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. The Rut 2023 . (Finished + a Poll!)

Please consider taking this brief survey regarding a proposed change to the Rut event!

The Rut

This event starts on the 16th of September and ends on the night of the 1st of October

Welcome to the Fourteenth Year of the annual Rutting Event!

In reality The Rut is a time where does gather and stags attempt to round them up for breeding. In their quest for romance, the stags battle one another to win the attention of the does, who only want the best of the best. It is an impressive spectacle for nature enthusiasts all over to observe.

In The Endless Forest where the rules of nature do not apply, The Rut is an organized contest and an annual tradition; a competitive game in which characters of all types and backgrounds gather simply for the thrill and entertainment of reenacting its concept. It is a perfect opportunity for characters to gain development, prove themselves to one another, expand their social circle, and enjoy themselves.



  • As a whole: The event is about participants engaging in activities such as sparring with or fighting one another, gathering in groups, passing judgement, and most importantly: socializing.

  • Respect & Responsibility: Actions associated with the event only apply to its members, and any poor treatment towards anyone not participating (uninvolved/nameless/newbies) will lead to disqualification.

Spring Rally 2023

. The Rut 2022 . (Finished)

The Rut 2022 - Hub

The Rut 2022 - Discussion & Date Announcement

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to mention them below.

Spring Rally 2022 (finished)

The Rut 2021 - Post-Rut Discussion

Event HUB

Seemed like a particularly good one this year!

Now's a good chance to offer any feeeback for the event. So please have at it!

We decided on a timeframe that covered 3 weekends to try to maximize participation opportunities for everyone. How was that? If it went well we may just keep this formula.
How was the Challengers role, and how we modified it? Did it suit its purpose?

. The Rut 2021 . (Finished!)

The Rut 2021

Rut 2021 Event Dates - Dates Announced!

It’s that time of year again! When should the Rut take place this year?

The Rut will take place August 28 - September 12!

Spring Rally 2021

. The Rut 2020 . (Finished)

Event Hub for The Rut 2020

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