different hoof sound effects( like walking on a road or a wooden bridge or something)

this is all i have for now if you like these ideas please comment nice things about this but if they cant get this in the game well at least i can say i tried ( i know it will take a long time to develop it but i wish them luck on it )

also share your new ideas for the remake!

also I took out one of the ideas because someone said this is a peaceful game and there should not be violence in it or blood ( im still sorry)
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loOKING FOR some help with blogs + blog titles

You know how when you put a . in the blog title, it makes a node. And if you don't do that, every time you change the title, the URL for that blog changes.
HOWEVER, there are some blogs, specifically older (~2012 and before) blogs, that the URL has been set to some specific words like "So-and-So's-bio"
!!!just using these below as examples because i don't remember any newer ones like it!!!

So. If you know how to cement the URL to where it's a specific string of words that isn't changed when the title is changed, pls pls pls share your wisdom. Mods of the Info account would love to know. :')
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Make a character game

You can cross out certian things if they don't apply to you like... you no longer remember the last viewed animal on Tv or something like that or you don't read books etc.
I will respond with mine shortly <:

Fill out the bellow and using those 3 animals, those three colours and those three theme inspirations to create a character <:

Animal insp. 1: The last animal seen on tv or heard from a person in rl
Animal insp. 2: The last animal seen on digital media (yt, gif, meme)
Animal insp. 3: The last animal seen in person

Colour 1: your current wear
Colour 2: The last used physical colour (pens/pencils)
Colour 2: The current dominating colour of your ambient/environment/room

Accent: Your favourite colour

Mood/personality/theme insp 1: Last book you read
Mood/personality/theme insp 2: Last game you played
Mood/personality/theme insp 3: Last movie watched
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Adoptables for TEF (100% of the funds go to TEF)

Total donated: €40

The Endless Forest is about 1k off from reaching its 40k goal, so I decided to help out by creating some adoptables. As the title says, 100% of the funds made by these adoptables will go directly to the fundraiser. If you have an adoptable that you'd like to donate to this thread, please let me know!

1. Adoptables are in euro only.
2. Donations should be paid directly to this site:
3. Screenshot proof can be emailed to j.alcinda(at), sent to my discord (alcinda#3745), or linked in the comments. This is required.
4. All adoptables are priced in increments of 5. Ex: If your adoptable is €10, then pay the €5 donation twice on the site.
5. You can do whatever you want with your adoptable. Change the gender, design, species, ect. Doesn't matter. I can remove sheaths if asked.
6. Linearts will be reused unless stated.
7. Please comment or message/email me asking to claim the adoptable before sending the donation.
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.........................................::[TEF fight club]::

TEF fight club

Basically a mini event that can be hosted by anyone

Who is welcome? Everyone, either to fight, watch or act as the judge.
Where does the event take place? Anywhere at a mushroom circle.
Discord group:
THIS Saturday at 7pm UTC +1 !!(:Exclaim


Rule Variant 1

The combat is held within the mushroom circle
All spectators are gathered outside the mushroom circle
Spectators should be quiet but are welcome to dance and cheer

Single round combat
1) The round begins with two competitors gathering in the middle
2) The third deer that enters will act as a judge, he remains in the circle as well but can exit it at will to better observe the combat
3) The competitors must agree to the judge!
4) After all three are present, the judge starts the combat by mooing.
5) The judge stops the round by mooing and going towards the victor.
6) The next round can begin with a new trio or duo if the same judge remains.

Victory is decided on
The cleanliness of hits and elaborate display
The location of hits and how often clipping occurs
Basically which deer appears more skilled and entertaining to watch
Spectators can overrule a judge by flocking their preffered victor

Leaving or touching the mushroom circle is an automatic victory for the oponent.

10-11.02.2018 = a great start

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The Dice of Fate

The hub for than’s plotline!
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How to add color a grayscale drawing Tutorial

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Summer dance off

There was some slight developing of this in the events section in the discord channel. But it never really got pushed far and I as one person am not enough to really fully develop it or bring it to light.

Idea origin:
whenever people are dancing and they start making it more elaborate with other moves.

The vision:
A summer event
Dancers compete for fame and adoration from the watchers/judges/guests

The specifics... no idea.

Definitely there will be:

dancers -> They do dance offs to impress spectators
spectators -> The spectators pick the best moves among multiple competing dancers (or just one)

Possible extras -> Extras (people who help dancers by dancing with them)

How are dance offs judged? (do spectators come JOIN the dancers or flock them?)
Where are they danced?

etc etc

also how to organize this all

B-day party

Hi deeps. I shall be having a birthday party for moi in the forest.

Date: Saturday Nov 25, 1:00-1:30pm PT\4:00-4:30pm ET.

Place: The pond.

All are welcome!

Edit:Thanks to all the deeries who came today! I believe it is the start of a new tradition.
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so heckin help me if all you ded mfers dont come back as spoopy scary skeletons for halloween
there better be a gotdem skeleton war you hear me

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