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Sedirea's Flower Stand (Spring Rally 2019) [Closed]

Participants of the Spring Rally may notice a little stand that pops up intermittently among the nursery sections: an arch of interwoven branches covered in flowers, its peak just high enough to offer some shade to the creature resting below. Those curious enough to approach will be greeted warmly and offered a variety of spring-themed wares: flower wreaths, packets of seeds, simple wooden toys and masks, and a little sign with awkward scrawl indicates there may be even more.

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Spring Rally 2019

The Spring Rally

This event starts in the morning of the 8th of APRIL and ends on the night of 22nd of APRIL

Welcome to the First Year of the Spring Event!

In reality Spring is a time where the new mothers of many deer species form herds for protection. It is the start of a new season of plenty and new beginnings where the young can frolic and learn under an ever warming sun.

In The Endless Forest where the rules of nature do not apply, the Spring Event is an organized social gathering and perhaps a future annual tradition; it is a chance to meet new faces and learn new things when characters of all types and backgrounds gather simply to celebrate the joy of new beginnings associated with the season. It is a perfect opportunity for characters to gain development, expand their social circle, and enjoy themselves, while bonding over mutual interests.



  • As a whole: The event is about friends, families, and strangers, meeting in designated areas for two types of Spring Celebratory activities. Here they can socialize with common interests in mind, practice and educate one another. This is an experimental, light-hearted sibling event to The Rut.

  • Sensitive Subjects & Troublemakers: Characters of a preexisting potentially triggering dynamic are still allowed to interact in the event so long as their behavior remains mindful to everyone involved; for instance, not go into the thick of crowds if said character is prone to being mobbed and causing a scene.

Graphic Artist Request


Had a graphic artist I worked with on writings ( and he writes too) make an unusual request. He won awards in his college years, did catalog work on handmade furnishings, some pure art pieces--- worked dried up in his Midwest area and life took him else ways but he still dabbles.

He recently got married so life better. He contacts once in a while though we do not work together any more like need project work or I have an issue please help.

His wife did a ADHD YouTube and wants to be a star. He wrote excellent and made infographics on time. He had to vent while doing and all I did was listen by Skype and email. How I learned of the graphic artist desire.

Here is the link. She wants the click. Feel free to send to anyone you know. He helped put food on my table and amused me on those long nights when we wrote for India.

Chris Hodge
Wed, Mar 27, 11:36 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

Thanks, Mary. aka theano7203

The link is

Hopefully we can reach a lot of people!
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Our wait is over...

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New Year's Eve 2019 video - Tag yourself!

Name: Duir (DOO-er)

Name Origin: Celtic Ogham
Name Meaning: Oak, Door, Strength & Courage

Age: 5 weeks
Diet: Likes chestnuts & acorns

Gender: Male
Species: White tailed
Scent: Cedarwood & Thyme
Picto: X

If sleeping, then I’m OOC and most likely AFK.

There was some trouble with Pictos, so if you recognize your deer please tag yourself below! Smiling

Did we play together?

(If there is a way to post the embed video here, please advise me. lol)

There was some trouble with Pictos, so if you recognize your deer please tag yourself below! Smiling

Did we play together?

(If there is a way to post the embed video here, please advise me.

Fables and Folktales

Merry Christmas in The Endless Forest!!

[Video] Halloween Abiogenesis 2018!

Happy halloween The Endless Forest

Thank you M&A For making the Halloween Abiogenesis again!
It was so fun and enjoyable.

Enjoy the video ~
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