Post rut vote results.

Should there be a second event come Spring?: Yes

Should we merge the roles of Competitors and Challengers?: Yes

How do you feel about the Rut being a 10 day long event?: It was too short, it should have been 14 days long like before

How can we help to encourage competitive activity within the rut?: Create activity hotspots

Thank you everybody for your votes! We will work on honoring them in time for the Spring event and definitely by next Fall.

Remember that each change won't necessarily be permanent. We're always trying to improve the Rut and sometimes that means going through some trial and error to find out what's best.

Thank you for another year of the Rut and we look forward to hosting the Spring event next year. Ooh


thank you for all you’ve done

thank you for all you’ve done and especially for hearing out the community individually and as a whole ♥

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:ok_hand: ♥

:ok_hand: ♥
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♥ excited to see how

♥ excited to see how things work out.
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Put hotspot at the hill near

Put hotspot at the hill near the Ruins and the Rut will be exactly the same as this year except four days longer. :thinking:
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Glad the results are finally

Glad the results are finally public and all of this is over and done with. Looking forward to seeing how we can work hot-spots in and that progress is being made.

A big thanks to the hosts for going to this length for us. ♥
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Excited for next year!

Excited for next year!

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Sounds great! I'm excited!

Sounds great! I'm excited!
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Looking forward to see how

Looking forward to see how this will work out, thank you guys for all you've done so far ♥
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WOOHOO really looking forward

WOOHOO really looking forward to next year's Rut! \o/
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I'm cool with all of these

I'm cool with all of these results :ok_hand: